New Moon Movie Mistakes

According to FilmoFilia New Moon ranks up there with the movies with the most mistakes this year. However, the thing you have to remember is that these mistakes are found by viewers, it’s not as if there is a special “find the mistakes” rating society that checks out every film of the year. So, naturally the larger selling films have the most mistakes reported if for no other reason than lots of people saw those films.

Regardless it’s all in there in good fun. If you want to check out some other films with classic moments of “oops” watch Dorothy’s magically growing and shrinking braids in The Wizard of Oz, Hugh Grant’s changing tie in Love Actually, and Julia Robert’s growing and shrinking pancake in Pretty Woman.

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  1. The only one I really noticed was when Bella was talking to Jacob in the rain — when she got out of her truck, she slammed the door and it didn’t close all the way, it actually opened again, then in the next shot it was magically closed.

    All the other stuff I really didn’t notice. Little mistakes like these happen all the time in movies, it’s no big deal

  2. I noticed that when Bella pulls into the school parking lot, her windshield wipers are on;however, it is not raining. The same mistake was in the first movie when Charlie and Bella are driving into Forks for the first time. Other than that, there wasn’t much else that I noticed.

  3. alwaysedward says:

    i had only noticed the changing hair positions when Bella talked to Laurant in the meadow.

  4. the only thing I noticed was right after Bella jumped off the cliff and hit the water, then when her head came up, when she was looking up at the big wave that was about to hit her, her eyes were not brown but instead they were Kristen’s natural eye colour

  5. The mistake I noticed was Bella’s hair changing position in the meadow scene with Laurent. I didn’t really notice anything else. The mistakes made in New Moon are very minor and forgivable.

  6. the changing hair scene with laurent…. u can see it was about 19 or so diffrent takes… .. for some reason it bugged me and i stated counting…. I forgive…..

  7. the movie sucked…sorry but its true…it sucked, big time!! i loved it because its new moon but i hated it cuz that new director guy killed it, sum scenes were awesome but very few, the majority sucked ass, u guys are too nice im just tell it how it is. i wish they would bring catherine back… she knew wat to do, she cared about the small things. P.S: edward sucked in the movie too…sorry but its true.

  8. well tbh i was too busyy watchin the lil bits tha rob was in and admiring his gorgeousness but yheaa i spose now i read the other comments ill look out for the mistakes:P if i can takje my eyes off edward tha is:D x

  9. I love that someone thought this movie sucked and that the first one didn’t because I have the exact opposite opinion. It was actually watching the first movie, and thinking it sucked, that prompted me to read the books to see what all the fuss was about. That’s when I got hooked. I really loved New Moon and I only spotted the hair in the meadow with Laurent myself.

  10. Um, how about Rob’s nipples? One was like bigger than the other, and I laughed so hard in the theater. They were either different sizes, or deformation or something…all I know is that something funky was going on. hahaha

  11. The only blatant error I noticed initially was when Bella and Edward reunited in Volterra and Edward’s paleness did not extend past his neck.

  12. The only thing I noticed in the theatre was when Bella and Edward reunited in Volterra, as soon as she runs into him when he lets go, you can see the pale makeup all over her sleeve that came off when he hugged her. Other than that I didn’t notice.

  13. I LOVED the Twilight movie it was the reason I started reading the series and i got hooked but New Moon was my favorite book. I didn’t even see the whole movie. The bits and pieces of New Moon greatly disappointed me and i couldn’t finish watching it they need to keep the director for the first movie.

  14. Late to the game but Jasper controls Bella’s mood to coerce her to a little birthday shingig. I just now realized that his power should not have worked on her. Damn.

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