Focus on Special Effects Master Phil Tippett

Phil Tippet is the legendary special effects genius who is behind the wolves of New Moon. He gave recent interviews to both the San Fransisco Chronicle and the LA Times.

“When that wolf checks out Bella, it’s not a wolf’s eyes, it’s Jacob’s. “We brought Taylor [Lautner] in and had him haul his eyelids back as far as possible and shot close-ups.” They then added those eyes to the giant animated timber wolf used in the scene.”

Read more in the LA Times.

Q: Which movie had tighter security on the set, “Return of the Jedi” or “New Moon”?


  1. WhooHoo! I’m the first comment! (unless someone posted something while I was typing this)

  2. They really nailed the look for the wolves. I was impressed with all the special effects and it’s nice to know how they used Taylor’s eyes for the wolf. Team Jacob!!!

  3. That is so cool how they did that with Jacob/Taylor’s eyes. I guess I’ll have to go see the movie again to get a closer look! 🙂

  4. You know what really annoys me??

    I went with my husband, and he was munching constantly on popcorn nonstop!!! But when the wolves were on the screen and the fight at the Volturi, his hand froze in the bag. He was totally focused, and then ate his way through all the romantic parts!



  5. I’d love to read more interviews with the post-production peeps. They are the unsung heroes of films.

  6. I love Phil Tippet for the amazing special effects! I’m really glad they used Taylor’s actual eyes on his wolf. It makes the CG animal more realistic.

  7. BlueStarlight says:

    I’m glad they did their research on the wolves. They were very realistic. I didn’t notice that the wolf’s eye was Taylor’s…another reason to go see NM again! However, they did take that from the book, and that was just a fantastic touch!!

  8. team_jacob13 says:

    i like that pic like alot

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