Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed on Bonnie Hunt

Sorry folks the girls don’t slide down the pole like Kellan, but the info is still fun!


  1. When all the actors were being announced, about a year before the Twilight movie came came out,I already had images in my head of how the characters looked, and to me Nikki was the one who looked the most like the character she played. I think she is beautiful.I seems when people write hateful things online they don’t imagine that who they are writing about may actually read it.

  2. This is why I like Nikki Reed she really is a talented and intelligent woman. She really is beautiful inside and out.


  3. Who said that Nikki isn’t beautiful? She’s such a nice and lovely person. She definitely doesn’t need to care about what some rude people might say.

  4. I think she’s gorgeous and seems smart. I think a lot of the initial problem was that she didn’t really resemble Stephanie’s description, especially the blonde hair. Then in the movie she actually had dark roots! But after the firt scene she shows up in, she became Rosalie and I couldn’t picture anyone else in the part. The same way that Taylor will always be Jacob even though he’s not going to get physically large enough.

  5. VLovesElvis says:

    I think Nikki is incredibly beautiful, but like she implies, that’s not really what’s important in life, anyway. I agree that some people were probably angry because she didn’t immediately fit the description of Rosalie (just like Rob vs Edward), and it didn’t help that it was hard to make her pale and blonde, but she’s definitely very pretty. And she plays Rosalie so well!

  6. i love both actresses and nikki should always feel beatufil……i didnt like her to begin with but that was when i didnt know her……i thought of her as rosalie not nikki but really i dont think they could have picked anyone better shes one of the most beatufil people i know! and ashley is the dearest nicest down to earth person on this planet!

  7. Both girls are amazing. It has always amazed me how cruel people can be on the internet to these actors. I fully agree with Nikki that the internet is breeding a new type of cruelty where people say what even they want. It has shocked me at times. I think it has always been around, but not always as visual. What has happened to “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all?”

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