The LOL Cats Spoof the New Moon Movie

They were a huge hit last year when they spoofed Twilight. Now they are back with their take on New Moon. TY to Chelsea for the heads up.

See the Twilight spoof here and the New Moon spoof here.


  1. Oh man those were hilarious!! =)

  2. I LOVED the “boss vampiors.” That was awesome!

  3. omg I love it!!!!

  4. Loved it. haha. it was great. my fave part was “sexy rawr”. haha.

  5. lmao i love how edward’s eyes are green. awesome!

  6. Awesome! lol Hope they make one for eclipse and breaking dawn…But is it just me, or does the Bella cat actually look sort of like Kristen Stewart? 😛

  7. that was effin hilarious. omg

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