Final Chapter Discussion Update for Breaking Dawn

suAs promised, we have reached the end of the Breaking Dawn chapter discussions!  These are the final three submitted by the wonderful teams of ladies that have worked so hard to get these done for everyone on the site to enjoy!  If you haven’t participated in the discussion, and you have free time over the holidays, go back and reread various sections of Breaking Dawn and leave your thoughts over on the message boards.  I’m certain that there is something in this massive book that you have missed!  And so… without further adu…

Chapter 37: Contrivances was submitted to us by Oleander and Una.  All sorts of good stuff in the chapter, from Children of the Moon to Garrett’s amazing speech, are just waiting for your thoughts on the message boards.

Chapter 38: Power was prepared by Lady Di.  Vent your frustrations or defend the lack of a full out battle over on the forums.

And last but certainly not least is Chapter 39: The Happily Ever After.   make sure you visit the forums for this one as Cullengirl, who prepared the chapter for us, poses the question that every fan has an opinion on:  Are you satisfied with the happy ending to Bella and Edward’s story? Why or why not? I really look forward to reading these responses!


  1. D. Conway says:

    Thank you sincerely for this time-consuming and meticulous work on these chapters. My Mom (82 yrs), sister (60 yrs) and I (55 yrs) have had similar discussions on the books and it is gratifying to read that others wish to look for deeper meanings and explanations. The depth in each chapter is not always immediately apparent.

    I just recently read an interview with Robert Pattinson by Rolling Stone from 2008. Rob presents a master class for any actor taking on what would seem a one dimensional character and instead creating a work of depth and meaning for the audience.



  2. Twilight Nymph says:

    Ok I know this is completely off the topic since it’s the wrong chapter, but I remember Bella mentioning The Simpsons on Breaking Dawn. Well apparently they will be doing somewhat of a Twilight related spoof for next falls Tree house of Horror. Check the link, but it looks like Harry Potter might go vamp. LOL

    • Totally off topic also, but I’m trying to find someone who can give me a logical reason for why Renesmee ages so rapidly. It doesn’t make sense to me.

      Can anyone help with that one??

      • MissMuzzCullen says:

        hahha good question personally i think its like a bad mix up of genes like the vampire gene of never growing old messed up the human gene of aging slowly. i dunno but then again Twilight isn’t logical…its just awesome lol xxx

      • that kind of bugged me at first too but my thoughts were more along the lines of survival. vampires live a more dangerous life than humans because they interact with other vampires so an offspring of theirs would obviously need to be ‘more durable’ therefore they age faster suring their more vulnerable years. well, thats my thoughts anyways….

    • AH so funny i so heard this on leaky cauldron!!!Dan will be playing edmund…cant wait..

  3. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would love to see one more book/movie with Bella as a vampire. All 4 books lead up to what she wants more than anything in this world, or anyother world for that matter. And yes, we know she finally becomes one,and has her happily ever after (or does she?) but I would love to see one entire book/movie with her new vampire life with Edward and the Cullens and how that affects her relationship with Jacob.

    • I totally agree with you on this, the ending of Breaking Dawn left me wanting to know more of Bella’s vampire life. How it affects all of her relationships, besides Jacob. What happens later on with Charlie, Renee, and what is left of her human friends like Angela. What adventures or drama do they face. Because you know, its not going to be happily ever after all the time.

      • And…you know that they’d have to eventually leave Forks! They couldn’t stay there forever and pose as their same ages.

        So…they’d be moving somewhere else, having new adventures, new problems, meeting new people, etc. So many possiblities with this series.

  4. Donna, I always thought it had some thing to do with the chromosomes. With Edward’s 25 and Bella’s 23 you get 24 a la the rapidly growing werewolves. That probably makes no sense at all but it was all I could come up with.

  5. I have a theory about Renesmee. Like she is half-vampire some parts of her body are dead, so she has no regulation over her pituitary wich reliese a lot of grow hormone. This is why she grow until puberty when, like all humans, the efects of the grow hormone decrease.
    Obviuslly is a little bit more complicated than this, but I hope you get the basic idea.

    • Twilight Nymph says:

      Yes you might have a point, taking biology into consideration. So, perhaps it could be that having 24 chromosomes accelerates the growth hormone and obviously with it accelerated at one point it runs out because it can only make so much. I’m going on what I know on bio here, so I could be wrong.

  6. In the summary for Chapter 38, it says that Kachiri is Nahuel’s aunt. Isn’t it Huilen?

    • Twilight_News says:

      Yup! That’s what I get for reviewing these things at midnight! Good catch, and I believe I fixed them all.

  7. This is also off topic, but I was wonder why Renesmee is very warm like Jacob, but also a a half vampire half, human child? It doesn’t make sense.

    • Agreed Sarah! NOTHING about Nessie makes sense. I sure wish someone on this site would officially ask for an explanation from Stephenie Meyer on not only Nessie’s aging quickly but also her body temperature.

      PLEASE, PLEASE??? WHOEVER IS IN CHARGE?? A personal correspondence from SM would be wonderful at this point!!

      • I agree, I’d love to hear more from Stephenie. I want a personal correspondence from her too. I wish I could meet her and ask her all my questions directly. I have just too many questions.

  8. Twilight Nymph says:

    I’m going on a guess here but I guess it’s kind of explained in the book. Obviously if you compare the werewolves and Renesmee then you would see that they both grow quickly and they both have very warm skin. So, taking that into consideration and the fact that they’re also half-human because the werewolves are not fully human either, the fact that they’re shape shifters makes them half human. So, therefore taking biology into consideration, it would be the 24th chromosome that causes the rapid growth and warm skin.

    • Help me with this. She has the same chromosome amount
      as Jacob and he imprinted on her. But she is half
      vampire and the whole purpose of him changing is to
      eradicate vampires. How does he expect a relationship with her in the future? Jacob explained
      imprinting and used Quil with Claire. But in the end
      Quil expects Claire will grow to be his mate. So Jacob thinks this of Renesmee?

  9. Thank you, Donna! That helps. I, too, wish someone would ask SM…

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