Vote For New Moon in Moviefone’s Poll!

Moviefone has their end of year poll up and New Moon is in several categories:

  • Best Movie
  • Best Chick Flick
  • Sexiest Male (Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson nominated)
  • Breakout Male (Taylor Lautner)
  • Breakout Female (Anna Kendrick: Up In The Air)
  • Scene Stealer (Anna Kendrick: Up In the Air)
  • Which movie in 2010 are you most excited for: Eclipse
  • So head over to Moviefone and vote!


    1. Does it really matter?

    2. HAHAHA! When I voted, if you add Taylor Lautner’s score with Robert Pattisons you would be 5% less than Johnny Depp! Johnn PWNS!

    3. I’ve just voted! I can’t wait for Eclipse!

    4. twilight is doing good keep voting!

    5. As much as I love Taylor, I had to vote for Christoph Waltz when it comes to the breakout star of the year. His performance in Inglorious Basterds was mindblowingly good.

    6. i just voted, and I noticced that Twilight is in the lead inmost categories. I think it’s because of how twilight fansites keep us updated! thank you guys

    7. I get annoyed how lots of people bash New Moon when its up for best movie.

    8. oooo Sam Worthington or Chris Pine all the way.

    9. CantanteDiEdward says

      This is hard. I loved Sam Worthington in Avatar but Taylor did a great job playing Jacob too…oh decisions, decisions!