Alphie’s review of New Moon

I’ve been traveling and checking into hotel rooms and catching up with friends that I haven’t seen in a while… so while I could have posted this yesterday, I didn’t get to it until today. I saw the film at a pre-screening on Wednesday and at a corporate event yesterday evening around 9 pm (which was cool since the crowds for the midnight shows were insane!!!). So I feel I have a pretty well formed opinion after two viewings. If you are curious as to what I thought of the film, or if you are just in need of more spoilers, then you can read below the cut. But be warned that I do spoil in my review. Read at your own risk!

Before I start my review I will happily tell anyone that yes, I am biased. Yes, I wanted this to be a great film for my fandom and for Stephenie. I wanted this to out shine “Twilight” so much so that I wouldn’t have to make excuses for the things that were bad… like Edward ‘s sparkles tinkeling like wind chimes or that there was no “I love you” in the film. I wanted to be able to be completely honest in my reaction and not have to pass it off with the excuse of “well, they only had $34 mill to work with” like I have done with “Twilight” so many times. So I went into this with total optimism and hope that “New Moon” would be everything “Twilight” wasn’t for me… and to my great pleasure, that’s exactly what happened!

I knew from the very moment the opening title popped up and the moon waned from full to new that Chris Weitz was going to deliver something great. How many times have I had to explain that a FULL moon isn’t a NEW moon to a fan? I’ve heard complaints on why they just can’t put a full moon on the cover of the book or on the movie poster or where ever. Hopefully now everyone will finally realize that a NEW moon is the absence of a moon! And Chris Weitz got it! I know it seems a bit obsessive to be that excited over the opening title, but after years of explaining this to people it was like having validation from the best source possible!

So now lets take the rest of the film piece by piece. Let’s start with acting. I thought everyone did a better job with their acting in this film than they did with Twilight. The problem is that most of our main characters spend the duration of New Moon in a state of angst and depression! Critics are complaining about this, but that’s what the book is like. In fact, I think we saw Bella smile more in New Moon than we did in Twilight. Personally, I laughed more in this film. I think everyone’s timing improved, both for the comedic moments and for the heavy emotional moments as well.

Kristen Stewart, who is still taking a beating for being expressionless, acted the heck out of the fact that she was in pain. Her face during the months section of the film is just wretched. I can’t even fathom how hard this film was on her, to pretend to be totally gone and depressed for days and days and days has to be emotionally draining in real life. So kudos to Kristen to making the depression believable without being overly weepy.

Robert Pattinson impressed me with his ability to look like he wants to cry and can’t! He has really improved as a actor. Three moments stand out for me. First, when he leaves Bella has to lie to her, he kisses her forehead just before he walks away. For that brief moment we see the flicker of how much he loves her and doesn’t want to leave her in the only moment when Bella CAN’T see it. Secondly, the Volterra scene when Bella throws her body at him to push him out of the sun I thought was well done. I’ve heard lots of fans complaining about this moment and I don’t get that. If you’ve only seen the film once and you were screaming at that moment, you might have missed Edward’s line of “Heaven” when he feels Bella against him. I LOVED that line! But then the other complaint is that they don’t start kissing right away. Watch both of them as Rob processes that it isn’t a dream and she is alive and Kristen processes that he didn’t try to kill himself out of guilt but out of heart break and love. They kiss when they are supposed to kiss and it was spot on for me. Now, the third time I really felt like Rob totally nailed Edward’s character was the very, VERY end, which is my favorite moment of the film. The last four – five lines are spot on, and the timing of the very last line is pure perfection. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil it, but it pulled about the biggest fangurl reaction out of me that I have had in a long time.

Now for Taylor Lautner. Wow. Just wow. What gets me the most about his performance is that at some point in time someone was considering recasting him. Really. He had to fight to keep the role of Jacob Black. That stuns me more than anything because of how perfectly played every moment was with him. The few moments that really stand out for me are the movie theatre scene where he first tries to convince Bella that they could be something together. I loved how he went from smiles, to persuasion, to anger so quickly and yet so smoothly. I also really loved the delivery of his first “bloodsucker” line to Bella and her reaction to it. It caught me off guard even though I knew it was coming. But my favorite scene with him is when he is trying to remind Bella that she already knows what’s going on, but he is bound not to tell her he is a werewolf. I can almost hear his internal monologue at that moment, especially when he stops just before saying the word “stories.” I can hear the struggle he is having with his need to tell her the truth and the fact that the Alpha commanded him not to. He just really blew me away all through the film.

Other stand outs for me are Mike Welsh as the desperate wanna be boyfriend. LOVED the movie theatre scene. It was perfect. Anna Kendrick rambling on about zombies and that there were no hot guys in that film. She told us in an interview that she pretty much improved that whole speech. Billy Burke as the dad whose conflicted over what to do. You can see he’s worried and he tries to make a joke to lighten the mood, but Bella is still in her funk. He played those moments so well. But my favorite was… and this should be no surprise if you’ve been paying attention to the tweets and random comments from conventions… was Michael Sheen as Aro. Sigh… I have such a sick and twisted place in my heart for Aro. And now it’s even more sick and twisted. Every little nuisance he delivered was spot on. I love how Michael played him as a real romantic at heart. Just a few moments that made me smile – when tries to read Bella’s mind and can’t and he turns away from them, the look on his face is so perfect! When he licks his lips in the desire to drink Bella’s blood… shivers! Every time he takes someone’s hand to read their mind – the greediness with which he grabs them and the smile that forms on his lips is just cunning. UGH! Really, it’s wrong for me to like that character, but he’s just so wrong that I can’t help myself.

Have I rambled enough about the actors? Let me hit the things that didn’t work for me. First off – who dressed Alice? Cause it wasn’t Alice, the shop-o-holic fashion know-it-all from the books! She looked – and I don’t know how this is possible because Ashley Green is so beautiful – but she looked fat. WHAT? That blue, dumpy shirt thing that she wears to school on Bella’s birthday… what was that thing? And the layers of coats and scarves and lord knows what that was draped all over her in the scene where she comes back to Forks. And then the scarf and gloves in Volterra that I suppose I could understand she was wearing so she didn’t sparkle but still made her look matronly. I didn’t get her costumes at all. In fact, I felt kind of sorry for Hanna of the Hillywood show who now has to wear those costumes!

Second of all, I really missed the fact that Carlisle tells Bella about Edward’s transformation. They cut that out and it’s one of my favorite things about New Moon and the series as a whole. It’s when they really start to set up that whatever special qualities you have as a human are intensified as a vampire. It gives us the explanation as to why Edward can read minds and Alice can see the future, but that not all vampires have an extra supernatural quality. And it makes Aro’s speculation about what kind of immortal Bella would make that much more meaningful. (And after all, this movie is all about Aro, right? LOL!) So that was one thing cut from book to movie that I felt was missing.

And then it bugged me that the dream sequence that has been hyped up about – the scene we’ve seen all those pictures from with Bella’s bed in the woods and she’s outside of herself with Edward and Jacob… where was that scene? I kept waiting for it because I’ve been so curious as to how it would fit in the film, and it never came. It bothered me that I had seen so much about that scene and didn’t get anything of it in the film. Oh well, I suppose it will be on the DVD. This is the scene I’m talking about.

Now here are the little nitpicky things that as a diehard fan made me frown. Why was Jasper in school? Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett “graduated” and went to “collage.” He shouldn’t have been in the school. Why did Marcus have three times as many lines as Ciaus? Marcus shouldn’t be talking. He doesn’t talk. He just mopes and is depressed. Why weren’t Edward’s eyes black in Volterra? They nailed the fact that he was in South America when he got the call that Bella was dead, but they missed the mark on the fact that he wasn’t feeding. His eyes should have been stone black. It would have made such an impression on Bella and the audience.   And I won’t even touch the car since Laura already did that and we all know it was wrong. And the other thing that I think everyone agrees on is that Alice’s vision of vampire Bella just… didn’t work. It was comical to see them frolicking like that. Just the clothes in the vision… neither character would wear those clothes.

But other than that I don’t have many complaints. The directing was brilliant. I think Chris Weitz got so many things right that I can forgive him what went wrong. The cinematography was great… the meadow looked like a real meadow! The score was beautiful and haunting and romantic. And most importantly, they did justice to the book. New Moon moves slower as a book , so it makes sense that the movie would move in the same way. But I never felt it was moving too slowly. Again, I suppose that is the biased fan in me, but it was a real and honest representation of the book. And after all, if it hadn’t been for the book, we all wouldn’t have been so desperate to see the film!

Over all, I loved it. I loved it the second time, and I’m sure I will love it the third time. I can’t wait to get the DVD and see the edited scenes. And most of all… I cannot wait for Eclipse! Well done, everyone! Two big thumbs up!


  1. I saw it last night and completely agree with everything you said. The movie is AMAZING! The only thing that really bugged me is that throughout the movie Kristen’s eyes kept switching from brown to blue. Sitll the movie was fantastic and I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD! 🙂

  2. I totally agree with what you said. Alice’s clothes? Ugh… Caius had like 2 lines, which bugged the HELL out of me since I find him to be really interesting as a character. I didn’t catch the Jasper thing, I feel super stupid now that I didn’t, considering how many times I’ve read New Moon. But I loved the movie, screw the critics and all their hating. It was a million times better than the Twilight (ugh.. just horrible) and I can’t wait to watch it again!

    • yeah, jasper is in rose and em’s year. it is only edward and alice because they integrate into the same lunch table as team human the rest of the books, no jasper.

  3. A spot on review. I just saw it for the second time and sooooooo cannot wait to see it again and again. Yes, I’m one of those. Two things though. First, yes, in the books, Jasper was a senior with Rose and Em. But, remember, in Twilight, Alice, Edward AND Jasper were all juniors as evidenced by Jazz’s presence on the biology field trip. So, it’s an ooops that I think CW was compelled to maintain. Second, Alice’s vision was exactly that…ALICE’S. So, the clothes and choppiness made sense to me. They are dressed as Alice might dress them, and the vision is essentially one she is making up on the spot, deciding in that moment that she’s going to change Bella herself.

    • the way they’re dressed in the vision is the way they’re dressed the first time they go hunting in BD after she changes…I mean the color of the dress is spot on…not how I pictured it but still its the dress

  4. cheering4twi says

    Yep count me in, I completely agree with your review. Saw it for the third time last night, and loving it more and more. I think Kristen stewart has this awesome way of looking and acting very grown up and then in a split second turning nd looking like a vulnerable young girl…I love that about her.
    I missed the hungry eyes too…gotta have hungry eyes…

  5. missbluejuju says

    I pretty much agree with the review.

    Other things…

    Harry Clearwater. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone comment on him yet, which is a shame. The actor really brought him to life, and his death bothered me more in the film than in the book. The whole sequence with the Thom Yorke song was win, too.

    Speaking of music…
    In my head, I had an idea of where they might place the soundtrack songs. I was totally wrong. I have mixed feelings about where they ended up. Musically, they fit in where they are placed, but a lot of times the lyrics didn’t seem to fit the scene. That’s just me being nitpicky though.

    I loved New Moon. I almost wish they’d remake Twilight with Chris W. at the helm.

    Oh, and what was the gold thing hanging off Bella’s backpack when she was looking for the meadow? A golden compass in-joke?

  6. Am I the only one that got that Alice’s vision was when Bella and Edward go hunting for the first time in Breaking Dawn?????

    • confuzzeled says

      thats exactly what i was thinking when i saw it! and she gets her dress ripped up later and stuff. and he had the white button down shirt!

    • confuzzeled says

      it did the book GREAT justice.
      i just really missed my favorite lines of the entire series.
      when edward is explaing to bella how me he loves her.
      when he says
      “My life was like a moonless night very dark but there were stars, points of reason and you shoot across my sky like a meteor…….” that whole part. if they put that in the movie (which they should of) i would have straight up cried.

    • Her eye color wasnt red though- i looked.

  7. Loved, loved New Moon. I watched Twilight just prior to going to the theater. What a difference! Bella & Edward actually looked like they were in love, unlike Twilight.
    I was saddened to hear Carlise say he(we, as in, vampires)had no soul…that was all wrong, wrong, wrong!Carlise does not believe that!
    Alice’s vision was comical. No, it couldn’t have been Alice’s old fashioned, romanticised version of her vision. Alice see’s the future, not what she wants to see. And she would never put Bella in such a frock.
    I will see this at the theaters again and will anxiously await the DVD!

  8. I agree w/ everything, saw it last night at midnight and looking forward to seeing it again this weekend.

    Some of my favorite/least favorite things:

    1)How they showed the months going by in the movie, heartbreaking.
    2)The surprisingly funny moments from Jessica, Mike, Emmett, and Charlie, and Alice.
    3)I would have loved to see more coming home from Italy, spend a little more time about Bella thinking Edward felt guilty. One line from Edward wasn’t enough for me.
    4)The Wolf Pack were a crack up and I loved them – even being Team Edward.
    5)What was up w/ Alices’ clothes????
    6)What was up w/ the 20’s outfits – I seriously wonder if that scene was originally intended for something else and recycled for that.

    But loved it and looking forward to Eclipse!

  9. I think Alphie’s review was pretty spot on.
    Right now I’m still “digesting” New Moon-there was a lot to take in. All in all I think I liked the film.
    Things I know I loved: Taylor-absolute perfection;completely embodied “my” Jake-before and after. Kristen-Bella’s pain was palpable,almost too painful, at times I felt like I was intruding. Rob-Edward was strinking,captivating,utterly angst ridden and conflicted. I sat there watching these fictional literary characters,that I care so much about,live and breathe on screen.For me, Taylor, Kristen and Rob became their characters. I love what each of them brought to this film.

    Things I enjoyed: Billy Burke’s Charlie- always understated and completely sincere and believable.
    Harry Clearwater was fleshed out and not used as purely as a plot device-thought using Victoria as the reason for his heartattack-genious.
    The golden,glowing eyes of the Cullens almost hypnotic- both mesmerizing and distracting.

    Things I was disturbed by: The pace;moving so much faster than I wanted it to; scenes and details were compressed and compacted but at the same time jammed/crammed with info. it was at those moments that I recognized what I loved so much about the scene in the book and how much I missed it not being represented in the movie. If I had to pick one thing that I really wanted expanded upon, regardless of time constraints, it would be Edward’s return. It brings so many repercussions
    /consequences for Jake, Bella and Edward. To see it basically compacted into one scene in the forest was hard for me. I wanted to see Bella have to be convinced Volterra wasn’t a dream, I wanted Edward to have to practically beg Bella to forgive him, I wanted to see the dining room vote at the Cullen’s house, I wanted Edward’s bargaining and eventaul proposal to Bella be drawn out subtly,slowly. I wanted to see Jake in the forest feeling betrayed heartbroken and angry. I wanted Bella to be torn by seeing the pain in Jake’s eyes and long to comfort him.
    Instead, I got Bella, Edward and Jake in the forest rushing through a scene trying to tie loose ends together in a haphazard manner. I especially thought Bella’s handling of Jake was cold,callous and cruel-(That bothered me to no end) she’d NEVER do that to Jake and Edward’s proposal was so rushed you got the impression that it was off the cuff and impromptu.
    I know and I realize it’s a movie and they were trying to stay loyal to the book while incorporating so many bits of the book but change(s)are not always easily accepted(by me).

    Now before you tear me apart and burn the pieces for my comments, I did say that I’m still digesting the film and having only seen it once these are first impressions. I reserve the right to change my mind as a result of multiple viewings.
    I love what Chris Weitz brought to New Moon 😉

    • After seeing the movie a couple more times—I was wrong. I do love the movie. I think the problem I was having:lack of sleep; watching a film at midnight=crazy and I forgot how much reading New Moon hurt me. Seeing Jake DEVASTATED in the last scene of the movie damn near killed me. I think that’s why i walked out of the theatre as if i was a zombie. If you thought Bella was connected to Jake’s pain–she’s got nothing on me.

      Chris Weitz did an amazing job and I hope with all my heart that he directs Breaking Dawn 😉

    Hate Alice´s costumes.
    LOVE Jacob & Aro!!!
    Hate vampires make-up, looked to white for me…I prefered how they look in Twilight.
    The end is so gorgeous !!!

  11. confuzzeled says

    how about victoria?!
    as much as we should hate her.
    i thought her part was really well fit in cause we dont get to see her in the book!
    she did amazing.

    the body floating part was akward.
    i wish when edward and bella were togther they werent SOO tense. like we know it is tense but like the part with the birthday edward pushed her and stood there. in the book he was helping her up and freaking out. here he just stood there.

    i love the beginning though when edward and bella are happy togther, hes smiling and laughing and teasing!
    i liked the little jokes in this one they were funny!
    overall AMAZING.
    charlie was amazing too!
    and i loved when they got back togther! but the jacob thing at the end was good too. the runnnig togther vision was weird. but i liked seeing bella with gold eyes and shining skin.
    im not a huge jacob fan but i loved when they hung out togther.
    ahhh so much!

  12. I totally agree with all your observations on NEW MOON, especially the fact that IT ROCKS!!!!! I, too, am a die hard Twi-Fan and am so pleased with the way this movie turned out…YEAH, YEAH & YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Maybe someone already said this and I missed it, but I would just like to say that I thought the most amazing scene in the whole movie was the wolves chasing victoria. I was already bummed they replaced her in eclipse, but to see her performance made me even more sad to have someone else do that role. I dressed up as alice (the outfit she wears during the vote) for this movie, but for eclipse I will definately be going as victoria (loved her coat, loved her scarf, loved that new shade of hair color). It was amazing!!!

  14. I agree with your points. This movie was about as true to the book as you could get. Sure, I would have liked a few scenes to be longer, but they included what needed to be there. I can’t wait to see it again! There were so many good things about this movie, it’s the kind of thing you have to see more than once to remember everything!

  15. Loved it! Loved it! Probably enjoyed it even more after being completely bummed out by some of the reviews in the press I read this morning.
    After seeing it, I am amazed at how many reviewers’ bias against the film clouded their reviews. So many things that they complained about were easily explained if you were paying attention to some of the more subtle cues from the actors. Guess a lot of reviewers weren’t interested in giving a real review of New Moon but more interested in sounding clever as they dissed it. Shame.
    Although far from perfect I found a lot of the actual criticisms were unwarranted. Luckily for me, I went in expecting the worst and thought it was amazing. I will be seeing it twice more this weekend because there is a lot going on in New Moon and I want to catch it all.

  16. Background music- was anyone else bothered by the awful music behind each scene? Twilight had good music, this had classical old school romance movie music and it kind of distracted me from the movie. Otherwise, CGI was GREAT and I may be moving over to team Jacob (hot, but he isnt 18 so I cant say too much). Come on Eclipse!

  17. Actually, in the movie, Edward is in Brazil when he gets the call from Rosalie. You can tell from the giant statue of Christ that can be seen from his balcony.

  18. I agree with the whole review; I thoroughly loved the movie. The scene I missed the most though, was Bella’s epiphany. She had all these hallucinations, gets back with Edward after one tiny apology, and there’s no connection between the two. What happened to her ‘fessing up about hearing him. His guilt over her deliberate recklessness is part of what drives him in Eclipse. I really miss that bit. Overall though… LOVED it!

  19. You pointed out so many of my main issues I had also! I thought Edward’s eyes should have been black in Italy also, Alice’s vision did not do it for me either but then I was thinking in Breaking Dawn when they are running through the woods when she is first changed (possibly) that made it better for me to understand it! You nailed everything else too, and overall I want to see it again, and again LOL! I loved it!!

  20. Did anyone notice that Carlie’s eyes in the Volturi flashback scene appear to be red? I am hoping I am seeing things!

  21. Chicago 1901 says

    You forgot to mention about the music. The music in Twilight was much better, more memorable; the music in fact drove that film forward. Twilight was almost like one long MTV, which is not a bad thing. The music in New Moon was just your ordinary soundtrack background; not memorable at all. There was no counterpart to the first movie’s bittersweet lullaby, or to the funky, on-top-of-the-world smugness of the parking lot scene where Bella and Edward enter school for the first time as sweethearts. I seriously can’t remember any of the music in New Moon. On the whole, the movie was terrific, but the “forgetableness” of the music really surprised me.

  22. I just want to say that I loved, loved, loved the movie and Alphie’s review is right on. One thing though that you mentioned: Jasper at school–that is due to the fact that in Twilight they added Jasper to their same grade. Do you remember that he went with them to the Green House scene? I also think that poor Jasper looked horrible in New Moon and it doesn’t do him justice. That wig is a disgrace. I laughed out loud at the “future Bella” scene not because of Bella’s dress (I actually thought it was beautiful and so was she), but Edward’s vest. A vest? Are you kidding me? Edward doesn’t wear dorky vests. Two parts from the book that I really miss and both of which could have easily been added to the movie:
    1. Edward’s “violent” TV breaking reaction to the Cullen Family vote
    2. Carlise’s opinion to a vampire’s soul–it was completely opposite to what he believed in the book which fit with his background as a human. It also gave the reader/movie goer hope that while Edward believes one thing, not all vampires believe it. Bella was presented with Edward’s view that vampires don’t have a soul and Carlise’s view that they do. That in turn triggers why he said “So this is heaven”–he said “So Carlise was right”. I know, not really big things but parts I missed. I also wonder why they didn’t add the explanation as to why Bella was “seeing” Edward. Edward got off way to easily on convincing Bella that he was actually lying and he did love her. He had to work much harder for it in the book. All and all, a wonderful movie.

  23. Just quickly don’t know if it’s been mentioned but I assumed that the dream sqeuence that was missing was the dream from Twilight that Bella has again to figure out that Jake is a wolf =)

  24. I agree with your review. I was utterly disturbed by Jasper’s hair. I cringed ever time I saw it. Alice’s vision scene was awful. The audience I was with laughed at it. I was wondering if they meant it to be funny??? I don’t know. Another thing I noticed was the audience(girls) cheered when Jacob took his shirt off. When it was Edwards turn….complete silence. Wasn’t quite sure what to think of that. Overall, I thought it was 10 times better than Twilight. I just feel they could have done better. I agree with viewers in the fact that if went was to fast. I felt her pain, but the reunion just zoomed by. I was hoping for a little more, espeacially at the end. Oh well! Here is to Eclipse.

  25. Ditto on the review. I’ve seen it 3x’s already. I have only two issues: 1. The score sounds like soap opera music at times. If you close your eyes, it seems like you’re watching All My Children at times. I’m sorry but Twilight’s score was more interesting and exciting and memorable. I couldn’t hum not one tune re: the score of NM. But I can hum the score for Twilight.

    2. What happen to Bella’s Lullaby? That’s Edward’s song to her. Talk about drawing out emotions. Every time a flashback happened re: the meadow, the Lullaby should have been played. The “meadow” song was ok but this movie is suppose to tie-in the relationship. Edward is always singing the lullaby to Bella. How this song can be completely disregarded is beyond me.

    I think it’s composer ego. It doesn’t make sense. That song is recognizable and is important to Bella and Edward’s relationship throughout the books even in Midnight Sun for goodness sakes.

    This to me was a major flaw in the movie. I can deal w/the non-black eyes etc…but to never play Bella’s Lullaby is just insane.

    I like the movie a lot. Oh, really big DITTO on Jasper being present (a big no no) and Alice’s clothes…WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!!

  26. ok I agree that the vision that alice has was a bit too frolicky…but was I the only one to connect the dress and his clothes with the first time they go hunting from BD?

  27. I’m with you Alphie – I’m TEAM ARO all the way. Michael did an absolutely spot on job of Aro and was EXACTLY what I envisioned in my head while reading the books. He and Charlie were my favorite characters in the movie (and Mike getting sick – so funny)

    I guess what spoiled it for me was that I stupidly watched every nugget of spoiler footage that came out beforehand. I will not do that for Eclipse.

    Overall, I’ll give New Moon a 7. It didn’t blow me away but it definitely didn’t disappoint. I’m going to wait a little while and then go see it again.

  28. LOVED IT!!! Just about the most amazing adaptation I’ve ever seen. Beautiful! Perhaps some of the pauses and stares were a little long, but it was still beautiful. Wonderful ending!

  29. I agree with the exception of the music. It often pulled me out of the scene rather than pulling me into it.

    • AGREE- the music ruined the experience for me- it was way to distracting 9someone said soap opera like- yes!). Pulled me away too. Maybe the DVD can have one disc w/o the music lol!

  30. Overall I was reasonable pleased. I had kept my expectations low for fear of getting a repeat of the huge dissapointment that was twilight. I thought the pacing was off a little after she launches herself into Edward. I wish they had left Bella in the dark about why Edward left as the book did, but I knew I wasn’t going to get everything I wanted. One of my other beefs with both of the films is Jasper. Not tall enough and not cute enough. The plus side of the 2nd movie was that at least Jasper didn’t look constipated like he did in Twilight.

    Anyhoo, over all acceptable.

  31. I agree with everything that you said. 1st – THANK YOU for the opening – as a science teacher it has been driving me CRAZY seeing a Cresent Moon on the posters! 2nd – I laughed so much in this movie. I LOVED the “I have better skills so that makes me older” ribbing that goes on between Bella and Jacob. It was so much fun to watch them, but I wanted more. I felt their relationship was able to grow more than Edward and Bellas in Twilight, but I still wanted more. TAYLOR ~ AMAZING JOB!!! KUDOS!!! 3rd – I wished Edward would have gone up to Bella’s room and given her the CD. Sigh! 4th – I really liked how they incorporated Harry’s heart attack. Good job. 5th – Excellent job with the Volturi (fight, Aro, Jane, rotundra)…but I really wished they would have had the old lady with the rosery beads chanting on the way into the lair. And finally 6th – Jacob busting Bella with the motorcycles – come on! Overall, I was VERY pleased with the movie and can’t wait to see it again!

  32. to be honest with you i didn’t really notice alice’s clothing that much but when they drive to voltura she had to be all covered up so she didn’t sparkle in the sunlight.

    taylor lautner was amazing and even though i am a hard-core team edward-er jacob was just breaking my heart! when he said “I’m begging you” i almost burst out into tears!

    also am i the only one who noticed how relaxed the relationship between the werewolves and vampires were? they were totally fine with each other, jacob was leanng over alice to talk to bella!!!!

    i kinda liked alice’s vision of bella being a vampire but i don’t think it fit with that particular scene it looks like when bella thinks of edward as ahuman and how old fashioned he was

    i personally loved the wolves and thought all their acting was great

    when jane tries to torture bella with her mind and fails and aro laughs really strangly . . . well i thought it was kinda weird and out of place

    all in all absolutely loved the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!
    definately going to see it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Zookie Monster says

    I say we petition for Chris to re-do Twilight xD Twilight was…decent, but what Chris did with New Moon was so fantastic. Unbelievable. I was actually glad Jasper talked a bit more, and THEY NOTED HIS POWER! They didn’t do that at all in Twilight.

    I’m also glad they got rid of that annoying blue/green tint in Twilight. That bothered me the most, and now…New Moon was fantastic. The meadow was actually precisely how I pictured it. The wolves were fantastic, and the glistening…sooooooo much better and closer to the vision I had when reading the book.

    The thing that bothered me the most: “Dear Alice…” that blah blah and when Edward has a crack in his head when he hits the floor! Okay, I understand that their skin cells are like marble/crystalish, but…they don’t crack -____- At least, I didn’t think they did…You’d expect them to be a bit more invincible than getting a crack when being smashed to the floor.

  34. Nicely put. Before watching the movie I was ready for disappointment since that’s what happened to me when I watched Twilight…I was disappointed and I was thinking WTF???!!! So I had to see it again to change my judgment and enjoy the film. But with New Moon…Man Oh Man! I was just happy and giddy after the movie and I just can’t wait for Eclipse. I will definitely watch this movie more than once, but this time, not to convince myself to like it but because I loved it so much and I just can’t get enough it. The minor flaws (which I honestly didn’t notice until I read the reviews) were overpowered by everything that’s great about the movie. I say BRING BACK CHRIS WEITZ FOR BREAKING DAWN!!!! He should be called CHRIST Weitz for making this masterpiece. Definitely a good decision to change directors Summit. Now bring us Breaking Dawn now.

  35. Okay, I wasn’t sure what to add…there are so many things about the movie I could comment on. I think most of all what I felt was missing was the tension. It was most noticeable in the scene where Alice returns. Bella hesitates too much–Jacob isn’t upset enough–Bella isn’t happy enough when she finally sees a long lost Cullen. And then when Jacob and Alice are finally together, they just lurk around. They are human actors in this scene, not otherworldly characters. And it’s not just this scene–I thought the whole movie was slow with long pauses and slow, lethargic movements. So much was cut out or shortened (I missed the waiting room scene and return airplane scene a lot) that it seemed odd for some scenes to be long empty spaces.
    Oh, another issue with Alice’s return scene: Jacob knows it’s Edward when he answers the phone? No. This does not work, because it changes his whole character! He would not have kept Bella from Edward so actively at this point. By basically lying to Edward while being fully aware he could have passed the phone to Bella, Jake was cruel. It was just out of character.

  36. Barbara Rodgers says

    I completely agree with your analysis, both good and bad. Unless the plot is about blowing something up, knocking something down, screwing anything in a skirt, or sports the male reviewers JUST DON’T GET IT! Michael Sheen deserves an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Aro. He is sinister, vile, twisted, and devious to the Nth degree. Alexandre Desplat’s sensual, romantic and soaring music is also worthy of the Oscar for Best Original score. I wouldn’t count out a couple of songs from the soundtrack to make it to Oscar night, too. Just like the boy wizard, once you surround this younger cast with seasoned actors in the supporting roles, you’ve got a Saga with some real bite!

  37. I loved the movie! But, maybe it was just me, but I got a little annoyed that some of my favorite scenes from the book were just blended in, i.e. Bella waking up to see Edward in her room and then he tells her he lied; Rosalie’s apology in the car; Edward wishpering the lines to Romeo and Juliet from Bella’s house on her couch (although Eric crying was funny)…..just little things

  38. I agree with the Alphie. Probably the only thing I would add is that Bella should not have told Jacob she loves him at the end And Edward should have been possesive/Protective and not allowed Bella to go to Jacob. Angering him and causing Jacob to anger.She does not realize She loves him until toward the end of Eclipse.

  39. I totally agree with everything you said except I think only Emmett and Rosalie went away to college. Jasper was still in Forks with Alice. He would never go away without her.

  40. Ok, I cheated. I read all the reviews before I bothered watching the movie. I figured, since I’ve been following the production of the film so closely, it would’t hurt. I’m glad I did. Very glad. It saved me from getting up out of my seat, yelling at the innanimate object projecting infront of me, and stomping out like a two year old. I was expecting changes in the story line. Wish I had thought about researching Harry Potter before seeing Half Blood Prince – I nearly did the “fit” when watching that.

    I feel completely vindicated by New Moon. Aside from the changes, it completely surpasses Twilight by a landslide! The acting was so much more believable; the make-up was the opposite of the pastey, florecient-light-in-their-faces-blinding-everyone-even-movie-goers look. I even enjoyed the fight scene in the castle!

    Book adaptations tend to annoy me because they change what I fell inlove with. They take a world that I know and love to lose myself in, and flip it upside down, putting in and taking away whatever they want without bothering for my opinion or say-so. I didn’t feel that way with this one – thank God! Chris did an amazing job, so much so I can overlook the little things that should have been there (or shouldn’t have). Thank you! I had an amazing visual experience to a book that is my favorite of the series! Thank you, Alphie, for your review.

  41. Loved the movie. Realistically we know that everything in the book cannot be in the movie leaving all “fans” wanting more. Like Stephenie stated on her website, she agreed to the fight scene in Italy for visual effect. My only wish was that Edward would have gotten a few more good licks in, since he can read minds and therefore know what the next move would be. But loved it anyway. Robert Pattinson did an amazing job conveying the depth of emotion Edward was feeling. Can’t wait to see it again.

  42. I agree with you for the most part. I loved the movie! And I thought all the Cullens looked BEAUTIFUL! (Alice included!)

    Alice was done right this time: spunky, playful, persistent… I loved her. I liked her hair, and her clothes didn’t seem frumpy at all to me. Maybe all that proves is that I’m not a fashionista- but I loved her just the same! 🙂

    Loved Carlisle… wish we had seen more of him! Edward was much more Edward-like this time around. But in Italy… I KNEW there was something wrong about his eyes and- you said it! They were supposed to be black! The gold eyes were just all wrong with his sickly, bruised-looking face! I wish they could just zip in and fix that. Wonder why they got it wrong? Anyway… LOVED IT!!!!

  43. I thought it was amazing!! Taylor did a fantastic job, he literally IS jacob!
    I agree that the bedroom scene at the end didnt fully reflect Edwards reason for leaving. But before I saw the movie I always wondered how they would poytray it, because a long scene of talking in a bedroom usually wouldnt translate on screen. So now Im happy with the ending. The whole cinema gasped at Edwards last three words!

  44. Right when thier lips touched in Volterra, the movie turned off and the lights turned on. Lots of loud protesting, followed 5 minutes of laugher. The movie came back on when Jane was walking up.. miss anything? Besides the kiss, that is.

  45. belladonna101 says

    I agree with most of what she was talking about? Except about the scarf, sunglasses, and gloves. They are in the book! Now about that awful Micheal Kors Jacket she was wearing in Italy that was totally unAliceesque to wear that. I think that their should have been more feeling in the reunion scene and I don’t like the line “You can go to Hell” in the book it was much more gentlemanly something along the lines like We respectfully decline. The meadow dream was breathtaking. It was exactly how I pictured it. I do think they should have showed her working at Newton’s Outfitters and especially when Alice and Charlie talk about how catatonic Bella has been. I do agree with the Edward backstory it was needed in the film. I liked Twilight but this movie is 50 times better one because it had a larger budget and 2 because they got a much more experienced director onboard. Chris has voiced in interviews his hope that this film will redeem his so called failing to bring The Golden Compass to life. All I have to say Chris is congratulations you accomplished your objective impeccably.

  46. Yisel_Cullen says

    After seeing it twice I’m having a hard time finding something I don’t like! New Moon is a beautiful movie. I feel ashamed that I doubted Chris Weitz ability to translate the book at the begining. He just did an amazing job. As a fan I’m very please with everything and the wolves are my favorite thing! They are so fierce and wonderful that I just want to hug them. David Slade has some hard shoes to fill because New Moon is one hell of a movie!

  47. I agree with a lot, especially the black eyes! However, I have to completely disagree on the the score. A lot of what made Twilight so special was the fact that they did not use a traditional score. It gave you a different feeling while watching it. It was a lot more of electric guitars with a very haunting/unknown type of feel. Go back and watch when Edward first sits next to Bella in biology and you’ll see what I mean. In New Moon they did your classic orchestra score. I think the actual songs were good, they went more along with the type of “sound” that I was I referring to from Twilight. Overall, I was really bummed over that fact because I think that the score made a HUGE impact in the first movie.

  48. It was so amazing. Brilliant movie. Nice review!

  49. “They nailed the fact that he was in Mexico when he got the call that Bella was dead…”

    Correction: Edward was in Rio… so he was in Brazil when he got the call and when he called her house…


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