Recording New Moon Means Jail Time in Chicago

Pretty hefty penalty (apparently a felony, who knew?) for 3 minutes.


  1. Poor lady, three years is an extreme price for only three minutes

  2. According to other local news sources, it’s unclear as to what her intentions were, so while she has been in jail for a couple of days, it’s unclear as to whether or not charges will actually be pursued.

    However, it’s such a shame. What was she thinking? Yet, knowing how things operate in our Windy City, the movie is already on the streets of Chicago on “bootleg” dvd. Not excusing this, because yes, it’s wrong, but it’s out there just like all the movies usually are because as Sean Connery put it in The Untouchables, “That’s the Chicago Way.” I just hope the police in Chicago can catch our corrupt government just as quickly, and that media will be as willing to report on it. Thus far, they have not.

  3. RIDICULOUS, There are real criminals out there…if she had slaughtered 2 people she would be free as a bird (ask OJ) but she filmed 3 minutes of movie? What a screwed up world we live in. I hope the judge is wise enough to drop charges and tell them to stop wasting his valuable time.

    • I think Stephenie Meyer might not completely agree with you – see her comments on Midnight Sun being leaked and her thoughts on intellectual property rights…

  4. Whether you like it or not, illegally filming a movie with the intention of distribution is a crime.

    • Some local news stations are reporting that there is still some confusion as to whether or not her intent was to actually record the film for distribution. While yes, it is a crime and should be punishable by law, I don’t think we can just infer from the sketchy info that’s out there, that this was her intent. I, for one, feel it’s a crime, and if she’s guilty, she should be punished, but we have other real, important matters to attend to in this country. Let’s move on…

      Like say…

      not to go off topic, but isn’t there an article out there about who the director should be for Breaking Dawn? Doesn’t MTV have an article up about what they could do with Eclipse to lure others who haven’t read the books?

    • Did she say her intent was the whole thing? It may be against the law and a crime but make the news? Give me a break Matt, I work in a courthouse and some things are just dumb and tie up our court system, this is one of them, kinda like j-walking…..

      • Initially, she said that capturing the entire movie on video was not her intent. It was said at the time that they were there to celebrate someone’s birthday, have a good time, and wanted to take pics and videotape their good time throughout the evening, including off and on while watching the movie (perhaps they wanted to preserve their responses to seeing Lautner’s chest, I don’t know, but who wouldn’t), and that this was all in an honest mistake. No intention to record the movie. Since this broke, of course, no one is saying anything except that there has been some confusion as to exactly why she was videotaping. Apparently Chicago-area authorities are more suspicious of her than of corrupt politicians. The story has since died down, however, and has virtually left local tv’s radar here in Chicago. She will probably get slapped with a fine, but I bet she’ll never again take a video recorder into a theater. Meanwhile, there’s someone going around on the Far South side of Chicago kidnapping and raping teenage girls. One has been found dead; another is missing this week. The culprit has yet to be caught.

  5. Well, let this be a lesson to the other people who film movies while the movies are still in theatres. Its a crime.

  6. The sad thing is that the movie was up on the internet the day it came out, there a couple of websites that host movies that copies of it.

    • True, and this needs to be punished, but what will happen with this woman, is it will tie things up on dockets, with continuances, news coverage, and in the end they will have to ‘prove’ intent, they won’t be able to and I would almost bet its thrown out….what a shame.

  7. I find this disturbing yeah sure I am all for protecting copyright seeing how I have nearly 100K images registered, but it sounds like she was not recording the movie for theft. It sounds like she was recording a segment to show what they did for the persons birthday. The thing I laugh at most is that most bootlegs lately have come from inside sources. The Twilight series has not had that problem but several other movies have.

    Seems like an over zealous usher who didn’t care to get all the facts. I am seriously going to laugh if she was getting this recording on a Flip or something like it.


  8. what is wrong with this world? People commit worse crimes every day with less repercussions. So sad.

  9. I’m not saying what she did was intelligent at all, but I find it disturbing that someone like, say Chris Brown can beat his girlfriend senseless and walk away with just community service, but someone films a few minutes of a movie and they face several years in jail…Doesn’t that seem unbalanced to anyone else??

  10. I think she’s already served her time with the two days in jail. It’s amazing that she could face 1 year per minute. I’m sure that’s not what it’s boiled down to, but it’s what it sounds like here.

  11. While I feel the punishment is steep, I do believe one is necessary. Even though we know they exists, bootleg copies are wrong. If people didn’t copy and or distribute things they shouldn’t, Midnight Sun may be in book format by now.

  12. Ouch. Seriously – 3 minutes = 3 years in jail? I get that it’s wrong, but holy crow, chances are that 22 year old girl saw the film 3 times and would buy the DVD too like the rest of us. So ridiculous.

  13. Noah Brighten says:

    And here I was hoping for the death penalty… movie pirates UGH! They should all be shot on sight… Who cares about rapists, child molesters, terrorists… We should wipe all movie pirates out with one clean swipe.

    While, as everybody, has stated, piracy is wrong and is a punishable crime, I think monetary fines are far more applicable than sentences in prison. Then again, we are looking at the very same types that charged a 12-year-old girl $12,000 in fines for downloading an illegal MP3.

  14. I feel so bad for that girl. I know it’s a crime, but I’m sure she didn’t have bad intentions. She’s just an obsessed fan who couldn’t wait to get New Moon on DVD. I hope they let her go.

  15. I live in NYC and know some people who have friends who do this for a living. I wonder how much money really is lost? There’s no quetion it’s wrong. I paid my ticket price 3 times already, and may go again. But still, it makes you wonder. And, really, the punishment is ridiculous. I deal with juveniles who are sex offenders, violent criminals and rapists. I can tell you that these first offenses don’t get this amount of punishment.

    Crazy times we’re living in!

  16. Melanie Cullen says:

    Its RIDICULOUS for anyone to say she deserves going to jail for THREE YEARS for filming THREE minutes of the movie. Considering its already online and all. They should just let her go with a slap on the wrist. And her sisters birthday is probably ruined.

  17. I agree with Swan and I rilly want to read Midnight Sun….

  18. My cell phone has a video recorder on it. If someone had been holding a cell phone and pretending to text while really recording the movie noone would have noticed . Also noone would have prosecuted her. Its ridiculous to arrest someone if you aren’t 100% sure of her guilt. Doesn’t chicago have a huge murder , drug, problem? If so I believe the policing would be better left in the dangerous streets of chicago instead of their movie theaters.With the technology of the internet and the cell phones we carry today they wont’ stop the recording and distributing of movies no matter what they do to this lady to make an example out of her.The same people that pay to see New moon in theaters will continue to do so no matter how many copies of the movie are leaked to the internet . The people who wouldn’t have payed to go to a movie anyway still don’t and will watch the bootlegged copy. Hmmmmm……….. doesn’t seem worth our tax dollars to prosecute these people to me.

  19. the Unkown says:

    I would like to read the full story please not no 36 second clip.

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