Kristin Chenoweth Spoofs New Moon

It’s all part of Kristen’s upcoming gig as host of the Critics Choice Movie Awards


  1. Bah, humbug. It won’t let me play it.

  2. It won’t let me play it either

  3. ahaha))) hilarious! )))
    “what did u do to him? why is RPattz barely in this movie?” ))) “are u crying? werewolves…” lol
    p.s. i’m in germany now and video plays just fine, maybe try firefox (i use it), hope you can see it – it’s great ))))

  4. I love Kristin Chenoweth and this was great. Love it.

  5. Serena Welles says:

    This is KILLING me. The video won’t work, I love Kristin Chenoweth, and I can’t find the video anywhere. ><

    Much love,

  6. Oh my goodness! That was SO funny! Kristin Chenoweth is AWESOME!!

  7. that guy looks an awful lot like Jared!

  8. ChristineCullen says:

    Curses! It won’t play ๐Ÿ™

  9. It won’t play for me either. Anybody have the link to the original site?

  10. Love Kristen Chenoweth in anything! This is so funny!!!!!

  11. LMAO I LOVE Kristen Chenoweth!! Definitely watching Critics Choice Awards now!!

  12. Beyond Reproach says:

    Gah! She is like the cutest person to walk this planet. Love her! This spoof was really funny, too.

  13. Twilight Nymph says:

    LMAO. Freaking hilarious.

  14. This was great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Where did those of you who have seen it get it to play? Everywhere I look has the same error message!!

  16. this is hilarious! kristin is great in this!=]

  17. i love Cheno!! Very cute!

  18. That was hysterical. That was better than anything SNL has ever done. Absolutely the funniest Twilight spoof that I have ever seen.

  19. Serena Welles says:

    Someone finally put it up on YouTube.

    Hahaha. I love Kristin in this! She’s hilarious. ๐Ÿ˜€ That was so funny.


    Much love,

  20. if you can’t watch it on this website, just go to you tube at:

    LOL!!!!!! =)

  21. This was really very, very funny. “Ahhhh, put some clothes on!” LOL!

  22. ashton marie says:

    i LOVE her!

  23. Jake's girlfreind says:


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