Chaske Spencer on Martha Stewart

Chaske Spencer appeared on Martha Stewart’s program to talk about a great charity that he is involved with.


  1. here’s the embedded code for the first part…if you want it

    • Rosalie's Pain says:

      So some guys are hot and good to look at. Give me personality any day of the week. I will take it over good looks. Chaske is a gorgeous man. His laugh made me blush! How cute is he. Go Team Sam Go!

  2. oh well i guess it didn’t come through here’s the link to get the embedded

  3. How funny. Chaske making an Advent wreath with Martha Stewart. Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny….a werewolf playing with glitter? Chaske, you “dazzle” me!

  4. haha, this is cute.
    Hey, wasn’t Kristen talking about Martha Stewart on Jimmy Fallon? Did she do a show too?

  5. MaleTwilightFan says:

    As much as I liked hearing Chaske talk about the movie I’ve always seen a problem with people appearing on Martha Stewart. Their main objective for any actor or other celebrity is to plug whatever movie or tv show they will be appearing in, the problem is it’s not a talk show, it’s a service show. He is told by the staff “Okay we can bring you on and talk about New Moon but you will have to do an arts and crafts segment with Martha”. He probably didn’t have that much interest in it but had to go along with it because that was part of the deal for being on the show. Rachel Ray does a way better job because she keeps the talk part and the service part seperate and she does a good job when she talking with guests like when Alex Meraz was on. It’s cool that she can do more than just cook.

  6. Elizabella says:

    Aw Chaske was so sweet on it, I think Martha was kind of ridiculous but he may be my second favorite wolf now. It was so cute and normal, if you all know what I mean, when he got out his wallet. What a sweetie pie.

  7. VLovesElvis says:

    That was hilarious and awkward! I think Martha has a major crush on Rob, but was happy to have Chaske on anyway. It looked like she wanted him to kiss her hand instead of shake it.

  8. Yisel Cullen says:

    No wonder my mom is team Sam….I was…it is either team Jacob or Team Edward lol (you can be any team of course) but I was teasing…and she was..Sam is hot hello!…then we saw the movie together…and she was…ufff…I was so right about Sam hahahahah!
    one thing for sure…you gotta love his voice! so masculine!…oh God…i should stop now…lol

  9. i would have totally thrown glitter on Martha or chaske or myself and said Look I’m or You’re a vampire.

  10. OMG, how much do I love him now?!? I am on so many
    “teams” these days…Team Edward (natch!), Team Taylor Once-He-Becomes-Legal, Team Felix/Daniel, and now Team Chaske!

  11. I just adore Chaske’s laugh!

  12. aw i am so happy i watched this. how wonderful is he!

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