New Moon Score Giveaway!

Courtesy of of E1 Music we have some New Moon scores to give away. Comment below on what you like best about composer Alexandre Desplat’s score (check out the details below) and we may pick you to receive a copy. We’ll pick two people at midnight est December 24th!

E1 Music is pleased to announce the highly anticipated release from Academy Award nominated composer Alexandre Desplat, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon The Score” on November 24th, 2009.  The Twilight Saga: New Moon is the second installment of the highly successful film franchise Twilight, an action-packed, modern day vampire love story. The Twilight Saga: New Moon premieres in theaters on November 20th, 2009.

Highly regarded Desplat is the winner of numerous awards including 2008’s “Film Score of The Year” & “Best Original Score for a Drama Film” by the International Film Critics Association (The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons), winner of the 2007 Golden Globe for Best Original Score (The Painted Veil), and two-time Academy Award Nominee (The Queen & The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons).

Desplat comments, “Chris Weitz and New Moon provided me with a rich canvas to create the colors of desire, longing, heartbreak and eternal love.”

With even more anticipation, a growing fan base, and an award-winning/critically-acclaimed composer, The Twilight Saga: New Moon The Score is a must-have companion to the movie experience and sure to please not just movie fans but fans of the Score genre.

Paul Katz of Eye2Ear Music serves as both the executive producer of the score album as well as Summit Entertainment’s point person on film-related music and soundtracks.

The tracklisting:

  1. New Moon
  2. Bella Dreams
  3. Romeo & Juliet
  4. Volturi Waltz
  5. Blood Sample
  6. Edward Leaves
  7. Werewolves
  8. I Need You
  9. Break Up
  10. Memories of Edward
  11. Wolves v. Vampire
  12. Victoria
  13. Almost a Kiss
  14. Adrenaline
  15. Dreamcatcher
  16. To Volterra
  17. You’re Alive
  18. The Volturi
  19. The Cullens
  20. Marry Me, Bella
  21. Full Moon

Thanks again to E1 Music!


  1. I love, love, love, the music when he’s asking her to marry him. It fits the scene perfectly, an its just wonderful!

  2. I adore New Moon score, even more than the soundtrack! The music is so powerful, and passionate, and touching….I especially the New Moon theme and You’re alive, when Bella and Edward are finally together in Volterra. Desplat made a wonderful job, and this score makes the movie more epic! Thanks to Mr. Desplat, I complimented him with an email to his management, and they were so kind to answer me….

  3. The score is mesmerizing, magical, flowing and beautiful. Music can evoke mystery, magic, pain or joy. This score was all of the above. I really didn’t know who created this score but it was a credit to the story.

  4. What I like most about Alexandre Desplat’s score is that every note actually cries and that every feeling Bella has is something you’ve gone threw;so their your emotions to and their being pricked by the needle of every note. It actually hurts seeing the break up scene. I am very passionate abut classical music and the TS so yeah its pretty much made of epic awesomeness!

  5. I heard some of the themes and I absolutely love it.
    It reflects the atmosphere of the movie…

  6. I love the song when Edward proposes. I think that it goes along with the scene perfectly!

  7. I thought the score for The Twilight Saga: New Moon was magnificent! I especially loved the music during Volterra and when they showed the Volturi. The “Marry me, Bell” part was in my head for days after watching the movie. Makes me wish my life had it’s own score. Alexandre Desplat is brilliant. 🙂

  8. I had the score on my Christmas list since I found the release date. I was looking forward to the music and score almost as much as the movie! The Edward Leaving track is one of the most important in whole series and I was so happy to sit in the theater and hear that it was as dark and deep as it needed to be. I can not wait to sit down with the score and experience the movie just through music

  9. I found the score to be very moving. It flowed very well and kept you in the moment.

  10. Less lyrical music in the New Moon movie versus the Twilight movie, I think it flowed fantastically!

  11. Kim Marsden says:

    I loved the movie New Moon and I paid so much attention to the music that when I heard the score later I was back watching the movie. The music totally moved me emotionally and still does. Alexandre Desplat did a fabulous job scorring this movie. My favorite pieces are Dreamcatcher, Marry Me, Bella, and New Moon. Marry Me, Bella still gets me teary along with Edward Leaves.

  12. i love the score!!..=] fits the mood of the movie and the book alexandre desplat is a genius!

  13. My fave score was when Bella was racing towards the clock tower! And the reunion kiss, too 😀

  14. I love this score. Each song is perfectly suited to the scene that it is paired with. They all evoke such emotion and passion. I also love that many of the songs are some version of “The Meadow” from the soundtrack. Desplat mastered the score of this movie as it absolutely enhances an already brilliant and gorgeous movie!

  15. I just got the soundtrack for New Moon and I loved that. On it, it has the New Moon (The Meadow) on and that is by far my all time favorite. I didn’t know till I got the soundtrack that the score was out on a CD and now I desperately want to hear it. I love piano music that conveys all the emotions humanity is capable of and this piece has moved me the most in a long time. This CD is now on the top of my wish list.

  16. I loved this score. Not only can i listen to it again and again for its orchestral sounds, magnificent theme tune, i love playing that theme on the piano as well. The music lets me remember the entire film without even watching it!

  17. I have not heard the songs individually, but the music in the movie was awesome. “The Meadow” was very close to what I heard in my head while reading the books describe Bella’s Lullaby. I would love for him to write Esme’s Song based on its descriptions.

  18. I absolutely loved the score for New Moon. I think it perfectly captures the mood and flow of the movie. I bought the soundtrack, and my favorite songs on it is New Moon (The Meadow). It is enchanting and I listen to it over and over. I would love to have the score!

  19. Destinytwimom says:

    I LOVE all of the music in New Moon, but what music makes the movie is the score. They did an amazing job capturing the real feeling of each situation. My favorite is the song when Edward and Bella reunite in Italy…and the kiss…the song is just PERFECT. Can’t wait to get it!

  20. I havent listened to the score by itself (thats why Im entering to win!) but when I saw New Moon I was completely captivated by the emotion in the music, especially during the breakup scenes. I think he captured the essence of New Moon perfectly.

  21. Lanette Coots says:

    Musical scores are one of my favorite parts of the entire movie experience. I can hear just a few notes and immediately be transported back to that moment in the movie. My favorite thing about the New Moon score was how, as in any good score, there are a few “theme” notes (as I like to call them) that are found in every song and sort of tie them all together as one piece. I love the entire score for New Moon, but my absolute favorites were New Moon, Full Moon (i love the way it’s NM at the beginning at FM at the end, sort of mirroring the story), and of course Edward Leaves and Marry Me Bella.

  22. Claire Hill says:

    I loved the Marry Me, Bella piece, just so beautiful and elegant.

  23. The score for the movie fit perfectly, I especially love when they are going in to Voltera and when Edward proposes at the end.

  24. TwilightsEdge says:

    I loved the score of New Moon so much that it is on my Christmas wish list. The music was absolutely beautiful and really carried the mood of the scenes. My favorite piece is “Break Up”. If ever complete heartbreak and despair was captured in music,this is certainly it. Alexandre Desplat is a brilliant composer.

  25. I would absolutely adore to have this cd. This music is so stunning, and it always transports me to another world. I love listening to the scores of movies, because you can understand more of the essence of the movie. Also, when I listen to this type of music, it really gets my creative bug going! I can just sit and write for hours! Well, I’ll get off my soap box. haha. I’m just saying that I would love to have this!

  26. I love the score! Probably my favorite song though is ‘The Meadow.’

  27. Alexandre Desplat’s music compositions fit perfectly into the film. When I listen to the score, I am able to feel and empathise withe characters. His musics would bring out the emotions of his audience, especially when it comes to suspense and excitement. The different music pieces for each scene matches perfectly. From the dangerous and mysterious score when we meet the Volturi in the beginning of the film to the suspense when Edward asks Bella to meet his one condition. I would LOVE to have Alexandre Desplat’s score in my music library to go through my daily life. 🙂

  28. I love the vibe of this score, it’s beautiful and empowering. I think my favorite would have to be Dreamcatcher because I love Jacob, but I love the theme that runs through out the movie that’s in the tracks New Moon and Full Moon. This score is just amazing, I love the fact that it was composed for my favorite book in the series:D

  29. I really enjoyed listening to the score while watching New Moon. The New Moon score really fit with the moods that were protrayed at different times troughout the film. It builds the suspense, having the audience on the edge of their seats. For example, the Volturi score really had my heart pumping and my mind racing. It created this mysterious but dangerous feeling as I watched the Volturi’s presence on the big screen. Scores help to have the audience feel a certain way that has them feeling like they really are present in the film, standing behind Bella and Edward as words and scenes are exchanged.

  30. I joined the Twilight world a little late but when I saw the first film, the score stuck with me and I would find myself humming it. So I was really looking forward to New Moon just for the music alone. And I was not disappointed. When I heard a preview of the soundtrack, the song I was immediately drawn to was “The Meadow”. And once I saw the movie, I thought the music complimented each scene beautifully. Alexandre Desplat did a wonderful job!

  31. I like that one little theme that runs through several of the tunes…can’t remember whose it is (I’ve only been able to see New Moon twice so far)…but it’s very beautiful and haunting and sad and fits the mood perfectly.

  32. This is the first time I was introduced to his music and it’s like nothing else I’ve ever heard before. There’s so much emotion in every piece on the score. I would love to have a copy to send over to my friend in Russia, she adored the music when she saw the movie. I know she will appreciate the CD.

  33. I’m actually not a fan of the music in this film, as opposed to Twilight. I purchased the whole Twilight soundtrack, plus Twilight (The Score). Sorry.

  34. little-freak says:

    I totally love New Moon (The Meadow) cause it sounds exactly how I imagined Bella’s Lullaby to sound like!

  35. Desplat’s score is amazing for beautifully supporting the emotions of each individual scene in the movie, without being overbearing.

  36. The score really sets the tone emotionally for every scene!

  37. I haven’t listened to the score that much. What I have heard from the movie and others is that that it is amazing! I really like The Meadow though (on the soundtrack too). I never like just music (with no words) before, but that is just an amazing song!

  38. This is one of the best scores I have heard of in a while and am totally in love with it!

    I love The Meadow. Perfection.

  39. I really really love this score because it adds so much to the movie experience.Unlike the soundtrack, the score moves with the events of the movie instead of describing them. The passionate pieces are set precisely with the passionate scenes of the movie, the sad parts with the sad pieces, etc. The titles of the soundtrack even have the names that describe the scene. This had a softer feel to it that really conveys the depths of Bella’s despair with the contrast of her friendship with Jacob, and the renewal of her relationsip with Edward. It compares to the strong tones of the Twilight Score that betrayed the power and ferocity of what the vampires were; it reaveals more of Bella and her relationships rather than focusing on the emotional power that the wolves and vampires hold over her. That is perhaps the best thing i liked about this score.

  40. I love The Meadow from the soundtrack. What I really love about the score is that I don’t remember it. I only remember the feelings I had during the movie (eight times now). I went back a couple of times to only listen to the soundtrack and the score because I love the Twilight score so much, but I got lost in the movie and before I could think about listening the movie was over. And really, I think that’s the best compliment I can give it. Everything blends together to tell the story so well. Great job, Alex. By the way you look so young in the Director’s Notebook from Twilight…and a woman! Yeah for us!

  41. Reminiscent of the sweeping scores from Hollywood’s movie epic days of yore, Alexandre desPlat’s score stirs the emotions in each and every scene. The simple piano “Meadow” melody from the soundtrack is orchestrated tenderly at one moment when Edward leaves, and passionately when Bella and Edward reunite. desPlat’s use of flutes helps to heighten this passion, as well as his use of percussion during the fights with the werewovles. This powerful score moves the action from despair to triumph, and is worthy of an Oscar nomination as “Best Original Score.” Bravo! Bravissimo!

  42. I love how Alexandre’s score flows really well with the movie. It actually makes you feel the emotions beneath the acting and that is what i love best about it. I remember when i was watching the movie and during the breakup scene i actually started crying because the music was so detailed and mesmerizing that it just flowed perfectly with the scene and made me start crying. Alexandre did a great job with the score and my all time favorites are Edward Leaves and of course Marry Me, Bella…i bow down to you Desplat for doing a wonderful job with the score.

  43. I actually can’t describe it but i can just sit down and listen to Alexandre’s music on replay. I loved Meadow so much that i learned it on piano and now thats all i play. You can see a story in the meadow espeically i can imagine Edward and Bella together and i can imagine a peaceful forest. It would mean a lot to me to receive the score 🙂

  44. Movie scores in general are easily looked over. Most people see the soundtracks with famous singers and completely overlook the scores, the songs which really MAKE the movie. Alexandre Desplat is one of the modern composers out there that is actually doing a good enough job to get orchestral movie scores recognized – especially with New Moon, Desplat uses carefully planned instrumentation and delicate themes to embrace the characters and storyline of the movie. He first got my attention for his score for ‘Coraline’, but this French composer proves with the New Moon Score that he is an amazing musician. The brilliant theme “New Moon” recurs throughout the movie, written to where it bears different connotations at different parts of the story but still carries its unreal beauty. ‘Dreamcatcher’ is hauntingly beautiful, and ‘The Volturi Waltz’ carries just enough of a menacing threat to be considered deadly and gorgeous at the same time. Not many composers have the gift to entrance their listeners; Alexandre Desplat is among the few who do. Congratulations to Mr. Desplat. I now want to steal his brain.

    • OOPS, I’m listening to the Coraline score now – NO he did not compose it. 🙂 He did, however, compose The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. If you haven’t heard it, go to YouTube and listen now. GENIUS!!

  45. For me, the music should always compliment and promote the movie storyline….and that is so what Alexandre was able to do with his score. Oh my!!! I purchased it on the day of release, and absolutely love it! Just from each song, you can sense the emotion of the scene.

    Of course, a spare to share would be lovely as well. 🙂

  46. The score is very magicial. It covers the whimsical love of edward and bella , but at the same time the crumbling destruction of bella’s heart after edward’s leave. It wraps up what kind of person Victoria is and how strongly joined the wolf pack is. The volturi has an interesting track…it is elegant and formal , but at the same time like a dangerous, treacherous beauty. A, look but don’t touch feeling mixed with don’t unerestimate my elegance as a signal for us to be friends. If that makes any sense. The score was so light , but also deep. Like a rose. I also like how it gently weaves the personas of jacob and bella into one almost…the stitch is thick, but then it gets weaker and weaker when edward gets back into the picture. Sorry this is long, but to wrap it up in one….Im trying to say that it is amazing and truely wished I had my very own copy instead of just listening to the 30 second samples on amazon..well thank you very much for this chance….luv- Kayleigh Arcos

  47. Every moment of New Moon was moving and emotional. The music throughout the movie was perfect in every scene.

  48. The medow theme rolls perfectly through the emotions of New Moon- longing, dispair, hope, happiness, and ends on a wonderfully bittersweet note

  49. The score to New Moon evokes such amazing emotions. It crosses the planes of happy to sad to desperation to despair and much more. It makes the movie such an experience. You actually feel the emotions of Edward, Bella and Jacob throughout the movie thanks to this amazing score. It’s quite haunting at times and really puts you into the movie emotionally. Marry Me, Bella is perfect and my favorite track. It is such a beautiful piece of music.

  50. I love how the entire score is haunting, yet subtle. It was until my third screening of New Moon did I realize the score was playing the background, but it completed the mood of the scene perfectly.

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