New Moon Costumes

MTV’s Hollywood Crush talked to costume designer Tish Monaghan about her concept for New Moon.  Tish covers everyone in the three-part MTV series.

Edward and Bella

“This is the most important costume [for Edward] because it’s the last thing Bella remembers him in,” the costumer said of Robert Pattinson’s suit. “We had to be very careful about choosing something that was absolutely right because he has to spend almost the whole film in it.” So, instead of buying one, Tish created her own suit out of a grey tweed with blue and orange flecks in it. “I wanted old world fabric to match with his heritage. I also wanted something that had texture and that would be able to age.” That’s right, there were six copies of this ensemble made in order for Robert to wear it continuously and in many different elements (i.e. in the ocean during Bella’s cliff dive!). Kristen is wearing a custom made jacket that was replicated from the one she wore in “Twilight.”

The Cullens and Jacob

When the werewolf wasn’t shirtless, Tish says she outfitted him in Banana Republic and GAP t-shirts because “they fit really well and they had a little bit of stretch to them.” And if the site of Taylor’s bulging biceps had your hearts pumping, that was intentional. “We tailored his t-shirts so they showed off his muscles,” she explained. “We specifically made his shirts a little tighter, a little shorter and the sleeves a little bit too short, like he was growing out of them.”

The Volturi

“In my mind, I was envisioning a sweet/evil Little Red Riding Hood,” Tish said of dressing Dakota Fanning as Jane. “There were no specifics in the script given to the time period that she emerged from. I just chose to go after a Victorian look from the 1880s to 1900s.” It was Chris Weitz’s idea, however, to attach the extra cape to Jane’s custom-made wool grey hooded coat — a piece that was over-dyed to make it more black “because she is one of the most powerful of the group.” Paired with Dakota’s outer garb was an off-white Philip Lim dress (that we never see) and Mary Jane shoes by Camper.


  1. FreakinLoon says:

    What she needs to explain are Alice’s costumes!

    If I hadn’t seen pics of Ashley in a bikini during her downtime in Italy for filming, you’d think the costume designer was trying to hide something.

    The coat that Edward wore in the opening scene, can now be found at a men’s clothing shop downtown where I live.

  2. I agree! Alice’s costumes are awful especially that one she wears in Volterra….I mean Alice loves fashion and could she wear “that grey thing?”….

  3. Lynn Aquin says:

    I feel so sorry for Ashley. The only clip she can show is the birthday scene wear she looks awesome. Those clothes in Italy OMG! Horrible.


    Where did all the hip vampires go??

    AND ALICE? OMG….let’s not even go there.

    Bella was the only one who looked nice.

  5. i get what she was going for with edward, but i think it aged him too much. he is still supposed to be in high school after all…

    bella-less the awkward teenager look, but very similar from first movie

    jacob–not hard to get right. he’s pretty much shirtless 80% of the time on screen.

    alice–appropriate, but i think too high fashion to be relatable for the average american movie goer.

    over all i think the wardrobe was less likable b/c it wasn’t as trendy as twilight. but by not being so, i can see how it had more of a universal/international appeal and will ultimately be “timeless,” and er..”age” better.

  6. I would have to agree with the majority of the group’s distaste with wardrobing. Alice is the fashionista of the family and she’s made to look like a granny driving a Porshe. It is an utter disgrace to Alice.

    Bella: her wardrobe fits the “averageness” and her non-attention to fashion, but the green dress at her birthday makes her look 12. Sadly it looks like something dug out of Ross’ the day after Christmas.

    Edward: grandpa could’ve done better than that black lapel and herringbone jacket.

    I don’t think that the average Twilighter in un-savvy in his/her taste of high-fashion. *note it was a fellow Twilighter that found the dress that S. Meyer’s describes in the book from a Paris 03 runway shot.

    Look at the success of Gossip Girl and SITC where wardrobe really adds to the characters’ development. With their new budgets and sponsors I think that they can afford something better the next couple of movies. Hoping that Eric Daman steps in to help.

    • Meyers describes all the cullens as fashionable and “straight out of a magazine ad.” Twilight took creative license to incorporate an “old world” look that they had to stick to in New Moon whether they were happy with it or not. to stray would break continuity in the movie series. most twilighters liked the 1st movie’s interpretation of “old world,” and obviously are hating the New Moon rendition.

      to be high fashion savvy doesn’t make it any more likable/dislikable. even within the designer/couture world there is so much variety. i think gossip girl has high fashion that is trendy which audiences can relate to. seems like they were purposely staying away trendy in New Moon.

  7. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that hated the wardrobe.

    Angela was better dressed than Bella I think the only one worth it was the green dress and the assemble she used on the Vulturi scene.

    The James Dean look on Edward was passable but he is a teenager with a lot of money and a girlfriend he should be wearing something hip and sexy like on the first movie and who the hells wears a suit at the forest! He could had used something special but not a freaking suit. Indeed he is showing his century there and too much black with his skin color he should wear something that make him look less pale not Snowwhite.
    Jacob didn’t wore much so whatever.
    Funny enough I liked Alice crazy assembles and the scarf and glasses, most fashionista people try to mix a lot of things I think it fits her personality.

  8. my most generous guess is that their end game was “timeless” not “trendy,” ultimately creating wardrobe persona most true to book descriptions within that ambiguous world that does not date itself.

    people try and they “get things wrong” all the time. doesn’t mean they did a bad job, just not what [insert name(s)/pronoun(s)] like. i try to give the benefit of the doubt. after all, its not her fault that she didn’t know what my version of the clothes should look like. =)

    • The books say fashionable and trendy not “Timeless” so the New Moon costume designer has completely stuffed up the clothing. Also, there is no continuity between Twilight and New Moon which makes it even worse. She should have been sacked.


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