Rumor Control—-Not R

Despite what may or may not be quoted from an off-handed remark by one of the New Moon actors, Eclipse will not be rated R.  It was a condition of the movies being made that they would NOT be rated more than a PG-13. Stephenie Meyer would not allow them to do an R version because she does not see R-movies. If for some reason it was rated R by the MPAA it would have to be re-cut to change that.

In fact, during our set visit and our conversation with producer Wyck Godfrey we were talking how if they made Breaking Dawn (which we are dying along with the rest of you for some sort of official word…but we digress…)how they would go about keeping scenes within PG-13 bounds. The romance scenes are easy enough to shoot that way since the book “fades to black”, as for the other scenes think about network shows like ER and how much they were able to show on primetime TV and still be real:

Q: Have you discussed that, storyboarded it[Breaking Dawn]?
Wyck: No, well, since it exists as a book and it’s a part of the series, all of our minds individually think “How will we do that?”…

My wife is an OBGYN, so I know it can be done in a PG-13 way. I’ll bring her on as an expert. (Laughs) (Did you like it?) I loved it. I mean for me, it’s mature in a way that speaks, you know, to someone my age really. Gosh, I mean I have three kids, you totally understand the next level of Bella’s life is going to be the adult life.

What was so daring about Breaking Dawn, and so brilliant about it, she didn’t pander what she thought her audience was. She said, this is what’s right for Bella and Edward, and this is where their story needs to go. I really loved that about it.

Certainly there are things that are shocking that are like, I never thought it would go that way. That’s good! I mean, that’s what makes for good drama. So I love it. I don’t know how we are going to do it! (Laughs)”