Taylor Lautner: SNL Team Edward vs. Team Jacob Sketch


  1. Oh my goodness this is so funny i love taylor lautner he was so funny as a girl. 😀 i love ya TAYLOR :D!!

  2. Team Jacob says:

    I loved it i love Taylor Lautner….

  3. LOL tht waz so freakin hilarious they were right though Bella gets on my nerves im so Team JACOB all the way allways have been allways will be Edward is a bloodsucker who deserves to be killed by the volturi i cnt believe Breaking Dawn tht really got on my nerves who would pair a 16 year old w/ a baby really i think Jacob is and allways will be the man 4 Bella! so if ur Team Edward something is wrong w/ u go get checked by a doctor it might only be temporary who kinows bu anyways peace out p.s. Justin Bieber waz also funny on SNL!

  4. Jameese says:

    Wow I’m on team super natural i love vampires but rob patterson looks like an ugly crack head as a pose to Taylor Lautner that looks like he just came from heaven. He is so sexy!!! Oh yea and the show waz haluraous! Ppl of america if you wanna meet me go to meez.com and search Meese1998…

  5. ROTFL!!! That was so hilarious


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