New Moon Score Giveaway!

Courtesy of of E1 Music we have some New Moon scores to give away. Comment below on what you like best about composer Alexandre Desplat’s score (check out the details below) and we may pick you to receive a copy. We’ll pick two people at midnight est December 24th!

E1 Music is pleased to announce the highly anticipated release from Academy Award nominated composer Alexandre Desplat, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon The Score” on November 24th, 2009.  The Twilight Saga: New Moon is the second installment of the highly successful film franchise Twilight, an action-packed, modern day vampire love story. The Twilight Saga: New Moon premieres in theaters on November 20th, 2009.

Highly regarded Desplat is the winner of numerous awards including 2008’s “Film Score of The Year” & “Best Original Score for a Drama Film” by the International Film Critics Association (The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons), winner of the 2007 Golden Globe for Best Original Score (The Painted Veil), and two-time Academy Award Nominee (The Queen & The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons).

Desplat comments, “Chris Weitz and New Moon provided me with a rich canvas to create the colors of desire, longing, heartbreak and eternal love.”

With even more anticipation, a growing fan base, and an award-winning/critically-acclaimed composer, The Twilight Saga: New Moon The Score is a must-have companion to the movie experience and sure to please not just movie fans but fans of the Score genre.

Paul Katz of Eye2Ear Music serves as both the executive producer of the score album as well as Summit Entertainment’s point person on film-related music and soundtracks.

The tracklisting:

  1. New Moon
  2. Bella Dreams
  3. Romeo & Juliet
  4. Volturi Waltz
  5. Blood Sample
  6. Edward Leaves
  7. Werewolves
  8. I Need You
  9. Break Up
  10. Memories of Edward
  11. Wolves v. Vampire
  12. Victoria
  13. Almost a Kiss
  14. Adrenaline
  15. Dreamcatcher
  16. To Volterra
  17. You’re Alive
  18. The Volturi
  19. The Cullens
  20. Marry Me, Bella
  21. Full Moon

Thanks again to E1 Music!


  1. I’d love to win this and see if my son will play it for me on the piano.

  2. The score for New Moon fits the mood or helps make the mood of the movie… as a good score should. I especially like the Meadow and Dreamcatcher, the music when Edward leaves, when he and Bella are reunited, when he asks her to marry him, etc….

  3. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Beautiful soundtrack!

  4. To me, I love how some of Alexandre Desplat’s scores have a dark undertone, but then you here cheery notes pop out, such as in Dreamcather and Marry Me, Bella. His music is quite relaxing. I love how every score is a story full of emotion. When I listen to the music, I can just imagine what is occuring. This man is just brilliantly gifted.

  5. Hairproductjunkie says:

    I love the score of New Moon because I remembered it and thought about it LONG after I saw the movie. It really left an impression on me. When I thought about or talked about the movie afterward, memories of the score came through as well. Plus, I use “Marry Me, Bella” as my own personal Edward’s lullaby.

  6. Amaranthine Moon says:

    Alexandre Desplat’s score for New Moon is both thrilling and haunting melodic. It’s musical style is so moving, emotions from within are exposed to the highest level. I have listend to numerous amounts of soundtracks, and New Moon has one of those vibes that just stand out and stays with you through out the day. I would love to have this album to compliment my soundtrack collection.

  7. love2dream says:

    I love how Desplat gives Jacob and Edward there own love themes in the movie and then sometimes blends them together to create a beautiful mix of emotions.

    I’m also in love with The Meadow from the soundtrack. For me it is Bella’s Lullaby as described by Edward in the book that shall not be named. Desplat hit it spot on when he made it a piano solo instead of an orchestral piece. It is so hauntingly beautiful.

  8. I love the subtlety of this score. The music sits in the background of everything not to take over your attention, but to enhance the sadness and near-hopelessness of the movie. It also has a classical edge to it that furthers the fairy tale feel of Bella’s memories from Twilight.

  9. The Score is a well composed, beautiful piece of music that fits perfectly in the movie. Overall my favortie score had to have been Bella’s Lulluby in Twilight… but I think New Moon’s Score beats it by a mile! If i had one word to discribe it, it’d be inspirational.

  10. I like how he makes the soundtrack his own but stays true to the first soundtrack in Twilight. It’s so different yet the same.

  11. I was a bit disappointed by the first movie’s score. As a movie score buff, I literally own hundreds of scores. I was already a small fan of Desplat before I heard he was attached to New Moon, and I downloaded the score, as soon as it was available via Itunes. It is really a fantastic score in every way. It is just as enjoyable to listen to it without the visuals, as it is, with the visuals, of which is a really good thing. It remains simple and yet elegant. My favorit tracks are “Mary Me Belle” (Largely due to the full realization of the Jacob theme), Volterra, and Wolves vs. Vampire (It actually has a hint of John Williams in it).

  12. I love that Alexandre’s score is so simple. He creates beautiful melodies and then varies them slightly but he does not muck them up with complicated flourishes. The simplicity is beautiful and it skillfully brings out the raw emotions being experienced by Bella, Jacob, and Edward.

  13. I think it was so beautiful, and really captured the emotions of the characters, especially Bella’s heartbreak. Also, it wasn’t intrusive, but it did complete the scene, adding depth and dynamic.

  14. La-Tua-Cantante-172 says:

    I love the music to Romeo and Juliette and also the Victoria part the most but I love all the music. I love the new moon score! It is so atmospherical and gives the right mood. It fit everything so well and I think that anyone who can compose and play music like that is amazing.

  15. I loved the score even more than the soundtrack!! The melody that wove through all the songs was amazing. My favorite was the Meadow song, with New Moon a close second. What I wouldn’t give to have Alexandre compose Eclipse also.

  16. The music Alexandre composes is nearly breath taking. When you hear scores for other movies, they dont really fit the mood and dont reach a point of emotion that has your gut wrenching. Her music is real and it heightens the way the emotions run through out the movie. The music is deep and it literally gives me chills. I love it. Not only is her music amazing and beautiful….but it’s inspiring. I remember after getting home from seeing the movie and immediatley going to my keyboard and playing music that made me think of New Moon. I would love to win the Score, because then Id be inspired everyday to play my music and grow as a musician myself.

  17. I would love to win a copy of the score of New Moon. I just thought the music was beautiful and fit the movie so perfectly.

  18. Overall, I love the score because it gives a smooth, ethereal feel to the entire movie, even when Bella’s doing the most common and human of actions. My favorite piece is the Volturi Waltz. It’s so elegant, and beautiful, yet has a dark and sinister feel, just like the Volturi.

  19. From watching the New Moon movie, I loved listening to the score. It really flows well with the footage we see on the screen, and I would love to own the score CD.

  20. I really love original film scores, and Alexandre Desplat proves again with New Moon the Score how beautifully instrumental music can be placed in a film. One of my favorites is listening to The Volturi Waltz. I really enjoyed listening to this score while watching the film in theaters because it creates another level of emotions with the acting and the cinematography of the film.

  21. I love the score because it reminds me of an old Hollywood movie or an epic film…the music is beautiful and emotional.

  22. latuacantante1918 says:

    I best song is during the scene when Edward asks Bella to marry him. You can just feel the wonder, hope, uncertainty, anticipation…it makes you feel so many things at one time. This song gets stuck in my head all the time and I love it!

  23. ScarletRubie says:

    I love the “You’re Alive” track, it makes the scene so intense and happy at the same time, It’s great! It enhances the audiences’ experience, without the score the movie wouldn’t have had the same impact.

  24. I really enjoyed this score. Each piece is completely relatable to the associated scene in the movie. The orchestration, especially, is dynamic and inventive. As with the Twilight score, I’m sure I will enjoy listening to this as I read the book. I appreciate that this score will open the door for more people to enjoy program music. The soundtrack is fantastic, of course, but the score gives more depth and meaning to the entire movie.

  25. emowolfboy says:

    I absolutely love the score, it’s different for Twilight, but being an avid piano player listening to The Meadow first brought me to not wanting to wait for this score. My favorite scores are Edward Leaves because you can definitely feel his words breaking up with Bella through the music, as well as her disbelief, and Dreamcatcher, its just such a light and interesting connection for Bella and Jacob (especially the flute that plays in this track!).

  26. What I really like about this score is its constant motion. Not to bash on the last composer, but his music consisted of just two “themes”: Edward’s and the Nomads. It was nice and edgy, but it was repetitive, and I got exhausted with it eventually.

    But with this score, the music made the scene ALIVE. It moved along with the scene, growing and falling with the emotions that were being shown on screen.

    What really captivated me about this score was its stark beauty. It was so moving, so palpable, it was like the actual orchestra was there, playing right beside me as I watched the movie. It had a sort of realism, this idea that grows and changes with the scenes, that I thought the last score lacked.

    Even with my blatant ignorance about scores, this one really stuck out to me. It completed New Moon, and if I don’t win it here, I can’t wait to go buy it myself.

  27. i’m a writer, and this score has given me the inspiration i need to actually write. i love listening to it-the emotions are so heavy and the details and instruments are so beautifully woven together. i also play instruments so its nice to see what he could do to help Bella and Edward’s story come even more to life. i even cry to some of the music! ‘Dreamcatcher’ helps me fall to sleep! it’s one of the best scores i’ve ever had the pleasure of listening. It gave New Moon a particular feel of wonder and longing and even despair that nothing else could have accomplished

  28. pick me!!! 🙂
    i loved twilight’s score!!!!

  29. I love this score because it is so perfect for the movie. It is lighthearted when needed, but so completely moving and heartbreaking in devastating moments such as the break up scene. What makes it even perfect is how seamlessly it fits into the movie. It creates a perfect atmosphere in scenes, but is quite subtle. You have to look out for it to notice that it’s there, but if the score wasn’t that good or non-existent, the movie would have felt empty, like it lacked something. So yeah, I really like how perfectly it fits New Moon.

  30. I love the score to New Moon because of the way it supports the characters. It puts the emotions of the characters into sound without words. It takes you through the journey. It’s like a character that you never see, but without it, a huge part of the movie would be missing.

  31. I loved the music by Alexandre Desplat, It was very emotional and full of passion. I especially like the birthday party scene music where Bella cuts her finger and Jasper is about to pounce on her. You can really feel the intensity there.

  32. I adore the score, I could listen to it for hours. It feels magical and soothing yet haunting. The music really paints a brilliant picture of emotions. New Moon (The Meadow) is defiantly my favorite, it’s so painfully beautiful. I hope Eclipse’s score is just as fantastic.

  33. Nightswimming says:

    I liked how the more classical sound of Desplat fit the tone perfectly for the New Moon story. (And for the Cullens in general.) Burwell’s guitars conveyed the sense of danger that Twilight needed, but Desplat’s style really tapped into Bella’s despair in a powerful way that I don’t think any other composer would have. (but too bad they couldn’t fit Bella’s Lullaby into the birthday)

  34. I love the score! I especially like the songs New Moon and Full Moon and the way they are interwoven throughout the movie. The orchestration is absolutely beautiful. I find this whole score very relaxing as I listen to it while lying in bed a lot of evenings. Even though I love the soundtrack, I find the score just as good if not better. Congrats to Mr Deplat. This deserves an Oscar.

  35. I like the Tonality, its dark in an emotional ways, without being depressing. I think it pretty well embodies the emotions we’re led to believe Edward in the books puts into his music as he composes them. That the score tells a story. I think Alexandre Desplat’s score does this as it captures the essence of the movie’s version of the story.

  36. We already have it and love it. It’s playing now, in fact. The themes are so passionate and haunting, reminding me of Tchaikovsky, yet contemporary. Edward Leaves brings the entire heartbreaking sequence to mind. The Meadow theme is used to great effect to create both longing and despair, then just as powerfully, joy. Every time I’ve seen the movie (now 4 times), it has been with greater and greater appreciation for this score. And I thought it was perfectly integrated with the really fine songs on the soundtrack. Listening to it takes me through my memories of the movie scene by scene. Wonderful work!

  37. I love piano music, so that’s what I like about the score most. A lot of the music is calm enough for me to fall asleep to, which is why I really want this score. For me, it’s not about the story it tells, it’s about the music itself and its melodic beauty.

  38. The one thing I want for Christmas that I know I’m not getting is the score to New Moon. I knew the score was really great when I started thinking how great it would be to play it instead of just listening to it while watching the movie. The dormant musician in me wants to listen to the score over and over again so I can hear everything that I might have missed in the theater. The music not only enhances the movie but it takes you back to it when you hear it. Alexandre Desplat did an amazing job scoring the film and I can’t wait until I can get a copy of the CD.

  39. michelle matus says:

    I loved the Twilight soundtrack and score. So when New Moon came out I paid close attention to the music. It’s so different then Twilight but fits so well with the moods in the scenes. I love listening to The Twilight Soundtrack and Score and connecting the music to the scene. I would love the opportunity to reminisce with New Moon in the same way.

  40. I just love how beautiful it is & fits in with the mood of the movie and captures the emotion so well. Alexandre Desplat did a wonderful job. Do we know if he will be doing Eclipse as well?

  41. Julia Ybarra says:

    I was born into a musical family & music has ALWAYS played a big role in my life.I’m such a big fan of the Twilight books & now have fallen in love with the movies as well. The score in New Moon has moved me so & takes one throughout Bella’s journey as she loses love & then finds him again. Desplat is brillant & provided excellent music. I love that we can continue to listen to music that carries over from movies that will continue to move us. Thanks for opportunity for chance to win score!

  42. Julieheartstwilight says:

    I love how all the song names have something to do with the movie&book. Favourite song: New Moon. Also, I love how he is an award-winning composer 🙂

  43. Alexandre Desplat is just an amazing composer. I have studied classical music for years and I can honestly say Alexandre has become on of my favorites. He delivered such raw emotion with his music it was breath taking and simply perfect. I am going to get the score as soon as I can if I don’t win one but I really hope Alexandre comes back for the other films because he is a musical genius

  44. twinklestar says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Twilight series and would love to get the soundtrack! I’ve already starting playing “The Meadow” on the piano.

  45. My favorite part of the score was The Meadow, and I am so glad that it was also on the soundtrack. It is very much what I heard in my head for Bella’s Lullabye. I am a very musical person, and one thing that can really make a movie for me is the score – I thought that New Moon’s score was very evocative of the feelings in the book, and so it was definitely a plus for the movie!

  46. Wow, I love this music so much, I think it just completes the movie. I love the dark, romantic feel of it that completely goes along with the emotions in New Moon…and it’s like hauntingly beautiful.
    I think he did a fantastic job with the score, it’s just the whipped cream on top of a delicious sundae!
    (wow..sorry for the bad analogy)

    Merry Christmas!

  47. I really love his music because you feel what you suppose to feel. He is so emotional and the film is so much better with his music. I really think the movie is what it is with his music.

  48. Alexandre Desplat has created one of those rare masterpieces that eagerly competes with, if not entirely surpasses, the soundtrack it accompanies. It is rare for a score to be greeted with as much enthusiasm as the more popular soundtrack, even within the massive Twilight fandom. I believe that Carter Burwell made a beautiful work of art with the “Twilight” score, but in my opinion I think Mr. Desplat’s score exceeds that of Mr. Burwell’s. Each piece fits the mood perfectly for the scene in which it was placed. In addition to it’s wonderful musicality, Mr. Desplat has also given another beautiful piece in “New Moon (The Meadow)” from the proposal scene that will cause many budding musicians to pick up the sheet music and learn it on the piano, just as “Bella’s Lullaby” by Mr. Burwell did. It is a rare and amazing thing when something pushes individuals to desire to learn to play musical instruments. For that, aside of the great score he created, Mr. Desplat receives my full compliments and respect.

  49. I love the score for the Volturi scene. It conveys the right intensity and suspense for this scene. The whole score sequence is great, but particularly for this scene.

  50. Angie Fewin says:

    Desplat’s score was perfect, it really completed the movie!!

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