Taylor Lautner: SNL Choir Sketch

Possibly wearing the worst wig of the evening, Taylor Lautner and company spoof school choir. Maybe we can get him a guest starring role on Glee?


  1. Rosalie's Pain says:

    LOL, this one was funny. Taylor knows a thing or two about dancing.

  2. Taylor was cracking me up with his dancing!!!

    How come all his skits made him gay or a girl???

    I loved the monologue karate stunt!! So Taylor!

  3. haha ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This was pretty funny. Taylor’s really got some moves on him. Talented guy.

  5. Okay, they rly wanted to torture Taylor with the wigs last night. I believe his real hair only appeared once the entire show and that was during his monologue! Lol But anyway, loved his accent in this skit. Thought his dancing was hilarious and what made it even funnier was the crap Andy was shouting at them. It was just so random, lol. Gotta love Andy.

  6. vamp_koi_girl says:

    i love it! “mikash, are you gay?” “yesh.” “okay wait… mikash do you think gay means happy?” “yesh” “so then, you’re happy?” “noo…” “ok then why’d you just say yes?” “Because i got nervous….”

    that was my favorite part!

    (okay… sorry i keep recaping the whole skit… i couldn’t help it… they were so funny…. and sorry if i spelt mikash wrong… SORRY:O)


  8. Lmao. Best skit IMO. I laughed so much.

  9. Lmao. Best sketch of the night, IMO. I laughed so much.

  10. This one was sooo funny.I can’t believe they made Taylor’s character gay!

  11. There is always some dumb jock that interrupts the school concerts. This was quite funny.

  12. Taylor actually looked okay in that wig…

    • Jake's girlfreind says:

      I no!!!!!! He looked pretty hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jake's girlfreind says:

      I’m a dancer going on for 10 yrs. I If you watch Taylor compared to the guy next to him, Taylor puts so much more energy into his dancing. If you were 50 ft away, you would see him better than any1 else onstage. I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Defintiely Taylor’s best sketch!

  14. this is freakin funny. the wig is weird though.

  15. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Taylor is super funny micheal jackson thing was halarious haha

  16. Kelsi Laverty says:

    “down my chimney, OWWWW” hahaha this was the best skit last night. =)

  17. I think this was the best of the bunch. I think it’s the only one that really really made me laugh.

  18. Anyone else think that Taylor sounded just like Fez from That 70s Show?!

    Hahaha man, can he dance!!!

  19. Team SwItZ says:

    OMG!!!! HAHA!!! “seentie claus get down, seentie claus get down. get down my chiimney, ow!” I LUV THAT PART, ND I ALSO LUV “my name is mikash and im here to say, my man teacher calle dand it make me feel gay.” POOR TAYLOR, HE MUST REALLY LUV HIS FANS!!!! WE LUV YOU 2!!!!! OMG!!! <333333

  20. Tay Tay luver says:

    Heyyyyyy I absolutely luv Taylor in every skit!!! I just wanna like marry him!!!!!! My favorite skit was the opening one even though he was bout to kiss Taylor swift!!!!! ๐Ÿ™ he was sooooooooo hot in it though!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Then he might beat out Kurt in cutiepie factor… Well, no. No one’s as cute as Kurt.

    So, now I really feel like the one one who likes Taylor better with wigs than his actual hair.

  22. Santa Claus get ddoowwnn
    Santa Claus get ddoowwnn
    Get down my chimney owwwwww

    That was hilarious

    • hahahahahaha another funny part was “My name is Mikash and im here to say the man santa clause makes me feel gay!” ” I meant happy!”

  23. taylor was the best dancer out there and everybody in that audience knows it!!!

  24. lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best skit of the night! Taylor’s monologue was awesome 2!!!!!

  25. LMAO taylor wuz hilarious seenta claus get down lmao

  26. Wtf did Taylor say when Trevor had to stay up on stage??
    It sounded like gibberish or donkey talk ._.

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