New Moon’s Oscar Potential

According to MTV’s Hollywood Crush, the “Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (a.k.a. the people who put on The Academy Awards every year) announced their shortlist of nominees for Best Original Song. Lykke Li’s “Possibility” from “New Moon” was included on the list.”

Now as great as this sounds, MTV clarifies what the ironically named “short list” means. “a bit of perspective should be laid out. The “shortlist” rings in at 63 songs, which makes us think the long list must have comprised of just about every song included in a film this year.”


  1. I was under the impression that Best Original Songs had to be written specifically for that movie, not before. Didn’t Possibility come out on Lykke Li’s album before?

  2. Nope she wrote it specifically for da movie

  3. I have to say that I thought that that song was one of the worst things I have ever heard! It totally ruined the “Bella in pain” moment for me! It was like auditory razor blades in my ears! Esh!

    –Of course, I thought that the majority of the New Moon soundtrack was AWFUL!

  4. i love this song, but it makes me sad in a good way….? i couldn’t stop listening to it after i saw the movie, and then i read the lyrics, nearly made me cry 🙁 brought me back to my own heartache

  5. There are also more Oscar worthy tracks, i.e DCFC’s “Equinox” and Ok Go’s “Shooting the Moon. What I would like to see is the score by Alexandre DesPlat nominated for “Best original Score.” I think the score added so much to the movie, especially when Edward leaves Bella; that theme is used throught the movie, at different tempos, in different keys, etc. and, for me, really added to the viewing/emotional experience. And while we’re talking Oscar, what about Michael Sheen’s supporting role as “Aro?”

  6. Not chance, the oscar people never will listen to us, the normal public. Rather die than give a reward to a beloved movie. Money? Why will the actors need money? or the producers?

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