Lonely Hearts Club Releases

Over the years many of you may have wondered who that person was next to Stephenie Meyer setting up books for signing, helping organize E-Prom, or letting us know when big new was about to hit. Her name is Elizabeth Eulberg, she’s Stephenie’s publicist, and she has her debut novel, The Lonely Hearts Club, out.

You can catch Elizabeth’s website here and her Twitter here. Congrats to Elizabeth.


  1. Lily Cullen says:

    Hmmm, she kind-of looks like Stephenie Meyer. I hate it when girls get boyfriends and ditch their friends. Bella, however, is excused, because she has a secret to protect (and she’s a fictional character).

  2. I kinda want to read this book. I think I’m going to check it out. Is is already out stores?

  3. I for one am ecstatic to get a hold of this, I had no idea Lizzy was writing!

  4. yes, it’s already out. almost picked it up yesterday, now I wish I had

  5. Gah, I hate chick-lit books, I really do. Is this what literature has become these days? Our society is very sad.

    Literature is quickly dying because of these cliche romantic novels and their mary-sue writers (suethors.)

    • There is something great about the world in which we live. There is something to read each and everyone of us. I have to agree with you, I am not a fan of cliche romantic novels. But to say, “literature is quickly dying,” is a little rough. How about, It’s not for me. One more question. Have you read the book? I havn’t read it, but I looked it up on amazon and glanced at a few pages, and I liked what I saw. Why don’t you write us something better 🙂

    • I’m looking forward to reading this because it looks interesting and I’m a huge Beatles fan…And I hate to admit it, but I was a person who put her friends aside for her boyfriend, but I married him, so that has to count for something!!!!

  6. I just bought this book. The Barnes and Noble at Union Square in NYC has signed copies. So if you want a special copy and you live near NYC, go pick one up. I didn’t know the author did a signing there, and I’m sorry I missed it. My copy says, “With love, from me, to you.” Very fab, indeed.

  7. Congratulations to Elizabeth, I meet her and Stephenie in 2007 in Dublin and she was absolutely lovely!

  8. Khrystyne Newport says:

    I think this whole series is a load of crap, the Twilight Saga is the worlds stupidest thing ever written and should burn. I mean if you read other books almost all of her stuff is copied she just made them way more gayer and just saying a vampire that glows in day light is very gay. (I have nothing against gay people it’s just the way I talk) She used the uglyest guy to play as bella and the actress is aweful. I will just stick with Anna Rice she kept vampires the way they’re supposed to.

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