Burger King Giveaway

bkIn honor of the BK Burger Shots’ debut, Burger King is providing an exclusive giveaway for one of four, limited-edition “New Moon” BK Crown Cards (reloadable gift cards) each loaded with $10 so you can pick up your own BK Burger Shots!

In other words… thanks to Burger King’s involvement with New Moon, they are giving us $10 gift card to give away to four Lexicon users. If you would like to win one of the four gift cards, log in and leave a response to this post with the words “Pick Me!’. We will leave this contest open until 10 am on Dec. 4 when we will pick four winners at random. You must be logged in so that we can e-mail you if you win. At that time we will pass on the names of the winners to Burger King who will send you your prize.


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  4. yay first comment!

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  5. AnnieCullen says:

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  13. StefanieCullen says:

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  15. Pick me!! Team Edward!!!! Thanx BK!!! Pick me!!!

  16. missjackieee says:

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  17. TNMEBD4444 says:

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  19. TNMEBD4444 says:

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  20. TNMEBD4444 says:

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  22. Kyra Forster says:

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  29. Stephycats7785 says:

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  33. rebelangel says:

    PICK ME! (or i’ll provoke the volturi on u!)

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  37. lifesabeach00247 says:

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  45. connie ruff says:

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  46. pick me please, if i win it goes to my bff!!!

  47. PICK ME!

    i love the lexicon. your the first website i go on when i get on the computer. scratch that, when i go on the web on my phone ^^

    love you ladys. i have some old podcasts on my itunes i was listening to the other day. hilarious

  48. pick me!

  49. twilighterstl says:


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