Ryan Seacrest: Breaking Dawn Info Leak

You want to look at around the 3:00 minute mark. No confirmation of the exact source, but Seacrest tends not to run things if he can’t provide a credible source.

Though there has been no official confirmation of Breaking Dawn, the fact that it appeared as a tab on the official Twilight Saga movie website back in July has always indicated to us (in our opinion, we have no confirmation) that the movie would be made. To us the only questions have been: when, where, and how many.


  1. My not so expert opinion is that the studio wants two more films and the stars don’t. My guess is the hold up on the official announcement is because of contract negotiations.

    • Just out of curiousity, what makes you say this? The only thing I’ve really heard the stars say about BD is that they have to wait and see how NM goes before its decided….just wondering if I missed something?

    • Why would the stars not want to? They love these characters.

  2. I think the BD movie is going to happen no doubt. It would make more sense for them to split it into two films, but that just means the fans have to wait longer. I’d like one movie, but then that would mean they would cut so much to make it a reasonable length, but I also want as much film as possible. So I’m undecided here but it’s not like we can change what they have already planned.

  3. They’ll definitely need two movies, one to tackle the awkwardness of Bella’s already rushed-enough pregnancy as it is in the books. And they’ll need another movie to introduce all 99 minor characters Stephani created for BD, especially that random detective. lol. But honestly, I think two movies would be cool, I’m dieing to see the birth and when Bella tries to attack Jacob.

  4. I agree, I think the studio wants it as 2, the cast probably not so much.

    If the cast loves the fans as much as they say they do, they really should just suck it up and do it right. Don’t do it half ass. BD can’t be half ass.

    They’ll work it out. The actors really should. I mean, I understand they probably have other things they want to move on to, but look at how much money the FANS have provided for them with all this, and how much recognition they otherwise wouldn’t have.

  5. TwilightFan82 says:

    I think they should make two films…The first one ending right as she opens her newly red eyes. What a cliff hanger that would be!

    • Devon061381 says:

      OMFG that would be an awesome way to end part 1 of BD then!!! Like they did with Edward and Bella and the marriage condition on NM! Love it! 😀

  6. twiightgirl68 says:

    Just make a longer movie !! maybe 3 hours long ??

  7. Devon061381 says:

    TWO MOVIES! Let’s do this!!! Hey, HP can do it for Deathly Hallows and film for like, what, 120 days? Something like that? they get filming done all in one shot for both movies. Smart move. I want two. I want as much as possible. If it’s contract negotiations, then Summit needs to give the actors what they want, because they’ll be making an f’ing fortune off of us who will go see them all and multiple times. Geez, I’ve already spent 70-some bucks in the last 5 days on movie tickets between me and my husband and when I’ve gone to see it with different friends. And I’ll be spending more…LOL.

  8. It shouldn’t even be made into one movie, let alone two!

    • TwilightFan82 says:

      oh PLEASE! Those “points” are all half-assed and twisted versions of what actually happens, specifically to make the book/movie sound terrible.

  9. Breaking Dawn is my favorite book. I couldn’t imagine why they wouldn’t make the movie. I think they would definitely need to make it in to 2 movies. They would have to cut way too much out trying to fit it in to one.

  10. I think they need to make it into two films too. I think one film would just cut out so much detail. There are so many big moments that we’ve all been waiting for in that book and to cut the details of that out I think would be a shame.

  11. Oh my goodness! I cannot wait for Summit to issue some kind of OFFICIAL word on what’s going on with BD! This is the second time that we’ve heard someone say stuff about two movies. The first time was when Boo Boo Stewart said he was signed on for three more & then now w/this lady. I hope Summit’s says something soon, preferably before Eclipse comes out. I don’t know that I can wait much longer!

    And, I cannot wait until I see Bella as a vampire!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The only reason they would do this is to try to follow with the success The Deathly Hallows will have in the box office with two movies. I love both Harry Potter and Twilight, but I really don’t see a reason to this, just make the movie a 3 hour long one and you are done with Breaking Dawn, where as Harry Potter really does need two movies for the final chapter of the series.

    • I wholeheartedly agree! Deathly Hallows has so many intense moments and battles, you couldn’t possibly squeeze it into one movie. Breaking Dawn could easily be condensed into one. Argue as some might, it has no epic battle scenes of doom to suck up time. I felt that BD did drag at points, and that’d certainly be eliminated with just one film. Hopefully Summit will do what’s best for the book.

  13. Can’t wait for Vamp-Bella!!!! BD is my favorite book besides Twilight and Midnight Sun : )

  14. ugh… pulling a harry potter.
    it could easily fit in to one, but nooo
    let’s juice as much money out of those twilight fans as we can.

  15. It absolutely needs to be 2 movies to do it any kind of justice.

    Honestly, I think it should have been 2 books!

  16. Dear baby Jesus, let it be one movie! thank you. With Love, me.

  17. YEAH!

  18. rebelangel says:

    they can juice all the money they want from me!
    money is nothing compared to the beautiful emotions two BD movies will bring!

  19. Amanda Dubs says:

    I’m going to be so sad when this movie comes out. There’s no way that it can’t possibly be laughably ridiculous.

  20. twilight9009 says:

    I want two movies! but i will be happy if they announce they are even making one movie! Summit needs to inform us fans! and i loved seeing Bella as a vamp in NM!!! Hopefully we get to see more!

  21. i knew it be two movies 🙂 isnt that what sm wanted too 🙂 yay

  22. I hope they make two movies, and I don’t think that the actors would make an issue over would it be one or two movies. The movies can be shot at once, and then broken down in two parts, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to make issues.

    I’m not afraid for BD – it will be made, for sure.
    Twilight is too big of a franchise for the studios not to take advantage of it. This Saga is a money making machine – they are gonna milk it for all its worth.


    A great deal of Breaking Dawn was a waste of good trees! So much could be cut out of that book and in NO way be missed!

    The really important stuff should stay: The wedding, honeymoon, birth, change and confrontation with the Volturi.

    PLEASE DELETE the “99 new characters” that SM introduced. Vampire OVERKILL! Only introduce a few and get on with it!

  24. It definitely needs to be made and into two movies! I thought this was the best book of all and I can’t imagine not seeing it play out on the screen. I believe that the cast also wants to see this all the way through and they just need to work out the details. I am so waiting impatiently for official confirmation!

  25. emilypruitt says:

    Alright Summit: its time to put up or shut up.

    You took a big gamble in 2008 on our little “cult” film and made your money back 10 fold. You took great pains to wait and secure that your investment was sound before you green-lit the next installment. Thanks for the doubling the budget and then some btw, I think its safe to say, once again, your constituency proved true. Therefore please let us know that this delay in the production machine is a quality decision not quantity. Clearly you’ve gotten the corner on this market. We’re not going anywhere. And we will dutifully line up again and again to see our beloved story come to life.

    SO don’t screw this up. If you’re waiting around to see how Harry Potter does as a two-part finale, you’ll be delaying unnecessarily. The books are the source of our dedication (look at this weekend’s numbers to confirm that..) so just stick to that and honor Stephenie’s truth and you’ll make your bank in the end. Our author herself, identified that it would make great sense as a 2-part film; imagine all the details that could be included in 4 hours total time rather than the monstrous cuts you’d have to make if done in half that time. Think about it. Make the best movie you can; the money is irrelevant because it will definitely come – as long as you do not sacrifice quality and content. We want a blockbuster ending here, to reflect the amazing events of Breaking Dawn.

    • GO EMILY!!! WELL said i see you have put much thought into this comment…I dont care if its 1/2 movies.Everyone will go see the final installment of the TWISAGA no matter how they feel about this book..We dont know where the actors stand with B.dawn.Its only natural for them to want to progress and work on diverse roles.At the same time they will never have a chance to be involved in anything like this again..Cant wait….

      • emilypruitt says:

        Well thanks. Probably a bit more thought than i should given i was at work, but the point is the same. I think its only a matter of when now. They’ll make their money, even given the pay increases the actors will expect across the board. I understand the worries about the lack of significant events in the first part of the book but the way i see it, the first film/part of the book would be much more emotional, romantic spin on the series (much like the first half of Twilight should have been – in my opinion); and the latter the action or build up much like we saw in New Moon.

        Either way is do-able; i would just like to see the final installment without cuts or compromises. Every movie has them, that’s why they’re movies, not books. But when i think of all the time we could spend with them at their wedding, Isle Esme, her first night as a vampire, arm wrestling Emmett, fitting into the family, etc, etc… maybe its just my over-active imagination, but those are just some things i would like visuals for. Just sayin. 🙂

        The actors i’m sure want to move on, but they could film all at once and do a 3-4 month shoot and be done, except for press, and most of the work is done post production regardless. I say within 2 months we’ll have our answer and i’ll be it’ll come fall 2011 whether in parts or whole.

  26. If BD was 2 movies:
    And what would the 1st movie be? Endlessly boring for everybody except the Twihards..
    Don’t get me wrong, I loved the book..
    But I just cannot see it in 2 movies… One would be really bad and the second piece a bit brutal but way better…

  27. Of course BD will happen, probably as two movies to keep mlking this now well-established cash cow. Contract negotiations are probably holding things up. Rob & Kristen & Tay are smart to hold out for the best deals because what other option does Summit have? You can’t recast ’em and aren’t they only signed up for 3 movies? I’m not calling the actors greedy, but they should get what they deserve. Sorry for being so cynical but Twilight is so Hollywood now.

  28. I would rather Breaking Dawn never got made into a movie. It’s one of those books I can’t read more than a few pages of without wanting to throw it out the window. But Summit will probably want to make as much money out of the Twilight Saga as possible, so I guess Breaking Dawn will eventually go ahead…

  29. BD is my favorite book of the four. I understand not everyone out there likes it, but I don’t understand why anyone would say that it shouldn’t be made or it should be made only a certain way to cut out the stuff they don’t think worthy. Those of us who love this book should get every chance to see it on the screen.

    New Moon is my least favorite of the four. I am not a big Jacob fan, but I wanted the movie to be true to the book. I wanted all the fandom to have something to enjoy and love. It is so terrible that the same courtesy be given to us BD fans?

  30. I don’t think this would be a smart move. BD may be long, but it’s not plot-intensive enough that it would really require two films. Considering that even the fandom is split over Breaking Dawn, I don’t have high hopes for even ONE BD film, let alone two. Sure, the diehards will see it, but if Summit wants to get casual viewers to come out, they’d best leave it at one.

  31. Mandy Riley says:

    how depressing would it be if the movies would end. this is the first novels i have ever read, fell in love with the charactersn love the visual treat of the films and well i can not begin to imagine not having the final book made into a movie. gosh we have already missed out on midnight sun beyond horrible the entire world will miss out on this. the movies should be finished….PLEASE. surely all the persons in the know and people that make everything happen will come through for all the fans. new moon was way beter than twilight and i expect each movie to continue to out do the previous.

  32. Let’s face it, it’ll either be two movies [and be fantastic] or they’ll pull a Titanic and make it last forever [and still be fantastic]. And if they don’t make BD a movie? Heads will roll, fur will fly, shotguns will be pulled…


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