Ashley Greene on Regis and Kelly

Ashley stopped by the Regis and Kelly show.


  1. I really like Ashley and the way she portrays Alice. Too bad this interview wasn’t longer, I would have liked to learn more about Ashley and her “take” on Alice.

  2. she’s so beautiful.

  3. i think ashley would have made a good bella but she is also a good alice so i cant choose which one i would rather her be!but im pretty sure i like her as alice because i LOVE! kristen stewart as bella!

  4. She is so cute and pretty. Her voice is so ALICE, light, soft but has that high pitch-ness to it! She’s a perfect Alice. I hope to see her in a lot more movies in the future after the saga.

    BTW, does anybody know when her movie with Kellan will come out?

  5. I love Ashley. It is too cool that she was working in a restaurant and reading Twilight and then got the part of beloved Alice. Too cool! You go girl!

  6. Call me crazy, but I can actually see Ashley as Bella when she has long hair. She has the pale skin and kind of the heart-shaped face. But she makes an AWESOME Alice 🙂

  7. I love Ashley omg i think that she is the perfect Alice, i think since the beginning of the casting when we all first found out who was playing who, she was my favorite book character to movie character portrayal i love her. Plus Ashley is such a great down to earth person she has the essence of Alice so i love her.
    And i kind of agree with you Crystal i think she kind of reminds me of bella there too lol.

  8. Ashley is so cool I love her as Alice! 🙂

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