Catherine Hardwicke Gives Advice to Film Students

Catherine was among the guest speakers at the Campus Movie Fest International. She uses both Thirteen and Twilight as reference examples.

And speaking of Catherine Hardwicke, she puts to rest rumors that her multiple upcoming projects are going to be in conflict with each other.


  1. here’s my advice to film students: don’t take catherine hardwicke’s advice.

  2. Oh God!!! I already knew she was directing Maximum Ride Angel Experiment but I cringe!! She will ruin that movie especially if they don’t have a big enough budget for the CGI it needs!

  3. Excuse me. How many directors cam make a film out of scrap? Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown didn’t even have the equipment Twilight had. Also, LORDS OF DOGTOWN is one of the most epic movies in history especially if you understand the general underground or indie or skate culture.

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