Taylor Lautner: SNL the Yogurt Shop Sketch

Taylor Lautner spoofs young love in the mall yogurt shop.


  1. funny : )

  2. Now THIS was funny. Needed a few more like this last night.

  3. Now this and the choir skit was hilarious! I love kenan in this skit, esp when Taylor mentions the hobbit and kenan’s goes “WHAT!…NO!” Rofl!!! And then the whole ball thing was just weird. Me and my bro were like O.o ???? What???

  4. this was hilarious! lmao was Taylor BOUNCING at the end of this?

  5. This was funny. Keenan made it better. “NO! Give me this yogurt…you little WEIRDO!”

  6. This sketch made Taylor sound like a complete loser, but it was still hilarious!

  7. AkwardGeek!Taylor is adorable…i kind of want one.

  8. HAHAHA i loved this one! XD

  9. Team SwItZ says:

    OMG!!! “i like to squeze balls when i’m nervous, i like to squeze them real hard, make me feel better.”

  10. SnoWhite11120 says:

    The best part was when he slides by and just goes, “…Uh…I don’t even…”

  11. I loveit when he falls and is like AHHH!! WHO DID THAT JIMMY? WAS THAT YOU JIMMY? COME ON MAN! COMEON JIMMY! hahhaah LMAO!!!!!!!!

  12. Tay Tay luver says:

    Omgbof I frickin luv Taylor he is like the hottie of my life!!!!!!!!! Ughhhhhhh I just want to marry him!!!!! 🙂 luv u Taylor lautner!!!!!

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