Timbaland Gets Twilight Inspired

A couple of months back Timbaland announced he was interested in Twilight. Well, it looks like he was serious.

TY to NolwennP from Twitter.


  1. This is sort of ridiculous… the “say it out loud” part killed me… I couldn’t help but laugh… Geez

  2. Devon061381 says:

    Interesting. Not my normal style of music or what I think of when I think of Twilight…but interesting…

  3. Ugh. How much of a tool is Timbaland. Not only does he not have any creativity, originality or talent but I highly doubt he was inspired by Twilight to create this. Most likely he’s cashing in on its success and appeal rather than the actual books/films themselves!

    • I have to agree with you, Kevin. This seemed like a ridiculous attempt to cash in on the popularity of the series. Was it supposed to be unintentionally funny to the extent of looking like a parody of Twilight, as opposed to a thoughtful video that was inspired by Twilight and its themes?

      • Come on y’all…lets not rag on him:( You all know how much we hate when people hate on Twilight. Let’s just appreciate the effort and be thankful he is a fan at all of the saga, right?

        I just got done reading the comments at the end of the Chris Weitz interview on EW and I’m so so sad.

        It really hurts to see people go out of their way to insult the saga and the fans.

        I am a diehard fan of the saga and unswerving member of team Jacob!! I am an RN and I’m 22 years old and these books mean so very much to me. And the films have come to mean a whole lot to me too.

        I wish people would let us be passionate and take their hate elsewhere.

  4. the “say it out loud” was too much. made it way cheesy. was timbaland like her guardian vampire ? lol

  5. TIGHT!

  6. Dumb

  7. This was without a doubt the stupidest music video I have ever seen. What a waste of time. I want that 7 minutes of my life back.

  8. Could be he might really have loved the movie or books and this was just his creative outlet….I mean, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jason Kennedy, Dakota, numerous others love these books too. I think if anyone asked Ryan Seacrest to be in the movie he’d do it for free! lol ‘MAYBE’ there is a chance he just likes the genre’…..?

  9. That was really bizarre. It was too long, it made no sense, it was awfully silly, and the acting was atrocious. Not to mention, the song itself was horrible. He was supposedly inspired by “Twilight” and that’s the best they could come up with?

  10. wow this video was not what i had in mind when i started watching it. i agree with u on “say it out loud” killed it ๐Ÿ™

  11. Thanks for posting comments..i decided instead of freaking out over the video not loading past thirty seconds that Id just give up and save myself the time you all said timbaland wasted.. people are going to be taking everything they can from twilight to use it to their advantage… can’t stop it, its not like any of us own the twilight rights.

  12. What the hell is on her hand? And what is he supposed to be? Im so confused……

  13. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I liked it haha

  14. I love Timbaland and the song! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. It’s not the best video in the world but I’m not hating it…. the song’s ok. the whole ‘say it out loud’ was a bit awkward. I see the twilight inspiration and there’s also a Thriller theme here too. It’s Twilight meets Thriller. Had the story line been better and the song better it would’ve been cool. I remember that he wanted to have Rob and Kristen in the actual video too but good or bad having Kristen and Rob in this video wouldn’t have mattered. Plus there’s no way they would have ever done it. They’re smarter than that and as a twilight fan I wouldn’t have wanted them to be in it had the concept been executed well.

  16. timbaland could’ve done better…did not really like this vid…:-( the “say it out loud” part made me cringe! too cheesy!

  17. WTF???

    I hate it – stupid. I don’t care for the song or the video…

  18. It felt like it was more inspired by True Blood, than by Twilight, or is it just me?

  19. I like Timbaland and his songs, but this was ridiculous. What happened to him anyway? Not even a year ago he was super buff, now he looks short and fat.

    The woman singing irritated me, someone put a paper bag on that. That’s not nice, but oh well.

    Really, just really, just just just really stupid musicvid

  20. That’s just bad. I usually really like his stuff, but this….the song is bad enough and then you add the video in…..*shudders* It’s just plain awful.

  21. Why must EvErYoNe cash in on Stephenie’s idea? I don’t get it.

  22. Timbaland is more popular than Twilight. Twilight is a fad.

    • Do not agree with Twilight being a fad, truth be I never heard of Timberland until recently but that doesn’t take away from the trememdous talent he is. At the same time Stephenie Meyers books are definately not a fad…she will go down in literature history…along with JK Rowling, Bronte’,
      Austen, Stephen King, CS Lewis…you can’t even compare the two genre’s. Unless Timberland does a incredible “Abbey Road’ or ‘Thriller’, he will be forgotten in 50 yrs. Literature is forever….

  23. the funniest part to me was that it was filmed at universal studios, where everything else was filmed… timbaland, walking down the same street as anne hathaway in princess diaries 2! lol the song was catchy, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Aww, see, when I heard about this a few months back, he was trying to get Rob and Kristen for the video… and I was so for the idea… but it all just looked so much better in my head…

  25. I’m confused, that video was just… weird… I noticed all the Twilight parallels though, like the dancers in the club did a dance move like Alice ripping James’ head off….

  26. I don’t hate it like everyone else… I actually like the song and overall it just made laugh… I think it’s funny.

  27. Tha was just very peculiar. Like how the hell does she find out their vampires? and what is that mark on her hand? there was no point in the music vid! they just wanted to use Twilight to get their song up on the billboard charts. honestly this vid was as cheap as a louis vuiton handbag from China.

  28. The mark on her hand is supposed to be the same mark Bella gets from James at the end of Twilight when he bites her! I’m confused why no one seems to get this?!

    I noticed the “Alice ripping James’ head off” move on the dance floor; the “say it out loud part”; Bella being in Italy; and of course the confrontation with the two clans at the end is reminiscent of the Cullens and the Nomads or Vulturi.

    I agree with the person who mentioned a Tru Blood reference too. At the beginning the vamp passing her at the phone booth looked a lot like Eric. Just sayin’.

    Sure the video was ultra-cheesey, but it’s nice that people are sharing the twilight-love. Even if it is just to ‘cash-in on the fame’. I’m just enjoying the elements for what they are.

  29. This video should be taken down so it isn’t viewed anymore. He is just cashing in.

  30. Timbaland is rich on his own, he doesn’t need to cash in. I agree the vid was weird and the only thing that I got out of it by the end was that it seemed they were protecting the girl who seemed to represent “bella’ or the whole twilight series and the fans, kind of like back off haters quit attacking ‘twilight’. You know? Just my thought. . . And yes I think it could have been done better but whatever. Welcome to the fandom T. . .

  31. I love timbaland, hes awesome. Yeah this vid wasn’t that great, but I really liked the song. I don’t think he was cashing in at all. Why can’t he be inspired by the story (I know he saw Twilight the movie but I don’t know if he read the books) without people saing hes cashing in? Someone asked him what his influence for this new album was and he answered honestly.
    I can’t believe people are saying Timbaland has no creativity. He has produced and worked with tons on Number 1 artists. He is amazingly talented. But I think the discrimination against him is that most of the twilighters are really just into rock bands rather than rap. Which goes for me as well I prefer indie rock, but I’m from philly so I grew up with rap so I’m a fan of timbaland, nelly, usher, T.I, etc.
    I bet if a rock band said they were inspired by Twilight, people on here would be nicer and more excited about it.

    • I agree, no one thinks Paramore is just riding Twilight’s coattails. Timbaland is more than popular enough on his own.

  32. I thought it was great! I don’t think it was supposed to be serious… it looks like he was having fun with it. I could be wring, but whatever.

    And I don’t think the mark was a bite, its in her picture as a kid at the end… some kind of special birthmark?

  33. I thought the song sounded good, catchy beat. The vid was OK…interesting is the best word that comes to mind for me. For some reason, the beat kinda reminded me of the song Timbaland did with Nelly Furtado (forgot the name).

  34. Keri Helen says:

    Timbaland is amazing. The man is a music machine. I actually really liked this video and the song and I’m sorry but the “say it, out loud” part in the video was just as ridiculous as that part in the movie. And I love that movie. Lighten up people and have some fun!

  35. Song was ok. Movie was lame. Fangs? Seriously?

  36. Little Bear says:

    I have to say I loved it was very interesting and at least he gave it his best shot and well, it’s good enough for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. hahahah that is so funny!!!!!!! and it was so RANDOM!!!!!!!!!!

  38. It’s not @ all my type of music, but I don’t hate it (I just saw the very beginning, & stop it …I couldn’t stand it). It’s very sad to see how (almost) everyone’s trying to jump on the bandwagon, trying to get advantages of the hype. ๐Ÿ™

  39. goldenisraeli says:

    So… I thought it was a mixture of twilight and true blood, like that previous person commented!
    also, I think it just sorta mocks the whole “vampire craze” thats sweeping the nation.
    The video was really confusing and, yes cheezy!
    I only liked the bit where the woman singer was french..I dont know why I liked that bit, maybe surprising?? whatever, I dont like r&b much less Rap, so I turned off the sound he he.. also, what up with timbaland crazy mannerisms, like the rolling eyes and smirk..weird?

  40. Oh my god. That was one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever sat through.

  41. Dlphnmolly says:

    This song is awful and the video is worse!

  42. Come on guys it’s not that bad. i actually like the song, Ok so the “say it out loud” part was ridiculous, But at least he’s not hating on twilight right? ๐Ÿ˜€

  43. Umm…not really getting the twilight vibe from this at all… and can I just say his facial expressions are ridiculously weird…

  44. I thought it was kind of nice that the scar was on her hand, just like Bella’s scar is on her hand in the books. However, what was up with Timbaland’s eyes? I’m not saying the video was horrible, but it’s not exactly a favorite. It seemed a little intentionally satirical; was that on purpose?

  45. Wow Timbaland got FAT!! Look at those sausage links on the back of his head!! And I liked the video..even though it had little to do with Twilight.

  46. I liked the scar, but the rest of the clip was……ok I guess.

  47. awful

  48. I don’t even know what the heck he’s saying! Looks stupid anyway

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