Celebrities Spoof New Moon

Stephen Lunsford (Private Practice) and Elizabeth McLaughlin (The Clique) reprise their roles  from last year’s Twilight spoof as Edward and Bella. Brennan Mejia (iCarly) makes his debut as Jacob. TY to poisonivygerman on Twitter for the heads up.


  1. Hilarious…..rofl..!

  2. That was kick axx!! Funny

  3. Jacob was amazing!! Even better than… dare I say it… no, I better not… Lautner fans will hunt me down and flog me, no doubt.

  4. oh my word. that was sooo funny!

  5. LMAO

  6. I loved the skipping through the forest scene they threw in there! haha

  7. I loved it!!!!! Especially the part were Jacob starts working out while trying to texplain to her! Hilarious!! And that kiss was hilarious too!!

  8. Nah, I’m not gonna flog you, Vickie. Ha ha. But I AM gonna add that you can’t really compare NM with a spoof of NM – they require completely different things in terms of acting ability.

  9. Twilight Nymph says:

    Hilarious. Loved it, so funny.

  10. michelle matus says:

    ahhhhh epic!!!

  11. soo funny!! “i have to run off to the forest ….shirtless” haha i love jacob in this

  12. i love it!!!!
    fave part- “At least I have chest hair!”-edward. jacob looks down/touches his chest “i wax…”

  13. LOL OMG That was the first spoof i have ever liked!!! All the others so far are stupid and not funny, but this one was hilarious. 🙂

  14. Dare I say it? I think the actors in this spoof are more attractive than the actual actors 😛

  15. purpleapple says:

    Maybe with Taylor but definitely not better than Rob!! You need your eyes checked, girl!

  16. Angela ^_^ says:

    the guy playing jacob was probably the only funny thing, bahahaha too hilarious. the girl playing bella is annoying…. how very fitting…..

  17. Angela, I was hilarious, and the truth was, Bella was annoying in the movie, I hated that forest scene and that Bella – Edward running thru the woods scene, so cheesy, everyone was laughing at the theater. At least these were funny on purpose.

    • Angela ^_^ says:

      hahaha yeah i cannot take that “running through the woods” scene seriously at all!! it was like some sort of khaki or shampoo commercial, but *laughs* at their version ^_^ it was priceless. i can’t get over all the posing! it’s what was running through my head when i watched the movie

  18. HAHA freakin epic! XD

  19. VLovesElvis says:

    The cheesy prancing through the forest scene was spot on, ha!

  20. hahah i luved it, but i have to say it i think this edward is cutter then rob, lol no ofense to rob lovers

  21. LOL at Bella running through the forest as a vampire and then tripping.

  22. Vanessa Nekuda says:

    almost just like the movie, lol….. love how jacobs tattoo keeps changing arms

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