Jet Set Jen: New Moon Photo Gallery

Christina Radish has some great photos shot on the New Moon red carpet.

See them all on Jet Set Jen!


  1. An interesting article, but little things about it make me think “Jet Set Jen” isn’t all that familiar with the book. Like Harry doesn’t track the wolves in the book, but the article implies that he does. Also, how does calling the movie “Face Punch” make that scene better in the movie than in the book?

    And Alice’s vision of vampire Bella was possibly my least favorite 5 seconds of the movie. It would have been better if they had showed something besides running through the woods: Bella drinking, with red eyes, or even just standing in the sun sparkling. Anything other than what was there.

    • True, I wish they had simply made her as georgeous as in some of these photo shoots they’ve been doing lately (like Harpers, vanity fair etc) with red eyes, arms around Alice. Those clothes were heinous(my daughters favorite word)lol and she looked the same. Disappointing…..I actually liked 75% of the movie this time tho’ and I will see it over and over like before because I love these books so much…..

  2. Oops. Commented on the wrong post! LOL! this was supposed to be about the 20 differences between the book and the movie. Curse Echofone for small text! LOL!

  3. OMG ! what have that girl done to her hair ???!!!

  4. They all look lovey and Stephenie looks beautiful.

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