Justin Chon Interviews Muse

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  1. Lucky, Lucky guy. Chris was absent again, poor, shy man. But that was awesome. I would have loved to be at a show with both Muse and Cage the Elephant. Matt Schultz is adorable, and their live show is amazing, too. So jealous he got to hang with CtE– met them this summer, they were really nice.

    I’d love to hear an original Muse song for Eclipse- they could write an epic song for the battle, like how SBH made the baseball scene amazing.

  2. i agree with you liz i love SBH for the baseball scene! That was what did it for me when i saw the movie, then i had to read the books! I hope they let Muse do a song for the soundtrack i loved NM soundtrack!!

  3. i also loved the New Moon soundtrack. Every song fit perfectly in the movie, which ive seen about 8 times not kidding. I love Muse theyr the best nd Justin is a lucky guy!

  4. eternitys_charm says:

    where’s chris!?!? he’s like never in any of the interviews..:[ lol
    i loooove muse, justin is so lucky, i’ve loved muse since 2002!!! i wanna meet them!!!!

  5. I just saw Muse last night with Pheonix, Metric, Vampire Weekend and 30 Seconds to Mars, it was EPIC! Muse is my all time favorite band and we got so close to the stage I could see the sweat coming off of Matthew’s face! Best Ever! Muse it truly talented and they have their sets down, it seems effortless for them to play!

  6. I love Justin hhahha hes so FUNNY….MUSE FOR LIIIIFEE

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