New Moon Red Carpet: Team Cullen and Team Volturi


  1. god I love the Volturis. Team Volturi all the way!

  2. Ayleen Marie Cullen says:

    TEAM CULLEN!!! they have hotties!!

  3. Alice Cullen Fan says:

    Go Peter Facinelli! You have to admit he is cute 🙂 Of course, pretty much all the cast on the men’s side is hot.

  4. I love the Volturi, Jamie CAmpbell Bower was so entertaining, “the Armani bomb” and what not. Also with CHarlie Bewley “it was bananas” i so love british accents.

  5. Hey, does anyone know if Rachelle attended the premiere? I haven’t seen any coverage with her in it & I find it odd that she didn’t do ANY interviews like the other cast did. I know her part was super small w/no speaking lines but so essential to the movie.

    Was she there or did Summit totally shut her out?

    • After doing a little digging on the internet, I found that Rachelle sent a tweet saying that she was in the hospital with her dog, Honey, & that coupled with being fired from Eclipse was just too much for her. She apologized to the fans but said it hurt too much.

      I really thought that she was going to attend & be as beautiful as ever, and just give Summit a reminder of what they lost but I guess when it came to the day, it was just too much for her to bear. I don’t blame her. The wounds are still fresh.

      Hang in there Rachelle! I loved your performance in New Moon! God bless you & I hope Honey is all better:)

  6. Mabarberella says:

    Twilight fans organized a fundraiser called “The Fandom Gives Back” to support Alex’s Lemonade Stand, the charity Peter Facinelli talked about. The Fandom Gives Back fundraiser has raised over $80,800 in one week. GO FANDOM GO! It’s amazing what a bunch of fans can do when we put our minds to it!

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