Christmas Time With Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth

Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth talk about their Christmas routine.

Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth

See the video here on People. Via Twi Fans.


  1. haha, i love them! they are so cute together and peter is hilarious!

  2. Hi, just want to let you know you both are so sweet. You make a cute couple !! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas, Dee

  3. It’s refreshing to see a Hollywood couple so in love with one another, so down to earth, so “normal.” I love the bleeped out “putting up the $#^%##@ lights!” Now, do the Facinelli’s cook pasta for the cast and crew for the holidays??

  4. They make such a lovely couple! I absolutely love them!

  5. love2dream says:

    I wish I was their neighbor!

  6. I love them!! They are so in love, unlike other Hollywood couples.

  7. Christmas to-do lists sometimes become overwhelming, especially with our stressed and busy lives. I hope the Facinellis will have a blessed and peaceful Christmas.

  8. LOL I too have to do most (I really meant all) the cooking, gift wrapping etc. lol but I hate doing outside stuff so it all works out….Merry Christmas Lexi family!

  9. OMG Robert Pattinson broke up with Kristen.
    Guess who is his new girlfriend now??
    MILEY CYRUS… Pictures are below:

    I still can’t believe this

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