The Great Eclipse Trailer Debate

Last night rumor ran wild on the Internet about there being a public, pre-screening of Eclipse. After laughing really hard, Pel’s reaction was, “No one is test screening ANYTHING right now. They’re all watching Avatar & saying I’m gonna get you James Cameron and your little dog too. If they’re test screening Eclipse this weekend then I’m having a full frontal threesome snog with Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke.”

The reason for this is that is doesn’t make any kind of sense for them to publicly test screen what is going to be one of the hottest movies of 2010 6 months ahead of time during Christmas Week when no one is working. They don’t need to test screen Eclipse 6 months out as a rough cut with CGI not in place in front of a general audience. They do that with little known indies that they aren’t sure are going to make it, not one of the biggest summer blockbusters of 2010. Will the have company insiders and cast members see it? Sure. Not unknown audience members.

This then lead to a discussion of when will we see a trailer or teaser. David Slade recently said he’d have a New Year’s surprise, so what could that surprise be. Here’s what we think is likely and what isn’t. we have no insider info here. we haven’t been tipped off.  This is our opinion based on usual industry standards, analyzing opinions of experts,  and our experience.

Trailer out at Golden Globes: Not Likely

  • As much as we love the Twilight Saga, the Golden Globes isn’t a Twilight kind of film. The news stories coming off of the Globes are all going to be about who won, who should have won, and what this now means for the Oscar race.  In short, they aren’t really looking to mention anyone’s trailer. It would take a backseat, and when you have a movie like Eclipse, you want that to be the lead story.

Trailer out at People’s Choice Awards: Not Likely

  • Now unlike the Golden Globes this is EXACTLY the kind of awards show where you might see a Twilight Saga trailer debut. However, timing is everything. The People’s Choice Awards are on January 6th. If we were going to be seeing something Eclipse the PR moguls would have put the word out already.

Trailer out for Remember Me: Likely

  • March 12 is a great time for a trailer to debut. New Moon will be winding down it’s box office run, and they’ll want to focus on the next best thing.
  • Unlike Bandslam, which really no one wanted to see teens or adults–let alone see because a trailer was playing in front of it, the word on the forums is that everyone is interested in Remember Me. The Remember Me trailer that aired in front of New Moon sealed it. Robert Pattison playing moody bad boy redeemed by Emile DeRavin with father Pierce Brosnan—we’re having a hard time finding a downside to this movie.
  • This brings up the question, will the trailer get taped and go viral online?  No question about it; however, if it’s also in front of a movie that people are actually more interested in they also opt to see it on the big screen as well as play it online over, and over again.

Trailer on New Moon DVD: Likely

  • Amazon and other distribution sources are putting the DVD release at mid-March. This makes sense given the timing of the Twilight DVD.
  • Again talking about timing we’re putting to rest one product and moving towards the next, kind of a no brainer. On top of that think sales/rentals 20 years from now. You want to get your audience to rent/buy the sequel. How do you ensure that? Put a teaser on the DVD features.

So what the heck was David Slade Tweeting about? Taking a guess here, we are going to go for three possibilities. One, a still from the movie. Two, the date the teaser/trailer will air. Three, a look at a character driven movie poster.

Now if you want another opinion, check out what Larry had to say.

Remember Me

Trailer Park | MySpace Video


  1. Well said!!!!

  2. Words of wisdom, as usual *sigh* this is not a countdown for Eclipse, it’s a torture 😉

  3. agree! no dout! i laughed so hard when i read ur tweets! im also like really i dont be thinkin so.

  4. Yes, well said ladies. I love how you always put everyone straight and debunk the bad info. And, yes, your tweets were too funny!

  5. I read the whole thing and it sounds logical to me. However, the only thing on mind right now is the “Remember Me” trailer and how I can’t wait to see that movie. In fact, I was confused for a second on what everyone was commenting about b/c I got lost in watching the trailer and had momentarily forgotten what I just read.

  6. I can’t wait for the trailer.

  7. You forgot the Oscars ceremony!
    I’ll bet everything I have that the first trailer will be shown in March 7th!

  8. Well put, ladies. Why would Summit risk anything to put out trailers before they are ready? March looks like the best timing. NM video and “Remember Me” are the only logical vehicles. I just wish the YouTubers would quit it with their “fanmade” atrocities. Leave the trailers to the professionals.

    The Academy Awards and Golden Globes are not the venues for anything Twilight, regardless of our fan base. They are too snobby and highbrow. Unfortunately for us, the Hollywood Foreign Press (GG)and the Oscar voters (AA) just don’t get this whole phenomenon. Let’s hope NM picks up a few nominations in the technical, soundtrack, and score areas. Even though NM special effects is up against Avatar, it should at least garner some nominations, as should Desplat’s score. Historically, women rarely win in categories other than “their” categories.

    So, for all you GG and AA “snobs,” check out this saga. It’s gotten kids reading again. It’s proven women have money, and they’ spend it at the box office. It’s taught lessons of family, chastity, loyality, understanding, history, tolerance, forgiveness, love, sacrifice, and friendship…all without explosives, gore, rude body noises, mistreatment of women, and bathroom humor. That, my friends, IS award worthy!

    I personally feel Michael Sheen’s “Aro” is Oscar worthy.

    • twiightgirl68 says:

      BRAVO !!! BRAVO !!! BRAVO BARBARA!! very well put ! Yes , I agree, Michael Sheen did his part “beyond perfection” , Michael owns Aro !!!! And as for the snobs and snots from the AA and GG they never represented us , ticket buyers anyway , it’s all an insider job the way the nominees and votes are decided on !

    • I couldn’t agree more!!! The truth is, if NM was produced by a big studio, have all the same faces “already” known over Hollywood or have been directed by a praised director who would -without doubt- ruin the movie… well, perhaps those snobs ppl would have something good to tell ’bout it.
      The last time I HEARD these ppl, I ended up watching Slumdog Milionaire…(don’t get me wrong)& hated it… However, those ppl are so repetitive… they say themselves as open minded, are they? I mean, NM or any other movie from this saga are a novelty… maybe they don’t like novelties… even worse if these novelties become so popular…

  9. mschicklet says:

    The New Moon teaser came out 6-7 months (maybe even more) before the movie. It doesn’t make any sense for the TEASER of Eclipse to come out 3 months before the movie. They promoted the hell out of New Moon and it broke box office records. Why would they stray from that formula? Promote promote promote. A full-length trailer in March? Sure. A teaser in January? That’s what I think *should* happen.

  10. Summit should pony up the cash to show a teaser during the Super Bowl. Remember Me viewers are already going to go see Eclipse; showing them a trailer doesn’t expand the audience at all. But a dark, mysterious, action-packed snippet during the Super Bowl will attract both male and female pop culture fans.

  11. I agree with everything you guys have said. It makes sense completely. I’m so excited for the New Moon DVD, and I’ll be twice more happier if they put the Eclipse trailer in it.

  12. heyy ya i agree they should do an eclipse trailer or teaser when Remember Me comes out, its only right, i mean at New Moon basically all the trailers were from Summit and even 1, being Remember Me, starred the twilight saga actor, BUT in case ppl haven’t noticed, New Moon isnt playing anymore….at least not here in Canada….2 good theaters ive checked r not playing New Moon anymore so its basically done and being searched and watched on the internet

    • Dougsgirl says:

      I think that an Eclipse trailer will be out very soon. I agree that they should stick to the same formula that they did with New Moon. There were so many trailers out by the time the movie hit, that’s why it broke all of the records. New Moon is still playing in some theatres( in Canada, Toronto, Brampton) I had hoped to see something about Eclipse when I saw New Moon but I guess that would have been too soon. Can’t wait for it though.

  13. they should definately put it on the New Moon DVD then i could watch it in Blue Ray over and over and over and over…

  14. What a great looking movie! and he doesn’t suck at it! cant wait to see it! i was doubting his ability to be someone other than Edward, but god damn he plays an awesome bad ass!!
    Love your work Rob!

  15. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Honestly I only really had time to skim this and I’ve apparently missed all these test screening rumors BUT I don’t necessarily agree with this being too much of a sure blockbuster to test screen BECAUSE Warner Brothers test screened Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (ask Eric from Mugglenet because he was there).

  17. Also, Kristen’s movie The Runaways is scheduled to be released March 19. The Eclipse trailer could possibly be attached to that movie as well. I have a feeling that that would be potentially more effective than with Remember Me because The Runaways will probably draw in more non-Twilight fans than Remember Me, and therefore more people would see the Eclipse trailer who otherwise wouldn’t know about the movie.

    But I also see a teaser coming out before then.

  18. I do think Remember Me or the New Moon DVD will be our best bet. I do remember David Slade saying, I think last month on a Tweet, that he has no idea when a trailer for Eclipse will come out. I hope soon though. I am excited. 🙂

    • I heard that The Runaways was given an R rating, so since twilight is usually targeted towards teens ( even though the fan base is much more diverse than that….) I really don’t see it being the movie they will put the eclipse trailer in front of. March however does seem really late to me since there is usually a couple of teasers and then a trailer, so Im hoping that we will be able to see a teaser before that…

  19. Re: Eclipse Debate – very well put!

  20. Hey, It may air during the super bowl. That was my first guess.

  21. The fact that the movie’s called Remember Me makes me think its going to end with some sort of epic breakup/death/something bad….. I love me some epic two worlds/wrong side of the tracks romance but I like me a happy ending more lol
    Definitely seeing it though, even ignoring Rob and the possibility of an Eclipse trailer 🙂

  22. it would be ridiculous to wait until march, I mean the NM trailer came out in may ( I think) that was almost six months before the movie came out and to wait that long is pure torture.
    if they decide to do that we’ll have to wait almost three moths for the first trailer. 🙁

  23. avatar rocks!

    • Indeed… just the CG, quite impressive. One thing is really funny is the plot of Avatar remind me of the plot of another SM book: THE HOST… just put in a backward ways… is the humans who invades the aliens planet…

  24. i completely agree with all the points every1 has made, i would love it if David Slades new years pressie was a teaser trailer, but cing as summit havent even officially announced the international release dates for Eclipse its doubtful! i really do think that the Remember me /new moon dvd theory is the best bet as its the best way 2get the trailer/teaser to us fans+wer probably more of a priority to please before every1 else as we r the ones just hanging for something ne thing from Eclipse lol, they can deal with every1 else later lol

  25. Haiku Amy says:

    Warner Bros. did a test screen for Half Blood Prince before the CGI was done. I don’t think it’s unheard of. Even if the movie is expected to do well, they could always use the feedback.

  26. Me encanta es la mejor saga que puede existir en el mundo ..

  27. I can’t wait any longer for any kind of Eclipse news, photos, clips, trailers!! These 2 months will be very long!!!

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