New Moon Themed Desktop Calendars

Novel Novice is back with its yearly treat of Twilight Saga themed desktop calendars. Below you can see January.

New Moon Desktop Calendar

Get the full year’s worth at Novel Novice.


  1. teresa bridges says:

    i just cant get enouh of the twilight books and movies.and am hoping for a 5th book.i have read them 5or 6 times.this are the best bookstocome out.and am

  2. teresa bridges says:

    there are the best of the best

  3. They’re all beautiful. And yes, Teresa Bridges, the Twilight Saga is the best!

  4. michelle matus says:

    i love the backgrounds. TL can you remind us of the link each month so I can change mine? And it looks great. Sometimes the pic doesnt fit right but this is perfect!

  5. That’s ugly.

  6. i love them looks like they will be my backgrounds for the next year!!

  7. These people should hire the fans themselves; they’re a talented bunch. Happy New Year everyone!

  8. Christine says:

    WOW Amazing the Calendar is Awesome!!! 4-ever Loyalty to the family Cullens Hugs …Christine-Cullen

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