Taylor Lautner SNL Teaser

Don’t forget to watch Taylor on SNL this weekend!


  1. Go Taylor! Can’t wait for Eclipse… watch New Moon twice very well made, I can only imagine for Eclipse…

  2. I thought this was pretty funny. Thought that Kristin Wigg was hilarious! (Hope I kind of spelled her name correctly)

  3. Taylor would be perfect for a “Cougar Den” sketch. They haven’t done that yet this season.

  4. OMG I agree with Shelia the “Cougar Den” skit is perfect! Half of the fan bass are moms any ways. They should also do a skit where the mom is like a 1,000 times more excited to see Taylor than the girl is ha!

  5. KathleenlovesTwilight says:

    The Cougar Den would be very funny because I think most moms forget that he is ONLY 17!!!!! Really moms Its like a 40 yr old man trying to get with a 16 yr old girl. Don’t say its on the same because it is. Im 17 and I don’t freak like half of these women. Just calm down ladies. He could almost be your son!

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