Vote For New Moon in Moviefone’s Poll!

Moviefone has their end of year poll up and New Moon is in several categories:

  • Best Movie
  • Best Chick Flick
  • Sexiest Male (Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson nominated)
  • Breakout Male (Taylor Lautner)
  • Breakout Female (Anna Kendrick: Up In The Air)
  • Scene Stealer (Anna Kendrick: Up In the Air)
  • Which movie in 2010 are you most excited for: Eclipse
  • So head over to Moviefone and vote!


    1. Does it really matter?

    2. HAHAHA! When I voted, if you add Taylor Lautner’s score with Robert Pattisons you would be 5% less than Johnny Depp! Johnn PWNS!

    3. I’ve just voted! I can’t wait for Eclipse!

    4. twilight is doing good keep voting!

    5. As much as I love Taylor, I had to vote for Christoph Waltz when it comes to the breakout star of the year. His performance in Inglorious Basterds was mindblowingly good.

    6. i just voted, and I noticced that Twilight is in the lead inmost categories. I think it’s because of how twilight fansites keep us updated! thank you guys

    7. I get annoyed how lots of people bash New Moon when its up for best movie.

    8. oooo Sam Worthington or Chris Pine all the way.

    9. CantanteDiEdward says:

      This is hard. I loved Sam Worthington in Avatar but Taylor did a great job playing Jacob too…oh decisions, decisions!

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