Bella’s Bracelet and Ring On Sale

Infinite Jewelry, the company that manufactured the Bella’s Engagement ring and Bella’s Bracelet that used to be carried by Twilight Teez, now has that merchandise up on their own, newly launched website.

According to their site, “They “Infinite Jewelry Co., along with the series author, developed our exquisite Twilight line of jewelry for fans of the Twilight series books.  With the highest quality of materials and personalized design, our products truly reflect the jewelry described within the books, and the fans value our authenticity.  We are proud of the distinction of producing the world’s only authorized, original Bella’s BraceletTM and Bella’s Engagement RingTM.”

They wrote in to tell us that:

“There will be an “After Thanksgiving Sale” from 4 AM to 11 AM (mountain time) on Nov. 27th.”

So time zone wise that would be:

6:00am-1:00pm Eastern
5:00am-12:00pm Central
4:00am-11:00am Mountain
3:00am-10:00am Pacific
2:00am-9:00am Alaska
1:00am-8:00am Hawaii

London: 11:00am-6:00pm
Rome: 12:00-19:00
Tel Aviv: 13:00-20:00
Moscow: 14:00-21:00
Tokyo: 20:00(Friday)-3:00am(Saturday)
Sydney: 22:00(Friday)-5:00am(Saturday)


  1. Very excited to see they have their own website now!
    You all are very talented!

  2. It’ll be interesting to see that upon the release of Eclipse, that’s the ring design they go with for Bella’s engagement ring.

    Can’t wait for that scene!

  3. Anyone else not like the ring? Not that it was designed badly (they were going by the book’s description) but that the described ring is… well ugly. I hope they go for something different in the movie :/

    Also as a tad warning I bought a bracelet from them, it was beautiful, but it broke almost right away. I don’t know if it’s still the same making process or whatever, but I’d just make my own. Unless it’s a REALLY GOOD sale. haha.

    • Twilight_News says

      You should contact them about your broken bracelet. I know that they will fix it and make sure it’s right for you. I’ve heard of them fixing bracelets before.

      I have both of these. I wear my ring every day all day and get loads of compliments about it. I have to say that the picture of the ring does not do it justice at all. It really sparkles! And my bracelet, which I wear to every Twilight function I’ve ever been to, is in perfect shape.

    • I wasn’t crazy about the ring when I first saw the picture last year either, but I ordered one because it’s the one Stephenie described and helped design. It is SO pretty in real life! I wear it all the time. Besides they guarantee their jewlry.

  4. I have their ring, i bought it the same day they started selling them.. aud i wear it everyday, and it still looks just as good as the day i got it about what, maybe a year or a little more ago. I bought the Fashion Ring (if u went to the site u know what one i mean) So anyways, i bet they are gonna use the ring for eclipse, i would made scene since it is the ring that Stephanie imagined. since she did help design this ring.

    (sorry for the long comment.)

  5. ya i agree i dont like the’s not what i pictured when i read it

  6. Stormy, I bought the bracelet as well and mine has held up amazingly. I assumed it would break, but the charms are holding on strong. Maybe there was something wrong with yours?

    Also, did anyone else notice they are selling a Bella’s Cullen Crest Ring? (hot topic is selling it)

  7. The link doesn’t work.

  8. CantanteDiEdward says

    Not feeling it with the ring. Maybe that’s how engagement ring’s were like back in the early 1900s??? But if they do use it for Eclipse, hopefully it’s the platinum/white gold version.

    • SM did her research on turn-of-the-century everything, so if she wrote it like that, it’s good enough for me. It’s her story and her design. If the movie uses this one or makes up their own I don’t care..this one’s from the book and I love it.

  9. It’s not how I imagined the ring in my head at all. I don’t like it. If they use it though I’ll go along with it because as someone else said – SM helped design it and they are her characters and what she envisioned.

  10. i checked this site at 6:05, at 8am, and again at about 11am EST, and never saw either item change price, even when adding it to the shopping cart.

    • I noticed that price thing too, so I contacted them. They said there was a glitch, and they adjusted my payment so I got the sale price. Just email them and they’ll fix it for you – they’re really good to work with on stuff like that.

  11. I bought mine at and it is so much better. I Love It! It has a wood wolf too. Sterling silver and swarovski crystal heart. They built it strong for something so elegant. I totally recommend!

  12. im not sure which on i like better the one on here or the on on ….help


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