Taylor Lautner: SNL Team Edward vs. Team Jacob Sketch


  1. that was FREEAKING HILARIOUS! *the guy who plays him deserves an oscar* you are so right, taylor!

    • I agree the “oscar” so funny..That taylor did you see his skirt?? and that pink blush?? big LOL!! loved when he kissed edward!! Gezz im sure rob is totally gonna bust on him!! GO TAYLOR!!!

  2. “If those abs are real then the dude that played Jacob deserves an Oscar!” Crack me up!

  3. Rosalie's Pain says

    Bad writing. The only part I liked was the Oscar mention. That was funny. Everything else seemed lame.

    • I thought that this skit was the GREATEST….it was the funniest thing of the entire SNL (which I don’t watch and only tuned in to see Taylor and Jon Bon Jovi….a bit dissapointed that Jon wasn’t in any skits….) Anyhow, I laughed and laughed….

    • Jake's girlfreind says


    • Jake's girlfreind says

      I LOVE Taylor’s skirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. LMAO: notebooks are for notes, not for kissing!

  5. This was the only good skit the entire night.

  6. “I wanna bake cookies on your stomach.” LMAO!

    “…but I DO think that Bella is a whiny do-nothing who does not deserve either one of them!” WORD.

    All in all though, all of the sketches just made me feel awkward…which isn’t really Taylor’s fault. SNL just isn’t as funny as it used to be. 🙁

  7. That had to be an uglier wig than the one from NM. I am still laughing at the whole sketch. For so many teen twihards, this was spot on accurtate. The Edward/Jacob debate is a daily occurance. Since I’m a hs librarian, it’s good to see kids debating positive characteristics. The “Oscar abs” was was great!

  8. It didn’t get any laughs, but I liked the “I wanna talk about this for 1000 recesses,” line. I’m 29 and have been talking about this book series and the films for 2 years!

  9. “If those abs are real then… then… the guys that played Jacob deserves an Oscar!” haha that was great! 🙂 kinda stupid and poorly written. but it was still funny 🙂


  11. Reminds me of the real Edward vs. Jacob debates back in the early days of the fandom. Holy crap.

  12. HAHAHA this was freakin hilarious! I must admit, Taylor wasn’t that funny, but thats kinda the writer’s fault. This was the only skit that i laughed at what Taylor said. 🙂 (And unfourtunatley this skit can really only be funny to twilight fans.)

  13. me and my cousin were watching this and we cracked up laughing.

  14. Did anyone else notice that every time Jacob’s abs were mentioned Taylor clutched the notebook tighter to his chest? It was almost instinctive… but so hilarious!

  15. Im gonna be honest; I agree with a few others here. This was the BEST skit of the entire show. Actually, this one and the Yogurt Shop one were, for me, the funniest of the skits. The rest of them, including the monologue (IMO), were not all that funny. The only thing his monologue had going for it was his outstanding marital arts and gymnastics skills.

  16. vamp_koi_girl says

    i thought it was hilarious! i thought he was gonna end up playing edward! glad he didn’t though… he was better this way. (however his explanation that edward was better than jacob (which he is!) was sad…. and then he started to make out with his binder (O.o) that part was my favorite….

  17. I loved it!

  18. i dont think snl is funny anymore but a some of that was funny. taylor kissing rob’s pic lol and the oscar thing was funny.

  19. LOLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVEd it!!!!!!!!!


  21. alwaysedward says

    HEY EVERYONE!!! I already sent this via email to HGE and Twilight Lexicon, but thought wouldn’t it be awesome if all of us fans started a “movement” this week on the fansites. Since most of us fans will see New Moon probably a couple more times in the theaters, why not do it all together again. Lets get everyone to go next Friday or Satuday, Dec 18 or 19th, AGAIN, and shake up the box office. Wouldn’t that be awesome!!!??!!! if we ALL went again, even if it was just one more time, we could make New Moon # 1 again – and it would show even Summit who has the power here.!!! copy any paste this comment to all the fansites you visit, lets get this started!! It would be awesome!!!

    • hecks yeah!!!!!!!! i’m with you! that would be awesome! and taylor was great!

    • Hey theres a REAL “NEW MOON”.. like the REAL moon.. on Dec 16th!!!! We should do it then.. that would be awesome.. to go see new moon, when theres a new moon! hah!

  22. Twilight Nymph says

    I loved this skit, best one ever. LMAO.

  23. Jake's girlfreind says

    Ware can I get 1 of those Jacob noteboooks? I love it! The whole thing was the funniest thing ever! I love how he kissed Edward. Get it? Jake kissed Edward? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. After seeing this I imagined myself in two different possibilites in this scenario.

    1. I walk in wearing a Team Switzerland shirt and sing “Why can’t we be friends?”

    2. I walk in wearing a Team Jedward shirt and my notebook has Edward holding Jake close to him. (Like on the poster, but instead of Bella it’s Jake).

    Yeah…I shouldn’t stay up past midnight. Rots my brain. lol

  25. This is cute, but most of the skits were terrible due to realllllly bad writing! Talor did a great job, but they should have written better stuff for him.

  26. I like this one!!!!

  27. Okay, I have to jump in AGAIN, and remind you that Taylor Lautner is 17. The SNL writing is fine. Not every skit works. I’ve been watching SNL since Day One, and I wasn’t -18. I was 24. You do the math. He is 17! I want you all to think back to when you were 17. Would you have been able to host SNL successfully? Not too many of us could, let alone star in a blockbuster movie and not let it go to your head. What a nice, grounded young man he is; comfortable in front of a camera. So stop the Taylor bashing. Don’t make me go all HS librarian and come over there and sush your @ss!!

    • I don’t think anyone is bashing Taylor. Most are noting that the writing sucked. Like you Barbara, I’ve been around long enough to have seen SNL from the beginning. We BOTH know SNL has seen better days. IMO, whether guest hosts are 17 or 70, the SNL writers really need to do a better job.

      • Ah, yes. I long for the days of Gilda, Larraine, Jane, John, Bill, Chevy and Dan. You point out a problem that I see in education. Kids have lost the ability to write. As long as an assignment is “finished” that’s good today; quality doesn’t matter. You and I remember the days without spell check, cut/paste, etc. Okay, I’ll start this “war:” due to so much dependency on technology, we’ve forgotten how to use our imagination, then transfer it to the page in some form of coherency.

  28. lol Taylor kissing the notebook… hilarious!!!

  29. My favorite part was when Taylor kissed the Edward notebook! And, did anyone notice that the board has a Planaria cell on it like the movie?

    • I did, too! I was hoping someone else noticed it, too! I’m glad I’m not the only crazy fan who noticed it lol

  30. He played a girl really well! LOLOL

    I thought this one was cute. Loved the Oscar abs line. The girl…not all that good. I agree with everyone else. SNL just isn’t as good as it was with John Belushi and the original gang.

    I would LOVE to see Rob do this show. But knowing the writers of SNL, they’d only mess it up.

  31. This was cute, he actually did a lot better than I was expecting. Though it wasn’t terribly funny overall, that was the writers’ fault and not his, he handled himself quite well.

  32. Mary Alice Cullen says

    I didn’t think it was that funny the only thing that made me giggle was the oscar thing

    OMG LMAO. xD

  34. He has a really great sense of humor to be doing that, what a nice guy. Good timing too, and he has that schoolgirl pout right down.

  35. L-M-A-O ! i totally love this. ahaha, funny & seriously HILARIOUS. and the fact that he could keep his face composed! 😀 looooooooove it.

  36. WOW! LOL!!!! I wish I was that binder… ROFL!!!!

  37. I liked the part when the guy was like, “I’m sorry but does she think she’s going to end up with the fictional vampire from Twilight?” and Taylor’s response made me laugh.

    Its funny because a lot of people have debates about which team is better. One of my friends is Team Jacob and I’m team Edward so I know how that is.

  38. i was laughing the whole time! this was an amazing skit, i watched it like a dozen times already! i love it!!!! =] “notebooks are for notes, not kissing” lmao!!

  39. silver-swallow says

    credit where credit is due, i thought he acted this skit (and the rest of them) out very well. I was pleasantly surprised by how effortless the comedy acting seemed to him, I thought he was going to come acrss as being at least a little nervous. Yes, the writing in a few of the skits wasn’t exactly top class, but I think we saw a confidant, cheeky side of Taylor Lautner that hasn’t really been seen before.

    He carried his own performance very well, and didnt seem worried at all of making himself out to be a fool. fairplay to him, i thought the episode was quite good overall!

    • I couldn’t agreed more! Taylor did amazing! Love how we got to see his goofy side. I can’t make up my mind which skit i liked him best in. The chorus scene was a hoot;Taylor as a blond,uh-uh.
      Nope, SNL is not what it once was(it seems to come in cycles-just like fashion).

  40. I thought it was hysterical. I was like “Oh my gosh” when he started kissing the notebook. LOL it was funny.

  41. I seriously had no idea that a wig could be uglier than Jacob’s but…wow…that was…special XD.

  42. AHHHH!!! HE’S WEARING A SKIRT!!!!! THAT IS SOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!! i mean, that skit wasn’t THAT funny, but just taylor’s LOVELY outfit!! hahahahaha :] <3 taylor lautner

  43. i thought he did a pretty good job all night but they did have bad writing this Sketch was pretty hilarious though!!!!!! i loved it

  44. OMG!!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!!!! “Then if those abs are real, then, then, the guy that played Jacob deserves an oscar!!!” HAHAHAHA!!!!! AWSUM SKETCH!!! AND TAYLOR DUZ MKE 1 UGLY GIRL, BUT 1 FFFFIIIINNNNEEEEE!!!!!! GUY!!!!

  45. Did anyone notice that on the board it talks about planaria??? just like in the real twilight!!! this is sooooo funny!
    notebooks are for notes not for kissing

  46. Shoegal2547 says

    The writing has been subpar for a few seasons…glad Rob hasn’t done the show. I know SNL is trying to boost it’s demographics, but better scripts would help, coupled with your guest host. Taylor did a good job with what he had…again, glad Rob didn’t do SNL.

  47. Omg taylor is the most hottest person in the world!!!!!! but not this guy hes gay.

  48. Jake's girlfreind says

    I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! I love the skirt, I love it all! Now remember, Taylor is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. omg that was frikin hilarious!!!! i was crying it was sooo funny!!!! he does deserve an oscar!!!!

  50. its not letting me watch it :'(