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updateHappy Thanksgiving to everyone here in the States!  If you’re done with your Turkey and needed to escape from the family, check out these chapter summaries and comment on the message boards.

First we have Chapter 35: Deadline, provided for us by Oleander.  Make sure you take time to comment on the pending separation between Bella and Renesmee over on the forums.

And we also have Chapter 36: Bloodlust given to us by Nissanmama.  Visit the forums to talk about the motives behind the Volturi interaction with the Cullens.

We will finish our chapter discussions for Breaking dawn in December before the new year!


  1. james taylor says:

    the twilight series is the best set of fictional books on vampires yet to be made. it actually makes it seem as if the existance of vampires could be realistic. now that would be straight up awesome

  2. Thanks for updating!

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