Wyck Godfrey on Breaking Dawn Timeline

According to variety they are all still negotiating, but assuming negotiations go well,ย  this is their desired time line.


  1. i’m kind of scared for breaking dawn to be made into a movie (or 2). it could go so horribly wrong.

  2. I think there needs to be a Breaking Dawn movie

    • Agree, they need to make Breaking Dawn to wrap up the series. I just hope they do it right. BD is such a different book, an attempt to make a movie could go very wrong.

  3. can we start a petition for chris weitz to do it? i don’t trust this story with anyone else.

  4. Did he say “November 21th”? That’s what it sounded like. Does that mean they started working on plans and ideas for it right after New Moon opened?

  5. yeah how do we get a petition to get Chris W. To do the movie?? I think he will keep the emotional side of the movie and still get the action right! Petition! Yeeeeaaaaah!

  6. can you guys link to where the video came from? It’s not playing here.

  7. Haha, November 21th, love the grammar.

    I actually would rather Chris Weitz not do it. Not that I have anything against him, New Moon was great, but I like the idea of four separate movies (or five), four separate directors. Especially with the third being done by David Slade, it would feel strange for the series to go where David takes it, and then back to Chris. Breaking Dawn is just such a completely different story, I’d like to see it done by a different director too.

    But it’s true, it could just as easily go horribly wrong…

    • I agree…Let’s wait and see what David S. does. After Twilight everyone couldn’t wait for Cathrine H. to direct again now everyone wants Chris W. again.

      • Kim, I actually wasn’t waiting for Catherine H. to direct again. I thought Twilight could have been so much better.

      • I definitely didn’t want Catherine back. I know quite a few people, myself included that actually wish Chris would redo the first one and keep it closer to the book. I want my meadow scene!

  8. It’s been interesting seeing the different director’s vision for the story/movie.

  9. I just hope Breaking Dawn is a long movie considering the book is longer than the rest. It would be great if they spent more time on this one not rushing it for the fans! Have to say Catherine Hardwick as director is my favorite so far, but New Moon wouldnt have been such a hit if anyone else had directed it, there is Eclipse to release-which i cant wait for (yay!). Breaking Dawn was my favorite book so do it justice guys!

  10. Can someone transcribe what was said? Videos aren’t working for me today.

    • He says that they have every intention of doing Breaking Dawn, but things have been crazy with how quickly they have done New Moon and Eclipse considering Twilight was only out a year ago. They will begin planning on November “21th.” Yes, 21th, not 21st, lol!

  11. what does he say at the end they will begin in in november?

  12. am i the only one who doesn’t want to see bd made into a movie?
    it’s going to be horribly boring…

    it won’t translate well.
    at all.

    the entire storyline of breaking dawn felt way rushed and awfully like a gigantic cop-out. a movie would just be a waste of time.

    • izzy, this book was not my fav..I was glad when b/e get married, but all those characters.Ed sitting on the floor,the lie carlisle told to bellas dad (geez hes a cop)him just accepting that b was a vamp please.Theres alot going on in the story with the wolves,baby,volturi,bella being a vamp,they can expand on that.I have no clue which way they will take this book.I just always felt this book was Maybe rushed.I will see the movie im sure they will do a great job.B.D just didnt capture me.

      • Not me…I loved it. I loved how it wrapped it all up, loved the wedding, the honeymoon. I loved Bella becoming a vamp, her first hunt, the Volturi, and Bella becoming the heroine. I think they can do it, I just see no way to get it done in one movie, unless it was a 3 hour movies, which it they’ll never do. So, I’m hoping for 2 movies so they’ll have a better shot to do it right.

    • i completely disagree with you, izzy. and i’m sorry you guys didn’t like breaking dawn. i took it as “this is what happened to these characters.” and not, “i didn’t want this to happen to these characters.” so seeing a movie of what happened to them would cap of the previous three films.

      on that note, it’s so strange to me that people have negative opinions of what stephenie meyer decided to do with her characters… it’s her story after all. she just happened to share it with us. it’s HER story. that’s just the way it goes. you just get to read it.

      try reading it over again, and you’ll probably enjoy it that much more, since you know what happens now, and you can just enjoy how it plays out.

      • I agree, both with you and Julianne. I feel like a big part of the fan letdown with BD was mostly because everyone had built up such high expectations for it. Then, when things didn’t happen the way they expected, they were disappointed.

        For me, I didn’t know what to expect, so I went in with an open mind. And I loved it! I think it will be tricky to make into a movie, but not impossible. And you’re right, it definitely helps to read it again. I think it makes it easier to understand why the series ended the way it did.

        In all honesty, I loved the fact that all our favorite characters got a happy ending! I can appreciate sad endings too, but it was nice that Twilight was able to end in a good place, rather than the massacre that would have happened if the Volturi had gone through with their plan. Twilight is a wish-fulfillment kind of story, so it would have felt weird if everyone died at the end (which, as Stephenie said, is what would have happened).

  13. mschicklet says:

    Unless part of the video cut off for me, this wasn’t really about their “desired timeline.” It was basically Wyck-the-bleep saying “The day after New Moon comes out we’re going to start thinking about Breaking Dawn. The end.”

  14. I hope Melissa minimizes the imprinting thing – or makes it very clear that the result of it is that Jacob is a protector of Renesmee (no romantic connations for later – ugh). The whole idea of imprinting on a baby is just gross, even though Stephanie tried to explain it with Quil & Claire. I think that is going to be one of the hardest selling points of BD. A lot of people who haven’t read the book and see the movie are going to think Jacob is a weird perv. The rest of the book should convert fine into a movie.

    • dancermommy says:

      I guess I always get a bit confused when people are uncomfortable with Jake and Nessie. I am a mom (with a daughter at that), and I always felt that the connection/relationship really had a paternal
      feel more than anything else. Obviously we all know where it will end up eventually, but if anything, I think it would be less creepy on film. Then you can really see him interacting with her. Not to mention I think Taylor, being the little dollface he is, would be just about the cutest thing ever in the history of cute with a little toddler!

      • Couldn’t agree with you more! I never understood why people are so uncomfortable with it either. I mean, Stephenie thoroughly explains what it’s like, and how imprinting can only be romantic when both parties are old enough for that kind of thing.

        I guess it might be one of those things that’s kind of like a litmus test for the audience? As in if you’re looking something dirty or gross, you’ll find it, even if it’s not meant that way.

        Oh well. I love their relationship, and I think it will be fun to see it in movie form! I bet Taylor will do a great job with it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. So, ummm… what was the point of that? LOL, WE’VE BEEN HOODWINKED! That clip was a joke! =)

  16. I want to see what David does with Eclipse before I start hammering for Chris. I just want them to do Breaking Dawn If they think that 2 movies will be better Great it will make the Saga last even longer. Either way, just want to see it.

  17. I want Chris Weitz back for Breaking Dawn!

  18. Umm… that’s an old clip: “Nov. 21th”? Thats not a timeline, I thought we were going to get like rough dates of when the script would be finished and sent to people and production beginning, but I guess not.
    That title was a total misnomer!!

  19. November Twenty-ONETH is funny ๐Ÿ™‚ But I don’t care how he says it..I would like to see how Eclipse goes before I would say I want Chris Weitz back…but, if there wasn’t going to be an Eclipse I would want Chris back 1000000000%. He understands the emotional journey too, not just the action, which is why I’m a little concerned with David Slade (I saw his 30 Days of Night). Plus, the whole cast seemed to love Chris Weitz as far as I can tell (esp. Kristen who said she wants him back for BD). So I loved that he kept the cast happy and he really understood ALL the aspects of the book with heartfelt compasion.
    And I’m sure they will, but I hope they keep Melissa Rosenburg as screen writer, I think she does fabulous.
    And I’m sorry, but I honestly don’t see where people are coming from that want Catherine Hardwicke to ruin another movie? ESPECIALLY after seeing New Moon. She’s a bit too artsy and weird for these movies; it doesn’t clash well. The handheld camera angles, Kristen Stewart in her underwear, and how Twilight was like, barely close to the book just begs for a cheap-like-Twilight looking BD film.

  20. I don’t know what they should do with BD, it’s potentially going to be a disaster if the script isn’t right. Summit’s probably negotiating contracts with Stephenie and the actors right now, how many movies everyone agrees to make and the filming schedule… And they’re probably trying to make Stephenie authorize some changes, I’d imagine it’s necessary to at least re-define the imprinting. I’m sure Chris would do a great job with BD if he’d take the project. I’m more worried about Melissa probably writing the script.

  21. Sarahlovesthetwilghtseries says:

    I think he really did say November 21th…oh well I’m so happy that they’re actually making Breaking Dawn into a movie! I just don’t want them to leave out a lot of the first part of it, and I’m not trying to sound gross, but I think that part is very important. Plus, I can’t wait to see the wedding! :]

  22. Sarahlovesthetwilghtseries says:

    I think that Breaking Dawn will convert into a movie nicely, aside from the Isle Esme chapters…I don’t want them to try to cut a lot out of the movie because then it won’t be…complete. I really can’t wait to see the wedding scene, Isle Esme, and Renesmee. I also think that they should make it into two movies because if they don’t, they will have to cut a bunch out to make it only 2-2.5 hours long. I simply cannot wait!!! :]

  23. Breaking Dawn is one of a kind and I believe that this isn’t going to be a quick fix movie this is going to take time for them to get it right I would much rather wait for it then to see it cheated this book is the end of a new. Begining their lives together through their marriage and bella’s inmortality the beginging of their daughters life and Jacobs new heart since his has been shattered through the past two books I cannot wait for it this is one of the most amazing books made and I so hope they capture these characters and give this them the book/movie the time and effort deserved.

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