GQ Twi-Guy Speaks Out

“After hearing that my colleagues were viewing New Moon this afternoon for Worst Movie of the Week, I realized that I couldn’t cower in the closet any longer.

I know what you’re thinking: How does this happen to a guy? I couldn’t even tell you. I got my ass handed to me by Let the Right One In. And then there was True Blood. And then the True Blood reruns and just about every cult vampire flick made in the last two decades…and one day I did it. I’ll just hit and quit it, I thought. No one has to know about this. I shelled out the $12.50—that’s right, I didn’t even stumble upon it via On Demand or something. I saw it in theaters—and gave the confused preteen next to me with acne, pigtails, and braces my best STFU face. Six months, one movie, and all four books later, I’m one of those certifiable Twihards with advance-purchase tickets.

Go ahead. Liken me to your twelve-year-old niece. Order me a subscription to Tiger Beat. Elect me mayor of Pansyville. I’ve heard it all and I’m not even gonna qualify my addiction with a bunch of lame-ass excuses. What I am gonna do is tell you why you should go ahead and cave in to your girlfriend’s pleas to see the sequel and save your chick-flick veto for the next McConaughey movie. (New Moon may be a tween-magnet, but it‘s no Ghosts of Girlfriends Past) Here, the case for Twilight.”

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  1. Stand your ground and stand proud.


    The critics are being sexist in my opinion.

  3. In my theater, there was an equal amount of male to females. In my opinion, a majority of the audience was 18 & older. And it was guys of all types, like most of them were tough looking guys that you’d expect to see in a Rambo movie (oops, think I’m showing my age).

    Bottom line: It’s a great love story that’s complex and has just the right mix of mushiness & manliness to hold anyone’s attention, and then it gets you begging for more.

  4. I have to chime in and say, I am a Twi-Guy or like I coined yesterday, a Twinard, that’s a Twi-Guy with balls. Anyways, saw New Moon last night and loved it, everyone was great and the story was quite an adventure ride. Most guys will never admit to liking anything that has romance attached to it, no matter how much action you put into it. But I can tell you there is nothing stronger for a guy than the emotion of love, it either sweeps us up and carries us through for the rest of our lives, or it can bring out the worst in us, the rage, the jealousy. We have all seen how that can play out. Love is the strongest emotion for a guy to deal with.
    I happen to be married and love my wife dearly. My wife collects all things Twilight and have a wall dedicated to Twilight. Most of her Twilight stuff comes from me. I admit it, I also like to shop.
    Last night, the theater was packed, but there were only maybe 2 dozen men in the audience. Denial? Maybe. We all want love, but manly men don’t show it…yeah right. Love is grand, enjoy it for what it is. I do…
    Oh, and I asked my wife to go see it again this weekend. Call me a wienie, but it is something fun that we can share…

    • You’re not a weanie (sp?) and your wife is very lucky.

      • I agree your not a weenie. That is super cool. My husbad also doesn’t mind that I collect soooo much Twilight things. He also bought me the Twilight bracelet that I wanted on ebay… just goota love him!

        • Went to Toys R Us on Saturday, picked up more Twilight stuff and used the Burger King coupon and got the free bracelet, all for my honey. Today, picked up more Twilight stuff at Target, New Moon game in the tin and a new New Moon magazine for her collection. It just keeps growing…

  5. I went with my sister yesterday and we live in a marine town and there were tons of marines in there, some of them in groups some by themselves! This movie is for girls and guys!

  6. Chris Smyth says:

    I actually saw the first one on Blu Ray – enjoyed it, read the books and am now just back from the cinema having seen the follow up and again thought it was very enjoyable. I think the press have been negative about the movie because they want to pander to the small number of insecure people who slag the film off. Seriously if they don’t like it they shouldn’t watch it – they must have some interest in it if they go into news stories and decide to take the time to comment on the franchise.

  7. It was like reading something I wrote. I never thought I’d like the series. Hell I gave it flack when the first movie came out. But I put my pre-conceived notions about the movie and watched it one night many months ago. And now, I’m a fan. I’ve read the books. I have the first movie and both soundtracks. I also have the soundtrack for New Moon as well.

    Sure I get some ribbing from my guy friends. But when I can defend my reasons as completely as I do they leave me alone. Though I’m not going to see New Moon just yet. Not that I’m embarrassed, I just want to be able to hear the movie and not the expectant screaming when there’s a shirtless Jacob or Edward, lol.

  8. I agree with you, Tim. I’m glad I saw Twilight how I did (on DVD), because my new moon experience was a bit annoying, I couldn’t understand a word of what was being said, due to the screaming audience. I am a twilighter and very twihard, but I would like to enjoy the visual representation set before me. I paid money to see the movie, not hear thousands of screaming idiots every time Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson appears on the screen, and I love them just as much as the next girl….be respectful of others twihard fans!

  9. You my dear man are just being honest. These are fabulous books and you enjoy seeing your characters brought to life. I know lots of older men who love these books….thank you for an honest opinion.

  10. definitely made me smile 🙂

  11. Check out this article from our favorite TwiExaminer Amanda. Awesome piece:

    The fanboys are going ballistic especially since the Dark Knight has been toppled by this lowly fangirl movie that they all keep thinking it’s just teen pushing he box office and forgetting about the grown women who exist as well. But again, it’s to their own detriment to continue to underestimate the fan base. LOL!!

    Women rule!! Get over it. I love that this guy took a stand and admitted to liking Twilight and is now a self-confessed Twi-hard/Twilighter.

    Be still my heart, LOL!!

  12. Sorry for the misspell (should be “the box office”).

  13. OMG! I’m in love! Does that guy have a girlfriend? ^.^

    I love guys who can honestly admit their preferences honestly. Most lie to impress their buddies, and that’s just lame. Telling the world you like Twilight isn’t even easy for for females (especially grown females) and i really love this guy for doing it!

  14. pretty cool to admit your a twi-fan. I think it’s great! I saw groups of guys going together this past Friday and it made me smile.

  15. I havta say that I had coffee with a guy and when we talked about movies I came clean and owned up to wanting to see “NM.” I’ll forever laugh at his response since it was done quietly with a smile: “Oh. You’re one of THOSE people.” 😉

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