Holy Box Office Smash! New Moon Beats Dark Knight?

Official Summit Number now in!

“Summit has announced that The Twilight Saga: New Moon has officially set a new all-time midnight box office record, taking in $26.27M from 3514 theaters.”

According to Larry at ProNetworks (someone who regularly watches these things):


Unofficial reports say The Twilight Saga: New Moon has shattered The Dark Knight’s $18.4M midnight debut for a 3-day weekend. Sources put the total at $23-24M. This would also surpass Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, whose 5-day weekend began with $22.2M on a Tuesday night. Summit has not yet released official numbers.”

EDITED: HitFix also chiming in:

“No one expected “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” to disappoint at the box office, but even Summit Entertainment has to be surprised by the massive opening the sequel garnered from midnight shows across the country.Β  Distributors are still submitting their grosses but sources tell HitFix “New Moon”Β has set a new record and may have made as much as $25 million from its midnight launch.

To compare, previous record holder “The Dark Knight” made $18.4 million in over 3,000 theaters, but some of those screens were of the IMAX variety which charge higher ticket prices thereby inflating the overall gross.Β  Not jumping on the IMAX bandwagon (so far), only makes “New Moon’s” gross even more remarkable.”

The Hollywood Reporter on Overseas Sales:

“Summit reported Thursday afternoon that at midnight showings on 466 screens in Australia, the movie took in AUS$1.7 million ($1.6 million). It sailed past the previous Australian midnight record set by “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith,” which took in AUS$1.26 million ($1.2 million) in 2005….” Click here to see European sales totals.

LA Times:

“The vampires have beat the boy wizard.

According to four people close to the movie, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” sold more than $22.2 million worth of tickets in midnight shows last night, beating a record set this summer by “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.”

Two people close to the pictures said the exact gross, which is still being calculated by Summit Entertainment, could be as high as $26 million.”


  1. WOW! I’m excited that NEW MOON is doing extremely well at the box offices!! I can’t wait to go see it!

  2. AWESOME! NOT just for the tweens… I am 54 and so enjoyed this movie, went with my g.daughter, her friend and my daughter. We all thought it was the best! We plan on going again! So much for what the critics said! (but then I always love the movies they bash)
    Go Team Edward/Jacob (how can you possibly pick one over the other? LOL)

  3. CullenSwanLover says:

    Omg i cant believe critics! New Moon movie left me dazzled . it makes twilight movie a total joke.no ofences hardwick , but im TEAM WEITZ all the waaayy .
    weitz for breaking down baby,,!!

  4. hola.!!!! me llamo davioly i quiero desirle que son lo mejor la mejor pelicula y los libros me encantan saludos a edward me encanta saludos

  5. MUCH BETTER THAN TWILIGHT!!!! And it was due to director than script writer… and JACOB WAS HOT… and I’m not even on Team Jake… πŸ˜€ More like Team Jasper… hehe… to bad it’s not a real teeam!

    Anywhos I am so seeing thing again asap!!!

    Dean Richards (chicago movie critic) Rated the movie a B… but his reasoning was ridculous!!! Something about how showing teen girls that if a relationship doesn’t work out it’s okay to kill your self and what not… thing is he’s an idiot and his review of Twilight last year ended in death threats and he had to apologize…

    GUYS DON’T GET IT! They never will…

    Some one walking out of the theater said something about how the movie didn’t have enough action and it was so depressing… that peroson obviously didn’t read the books… but what can I say…


  6. Also.. Dean Richards also said that New Moon won’t break any box office records… Goes to show what he truly knows!!! Especially since New Moon just did!

  7. Way to go Twilight Saga New Moon! The movie was awesome cant wait to see more! I totally will petition for Breaking Dawn to come out and they have some amazing Director do it and not worry about it being Rated R cause the book basically was and if the parents let them read the books they will definetly bring them to see the movie cant wait for more the movie was amazing and Chris Weitz did an amazing job! Got Team Twilight Fans!!!!!

  8. can’t wait!!!!

  9. in your face critics!

  10. It was soooooo good!! went and seen it last night at midnight! whoop whoop! it was the best movie ive ever seen…it made me start to wonder if im really on team edward..Hmmm?? Its so hard to decide lol

    isn’t it cool that it set a new record?! all us people who went at midnight can proudly say WE HELPED! loll

  12. I was there last night! It was f’in’ phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!

  13. at the theater i went to it was sold out they originally started with 5 and ended up having 8… the line went all the way out of the movie theater… to say it was packed is an understatement and believe me that theater hasn’t been that packed before… AWESOME =]
    Also the crowd was much better this time since it was thursday night and all the younger kids were home because they had school the next morning sooo i was glad i wasnt stuck with a bunch of screamin girls.. not dat i didnt scream at certain times πŸ˜‰

  14. I’m very excited about New Moon….can’t wait to go see it!

    Team Bella!

  15. OMG!!! I loved the movie last night I am also going again tonight!! CW did an amazing job on New moon!!! I cant wait for it to come out on DVD and for JUNE AND ECLIPSE!!!! Team Edward!!

  16. Yeahhhhhhh!!!! I have seen the movie and it’s AWESOME. Chris Weitz is the best! Can’t wait to see it again next week!!!

  17. It was so good I loved that movie can’t wait to see it again

  18. I love it GO TEAM JACOB πŸ™‚

  19. I know at my theatre the entire place was sold out…every single screen! I dont think we need to worry about breaking dawn now!!! hehe

  20. i love twilight so much do you what to be friends on yahoo

  21. New moon was great. All 18 theaters sold out at a nearby mall for the midnight show. I went with the early risers and got in just fine. It was great! I am a huge fan of the books.I was worried that change in director would change the feel but it didn’t. There were some key things left out that the book explains, but if you only base it on the 1st movie- this was a great sequel. I too hope they split Breaking Dawn up into two movies so nothing gets lost as it is the last of their story. Unless Stephanie has more in mind πŸ™‚ Stephanie is the reason for the huge sales. Her writing created the fans!

  22. NEW MOON WAS SO WORTH IT!! We smashed those records!!

  23. Not surprised!

  24. whoooo! that movie was the best and so worth staying up until midnight to watch! go team switzerland and twi-fans!!!!

  25. Loved New Moon, it was done so well, gonna go see it again next weekend πŸ™‚ Team Twilight πŸ™‚

  26. NEW MOON is the best movie ever as well as Twighlight….I am a huge fan, I am so proud that they are doing so well in the box office….and I know they are going to make much more…EDWARD will you marry me….I wish……BTW go team Edward….!

  27. I love you Edward marry me….Team Edward

  28. Critics are so overrated. They don’t know what the public likes . Great job everyone. Thank you for proving them wrong! STEPHEN KING needs to see Stephanie Meyer’s last laugh

  29. That’s what – half the budget made already from the midnight showing?

  30. Can’t wait !!!! Getting ready to go see it tonight! Team Edward all the way!!!!!!!!!!

  31. not only that. my friends and I haven’t bought our tickets yet, and FRIDAY is sold out. the only one’s open are the ones in the mornign. this is a good sign. Critics, lets see who gets the last laugh πŸ˜€

  32. that was a good movie so worth staying up late

  33. wow thats sooo exciting!! Can’t wait to find out how well it does for the overall weekend!! Im going again tonight and hopefully again tomorrow πŸ™‚

  34. Hey, I just thought I’d let you know about this cool Jacob shirt I found in case you’re interested in posting. She’s making more for the rest of the cast soon. πŸ˜‰ http://www.cafepress.ca/kaulitzmajik.364719848#

  35. I really loved the movie.
    I want to watch it AGAIN.
    I’m addicted

  36. I will be seeing the movie three separate times this weekend with friends… Go NM Go. Yay fans!

  37. I’m so happy to see so many great comments on this entry! (I was a little worried by some of the criticism on the “What Did You Think?” entry… I get paranoid by even small criticism, haha.)

    But yes, to so many of the comments I’ve read… New Moon was AMAZING, Chris Weitz should direct Breaking Dawn, and Twilight fans ROCK! πŸ˜€ Way to smash those box office records!

  38. Way to go! But im not surprised!!! Sitting in the theater last night and watching new moon last night was way awesome!!!

  39. Twilight Nymph says:

    I’m seeing it tomorrow morning but to avoid all the screaming. Not in the mood to turn around and tell some squealing teenager ( no offense, but that’s how it was with Twilight) to shut the hell up and let me listen to the movie.

  40. YAY Go TwiHARDS!!! I hate the CRITICS!!!

    I saw it this morning and want to see it again but no one will go with me tonight. Might have to go tomorrow or Sunday by myself. sigh… I wish I knew more Twilighters in Chicago!

    I was sitting next to 2 gay guys and they kept talking about who’s who in the movie and they were al over Taylor and his abs.
    I want to see it w/o people talking around me!

  41. I’ve just returned from the theatres, and I’ve been literally blown away! I’m going to burst into tears out of joy! New Moon was absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Kristen was much, much better and Taylor was fABulous! I’m not in the least bit surprised by New Moon’s success. I officially thank Chris Weitz.
    Love you!

  42. I’m sooo glad that Twilight cancled Dark Night out! What’s the bug hype over Dark Night? I understand that Dark Night fans also say the same thing about Twilight, but why don’t they ever try something new? They’ve mad so many Batman movies that I lost track. Not that I care.

  43. It was totally worth going! Absolutely awesome!

  44. I say New Moon could pass up the Titanic in it’s grossing. Come on gals and gents! We can do it! Let’s all go see it again!

  45. here in the philippines the lines went outside the malls go team twilight πŸ™‚

  46. I totally loved it i just finished watching it and the movie was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! im just excited that i saw it and now i cant wait for Eclipse anyway onto my review: well they definitely found their element, the CGI was excellent the wolves looked really real their was some really funny moments which was what i was expecting but when scenes cut to different scenes i felt like the plot was moving too fast but you know it was a two and a half hour long movie so i get that (which means a lot of deleted scenes on the dvd)i think Ashley Greene played Alice really well in this one even in the seriousness of a situation there’s always Alice to be so chipper and then Jackson Rathbone as Jasper great um when they were voting on Bella’s immortality Jasper’s line was funny, Rosalie um there wasn’t much of Rosalie but she did apologize during the voting, Taylor Lautner as Jacob played his character awesomely well the movie scene with Mike & Bella that was really funny.and the rest was great. Now last but not least Kristen stewart as Bella she did a fantastic job playing Bella in this movie even though there were a few awkward moments but i do think she and Rob should deliver their lines a little bit faster but she did awesome, i know she did her own stunts (thats very brave). and for Rob um i kinda felt sad cause in the first part of the movie before the birthday scene he should like a little happier but the looks on his face made me feel different im just saying he should’ve looked happier before the birthday scene but he did a very good job. Cant wait for the next movie, bye! πŸ˜‰


  48. My theater sold out 16 screens. There were over 4,000 people there last night.

    I went to Twilight at 9 and there were 200 people there for the double feature.

  49. blackxblue says:

    people waited for this movie since they got out of the twilight cinema!! its meant to break records. watched it 2 times on November 20 and later im gonna have a marathon and again next week!! haha.the cinema was packed!! πŸ˜€ 221 days til Eclipse!!!!

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