Meet us for our Movie Event!

Alphie and Pel and Something Blue are in Utah at the Megaplex 20 in South Jordan for the Lexicon’s official movie event!  There are still some tickets available.  Come on out to the theatre and take a chance at winning some great door prizes like Official Twilight Convention Tickets, Autographs, Hot Topic and Borders Merch, and one of the capes actually used in the Volterra scene!  Tickets are $25.  We look forward to seeing you all there!


  1. I’ll be there, count on it!

  2. Missed you at the Nashville event, it went great.

  3. I wish I could come.

  4. damn i wish i was a vamp so i could run there:(

  5. I would go if I lived in Utah. Nothing like this ever happens in Chicago. Even the cast avoids Chicago in their tours. They only go the suburbs which does not count as the city of Chicago, imo!

  6. Thanks ladies–
    It was fun and fabulous!!

  7. Thank you so much!! We had a blast!

    Kiirsi (of the long braids 🙂

  8. nissanmama says:

    SO MUCH FUN!! Thank you so much for a great day with great people.

  9. Thanks you so much for hosting an awesome party!
    I love my prize!
    Hope you guys enjoy the Tim Tams!

    Dano & Nissanmama – How did I miss you?

  10. Thank you SO MUCH for a fantastic event! I LOVED IT! PS – The tickets were so creative!

  11. traCYLEE1018 says:

    i had a blast in nashville! thanks this was my first time and i hope there are many more! and i love my bag signed by jasper!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love me some jasper

  12. Thanks so much for everything! it was way fun. 🙂

  13. I had a blast at the event. You have great personalities! Thanks for coming to Salt Lake City, I hope to see you again!

  14. It was great…I was glad to win a tote bag signed by all of the wolfpack (minus Jacob). Thanks for coming to Salt Lake. Everyone was jealous and wished they were there after hearing me brag about how fun it was and what I won…..was wondering why the Official Twilight Convention tickets where never given away though….

  15. We had a great time! We came in a group of twelve, and two of our group won prizes. Those are great odds. Hope to have you do another event here again!

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