Looking For The Exact Bella’s Bracelet

In the Twilight world there are a million knock-offs of everything from Edward’s gray pea coat to Alice’s gloves. It can be hard finding what is close to what is an exact replica.  Costume designer John Henson has that eye for detail, and he shares his latest find.

The one costume piece that’s been nearly impossible to find an exact match for is Bella’s beaded “prayer bracelet”. Worn above her black “St. Jude” bracelet on her left wrist, the enigmatic piece of jewelry has finally been found! Many interpretations have been made but none of them have been as precise as the copy by URBAN HARDWEAR. URBAN HARDWEAR was kind enough to send me a few examples of their work, and I highly, HIGHLY endorse them. Identical to the bracelet(s) that Kristen Stewart wears in “THE TWILIGHT SAGA”, each piece is custom-made…strung with beautiful hand-dyed wooden beads and a single hand-blown cobalt glass bead accented with enameled spots. The beads are intricately hand-laced and knotted with leather and finished with a lobster-claw clasp. The bracelets come in a very cool muslin draw-string bag with the URBAN HARDWEAR logo on it, which you can store your bracelet in when you’re not wearing it.”

Find out more on where to find missing pieces for your Twilight collection on John’s website.


  1. I just checked out the website & their all sold out! Guess I’m not surprised……

  2. Honestly, do that many really care? Honestly? Most teens and women are comfortable enough with their own style and taste to not worry about tracking down something they saw momentarily from a great distance in a film of any sort…aren’t they?

    • I’m so with you. I just don’t care about the movie stuff. Its just such a waste of time I think. I was on hot topic and they had that St. Jude braclet and called it iconic or something, and honestly I had never even noticed it.
      Honestly though these movies are ok (new moon was great though), but I love the books over anything so these bracelets and clothes and sheets from these movies just arn’t important to me.

      • Then why are you here? To annoy people who want this bracelet? You obviously have very little understanding of style. Maybe if you took your noses out of a book long enough you would learn the central thing about style; It isn’t made in a vacuum. Wanting to pay stylistic homage to a character has nothing to do with your self confidence, or your trust in your own taste. In fact, if one were not secure in themselves, then people who like to talk shite about Twilight would likely dissuade them. But because I have great belief in my own opinions, I know that Bella in the movies(not the books. Stephanie knows nothing about clothing)was an inspired style creation. It was a testament to how less is more, and how the less fancy the clothing, the more a girls beauty comes through. Im certainly looking forward to how this will influence fashion. Every truly fashionable woman gets her ideas from inspired sources. Im thinking this will be one of them. The Bella created in these films is an inspiration in many ways. Now stop talking about things you don’t understand.

  3. Pamela,

    Not to fear! Send an email to URBAN HARDWEAR via ETSY. I’m sure that they will make one for you even though their shop says that they’re sold out.


    Yes, that many really care. Honestly.

    Among many things, “THE TWILGHT SAGA” franchise has spawned a vast fashion, hair and makeup appeal to guys and gals of all ages. BB Dakota, Hot Topic and NECA will all attest to the popularity of this revolution, not to mention hundreds of craftspersons that make beautiful replicas of “Twilight” jewelry, costumes and yes, even makeup color palettes so that you can look like Bella, Rosalie, etc.

    I understand your concern for individuality, but this is a gigantic fandom…and let’s face it…I’d sparkle in a heartbeat if I could.


  4. i have almost the same bracelet…

    one of my relatives in the Philippines sent it to me here in Canada…
    only that, the bracelet is mahogany in color, and in each bead are different saints…..

  5. I have two of the other braclet she has on and if it’s not the same, it’s so close I can’t tell the diffrence and it’s only $4.50 at the Buckle.

  6. allthekingshorses says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t notice this, or really anything other than her turquoise bracelet? But, could someone explain the headband she always wears? I want my hair to do that.

  7. midnightlove says:

    I went shopping in Mexico to a local shop where they had a lot of those bracelets, my sister has one just like it! The good thing is the money made from the sales goes to charity!=]

  8. Just to set the record straight…we’re not talking about the “ST JUDE” Saint bracelet, this was about discovering Bella’s beaded leather and glass bracelet that she wears WITH the “St. Jude” bracelet. But, that black “St. Jude” bracelet is cool, as well. Definitely an iconic piece of jewelry that Bella is never without.


    • I bought this prayer bead bracelet from Urbanhardwear and it is awesome! The best one I have seen out there and an awesome price! If you are looking for Bella’s moonstone ring, I suggest you check out Retsina, who is also on Etsy.com. It is almost a perfect replica!

  9. allthekingshorses,

    Bella’s “STAY PUT” Goodys headbands are no longer available…but there are plenty of eBay sellers that have them available.

    Here’s one…good luck:

  10. awww! i want all the jewelrey i love her style.

  11. When I was in my local Hot Topic a few weeks back they had this bracelet there. They called it replica costume jewelry, but it was the same bracelet. So you could try there if you have one local. When I was on their website recently I didn’t see it there.

  12. That “prayer bracelet” that everyone is looking for comes in hundreds in the Catholic Church Store.
    Well at least in my country.

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