Alphie’s review of New Moon

I’ve been traveling and checking into hotel rooms and catching up with friends that I haven’t seen in a while… so while I could have posted this yesterday, I didn’t get to it until today. I saw the film at a pre-screening on Wednesday and at a corporate event yesterday evening around 9 pm (which was cool since the crowds for the midnight shows were insane!!!). So I feel I have a pretty well formed opinion after two viewings. If you are curious as to what I thought of the film, or if you are just in need of more spoilers, then you can read below the cut. But be warned that I do spoil in my review. Read at your own risk!

Before I start my review I will happily tell anyone that yes, I am biased. Yes, I wanted this to be a great film for my fandom and for Stephenie. I wanted this to out shine “Twilight” so much so that I wouldn’t have to make excuses for the things that were bad… like Edward ‘s sparkles tinkeling like wind chimes or that there was no “I love you” in the film. I wanted to be able to be completely honest in my reaction and not have to pass it off with the excuse of “well, they only had $34 mill to work with” like I have done with “Twilight” so many times. So I went into this with total optimism and hope that “New Moon” would be everything “Twilight” wasn’t for me… and to my great pleasure, that’s exactly what happened!

I knew from the very moment the opening title popped up and the moon waned from full to new that Chris Weitz was going to deliver something great. How many times have I had to explain that a FULL moon isn’t a NEW moon to a fan? I’ve heard complaints on why they just can’t put a full moon on the cover of the book or on the movie poster or where ever. Hopefully now everyone will finally realize that a NEW moon is the absence of a moon! And Chris Weitz got it! I know it seems a bit obsessive to be that excited over the opening title, but after years of explaining this to people it was like having validation from the best source possible!

So now lets take the rest of the film piece by piece. Let’s start with acting. I thought everyone did a better job with their acting in this film than they did with Twilight. The problem is that most of our main characters spend the duration of New Moon in a state of angst and depression! Critics are complaining about this, but that’s what the book is like. In fact, I think we saw Bella smile more in New Moon than we did in Twilight. Personally, I laughed more in this film. I think everyone’s timing improved, both for the comedic moments and for the heavy emotional moments as well.

Kristen Stewart, who is still taking a beating for being expressionless, acted the heck out of the fact that she was in pain. Her face during the months section of the film is just wretched. I can’t even fathom how hard this film was on her, to pretend to be totally gone and depressed for days and days and days has to be emotionally draining in real life. So kudos to Kristen to making the depression believable without being overly weepy.

Robert Pattinson impressed me with his ability to look like he wants to cry and can’t! He has really improved as a actor. Three moments stand out for me. First, when he leaves Bella has to lie to her, he kisses her forehead just before he walks away. For that brief moment we see the flicker of how much he loves her and doesn’t want to leave her in the only moment when Bella CAN’T see it. Secondly, the Volterra scene when Bella throws her body at him to push him out of the sun I thought was well done. I’ve heard lots of fans complaining about this moment and I don’t get that. If you’ve only seen the film once and you were screaming at that moment, you might have missed Edward’s line of “Heaven” when he feels Bella against him. I LOVED that line! But then the other complaint is that they don’t start kissing right away. Watch both of them as Rob processes that it isn’t a dream and she is alive and Kristen processes that he didn’t try to kill himself out of guilt but out of heart break and love. They kiss when they are supposed to kiss and it was spot on for me. Now, the third time I really felt like Rob totally nailed Edward’s character was the very, VERY end, which is my favorite moment of the film. The last four – five lines are spot on, and the timing of the very last line is pure perfection. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil it, but it pulled about the biggest fangurl reaction out of me that I have had in a long time.

Now for Taylor Lautner. Wow. Just wow. What gets me the most about his performance is that at some point in time someone was considering recasting him. Really. He had to fight to keep the role of Jacob Black. That stuns me more than anything because of how perfectly played every moment was with him. The few moments that really stand out for me are the movie theatre scene where he first tries to convince Bella that they could be something together. I loved how he went from smiles, to persuasion, to anger so quickly and yet so smoothly. I also really loved the delivery of his first “bloodsucker” line to Bella and her reaction to it. It caught me off guard even though I knew it was coming. But my favorite scene with him is when he is trying to remind Bella that she already knows what’s going on, but he is bound not to tell her he is a werewolf. I can almost hear his internal monologue at that moment, especially when he stops just before saying the word “stories.” I can hear the struggle he is having with his need to tell her the truth and the fact that the Alpha commanded him not to. He just really blew me away all through the film.

Other stand outs for me are Mike Welsh as the desperate wanna be boyfriend. LOVED the movie theatre scene. It was perfect. Anna Kendrick rambling on about zombies and that there were no hot guys in that film. She told us in an interview that she pretty much improved that whole speech. Billy Burke as the dad whose conflicted over what to do. You can see he’s worried and he tries to make a joke to lighten the mood, but Bella is still in her funk. He played those moments so well. But my favorite was… and this should be no surprise if you’ve been paying attention to the tweets and random comments from conventions… was Michael Sheen as Aro. Sigh… I have such a sick and twisted place in my heart for Aro. And now it’s even more sick and twisted. Every little nuisance he delivered was spot on. I love how Michael played him as a real romantic at heart. Just a few moments that made me smile – when tries to read Bella’s mind and can’t and he turns away from them, the look on his face is so perfect! When he licks his lips in the desire to drink Bella’s blood… shivers! Every time he takes someone’s hand to read their mind – the greediness with which he grabs them and the smile that forms on his lips is just cunning. UGH! Really, it’s wrong for me to like that character, but he’s just so wrong that I can’t help myself.

Have I rambled enough about the actors? Let me hit the things that didn’t work for me. First off – who dressed Alice? Cause it wasn’t Alice, the shop-o-holic fashion know-it-all from the books! She looked – and I don’t know how this is possible because Ashley Green is so beautiful – but she looked fat. WHAT? That blue, dumpy shirt thing that she wears to school on Bella’s birthday… what was that thing? And the layers of coats and scarves and lord knows what that was draped all over her in the scene where she comes back to Forks. And then the scarf and gloves in Volterra that I suppose I could understand she was wearing so she didn’t sparkle but still made her look matronly. I didn’t get her costumes at all. In fact, I felt kind of sorry for Hanna of the Hillywood show who now has to wear those costumes!

Second of all, I really missed the fact that Carlisle tells Bella about Edward’s transformation. They cut that out and it’s one of my favorite things about New Moon and the series as a whole. It’s when they really start to set up that whatever special qualities you have as a human are intensified as a vampire. It gives us the explanation as to why Edward can read minds and Alice can see the future, but that not all vampires have an extra supernatural quality. And it makes Aro’s speculation about what kind of immortal Bella would make that much more meaningful. (And after all, this movie is all about Aro, right? LOL!) So that was one thing cut from book to movie that I felt was missing.

And then it bugged me that the dream sequence that has been hyped up about – the scene we’ve seen all those pictures from with Bella’s bed in the woods and she’s outside of herself with Edward and Jacob… where was that scene? I kept waiting for it because I’ve been so curious as to how it would fit in the film, and it never came. It bothered me that I had seen so much about that scene and didn’t get anything of it in the film. Oh well, I suppose it will be on the DVD. This is the scene I’m talking about.

Now here are the little nitpicky things that as a diehard fan made me frown. Why was Jasper in school? Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett “graduated” and went to “collage.” He shouldn’t have been in the school. Why did Marcus have three times as many lines as Ciaus? Marcus shouldn’t be talking. He doesn’t talk. He just mopes and is depressed. Why weren’t Edward’s eyes black in Volterra? They nailed the fact that he was in South America when he got the call that Bella was dead, but they missed the mark on the fact that he wasn’t feeding. His eyes should have been stone black. It would have made such an impression on Bella and the audience.   And I won’t even touch the car since Laura already did that and we all know it was wrong. And the other thing that I think everyone agrees on is that Alice’s vision of vampire Bella just… didn’t work. It was comical to see them frolicking like that. Just the clothes in the vision… neither character would wear those clothes.

But other than that I don’t have many complaints. The directing was brilliant. I think Chris Weitz got so many things right that I can forgive him what went wrong. The cinematography was great… the meadow looked like a real meadow! The score was beautiful and haunting and romantic. And most importantly, they did justice to the book. New Moon moves slower as a book , so it makes sense that the movie would move in the same way. But I never felt it was moving too slowly. Again, I suppose that is the biased fan in me, but it was a real and honest representation of the book. And after all, if it hadn’t been for the book, we all wouldn’t have been so desperate to see the film!

Over all, I loved it. I loved it the second time, and I’m sure I will love it the third time. I can’t wait to get the DVD and see the edited scenes. And most of all… I cannot wait for Eclipse! Well done, everyone! Two big thumbs up!


  1. Karina Munoz says

    I completely agree with everything you said!

  2. Yippeee!!! I get to see it in 1hr! Glad you liked it. Makes it that much more exciting for me!

  3. I don’t think there’s a number to quantify just how much more I enjoyed this movie than twilight. I totally agree about the beginning shot of the new moon! I knew at that moment, I was going to love it!

  4. I loved the movie. I do have to agree with you on the Alice vision of vampire Bella. It didn’t quite work, and yes everyone laughed because of the slow motion. Even though I did like seeing how Bella would look as a vampire on the big screen when she sparkled…I just thought of Breaking Dawn. Other than that I thought everyone did a great job! Kristen did amazing in the scene when the months are passing by. The way her face looked so depressed and sad was exactly like what I pictured when I read the book. I give the movie two thumbs! A great improvement from Twilight.

    • I laughed (and cringed) because of their wardrobe in the vision, it looked like a flashback instead! Speaking of laughable slow-motion, what why was Edward inrtoduced in slo-mo? That was embarrassing. (I did/do love the film, just pointing out a couple of things)

  5. Wow you think the director is SO amazing you called him Christ?! haha

  6. I need to see it again! Did anyone stay to watch all of the credits? It said: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, June 2010! A small teaser would have been even more amazing but just seeing the logo made me crazy happy. Shall the countdown officially begin? 7 months, 10 days…

  7. I have to disagree (respectfully) I was completley disappointed by the movie… My friends say its because Im a Team Edward fan and this was hands down a Team Jacob movie but I thought the ending was Horrible! But Im going back to watch it to see if my opinion changes… I thought everything went way to fast to appreciate the events if someone was watching this without reading the books they wouldnt have a clue as to what was going on… All in all the movie LACKED just like Twilight did. I just hope the director of Eclipe will finally get something right…

    • Thats exactly how it was with Twilight! Nooooo, I haven’t seen it yet, that is disappointing to hear.

    • Wow! I literally cannot comprehend how you can think this.

    • i know exactly what youre saying and i totally agree.. i left that theater fit to … well cry to be honnest
      way to fast, missed out loads and the dialogue was terrible..

      i remember thinking ive waited all this time for what! twilight new moon gone in 60 seconds showing in a theater near you, we were promised he wouldnt change to much of the story… we were lied to he bunged bits in where they shouldnt have been and missed out TONS that could have quiet easily gone in
      eg bella wakes up we see charlie then edward.. next thing were in the cullens living room voting…huh? wheres the argument between B+E the talking it out nothing nadda ziltch…= gutted


      • Ok, so did you want this to be a 5 hour movie?? They have to get to all the major plot points in a very short amount of time… they can’t show every argument. I think they did a good job of conveying how both Bella and Edward felt without arguing.

        • they didn show any as for the 5 hour movie thing… youre tellig me that if it was 5 hours long you wouldnt watch… it yeah right!!
          if harry potter can get away with 3 hours so could new moon.. instead they condenced it and not in a good way, this excuse of they got what they could in the film is bs.. no they didnt they rushed it extra time on the second half of the book would have made the difference i feel..

          • I think after all the years that I’ve been terribly disapointed in book to movie adaptations that I look at the movies differently, but even so I think New Moon was closer to the book than any other book to movie I’ve watched before. Also, I find that the movies always feel a bit on speed compared to the book, but this one had nothing on HP: Goblet of Fire. That movie left my head spinning it was so packed. At any rate I think the best way to enjoy movies that come from books is to look at it in a positive instead of finding all the things they left out, because you’ll always wish they had put more in.

      • Claire Burke says

        I agree, also.The problem in the two movies is that is and always has been a beautiful love story.When you cut a lot of that dialogue you remove the very essense of the novels.
        If you base the directing around the the love story,I feel everything would fall into place.Jacob’s character is well defined because it is based on reaction to Bella’s falling in love with a vampire and the dangers that it brings to her and the community. His phasing along with her heartbreak and his inability to change her mind also adds enough tension to make him a very exciting character.
        Edward is left out in the cold cinematography speaking.He’s weak when he meets the Voltaire shaken by what he thinKs is Bella’s demise.What should have been one of the most electrifying scenes–Bella and Edward together—their holding, touching and communication before and after the Voltaire left me a feeling a little cold and a lot cheated.
        Love story first—special effects second!!!

    • all i want to add is this when this comes out on DVD i do so hope there is a directors cut where hes reinstated all the IMPORTANT material he was told to cut out …

    • I have to agree. I was so disappointed. I am going to see it again though, simply because I just can’t accept that I really didn’t like it.

    • I have to agree with you. I was sooo excited to see this film. I went with 11 of my girlfriends and we have been counting down the days for like 3 months. I walked out feeling like what did i just see? I don’t think it was horrible but there are so many things that could have been included. I’m team Edward ALWAYS but I felt like Team Jacob fans got robbed. I don’t think that anyone watching movie (who hadn’t read the books) would even wonder why there are such things as Team Jacob fans. There was no build up to the Bella Jacob relationship.I mean yeah they hung out and had conversations that the audience couldn’t hear but it didn’t feel real like the book. New Moon was my least favorite of all the books but i feel like it deserved more. i read that book with fury and heartache, something the movied didn’t provoke in me.That being said i don’t think this is Chris’ fault.I think he did a great job with what he had to work with i thought the visuals were stunning, great job Chris Weitz. The Edward dialog missing from the Bella Edward reunion was heartbreaking.Some of the best lines come from those two scenes (volterra and back in forks when she wakes up)and what happened to Bella and Alices conversation on the plane? i’m blending my books now- did the scene where Jacob brings the motorcycle to Charlie happen in New Moon. i love that scene when Charlie is yelling from the house.All in all it was good but still missing something. i will go see it again without the long waited excitement blinding me….

  8. Thanks for the review, I loved it too. One question – wasn’t Edward in Rio (South America) instead of Mexico?

    • Twilight_News says

      I think you’re right about the Rio thing. Still, that’s pretty close, so it worked for me!

      • The background that you see in the movie is the statue of “Cristo Redentor” in brazil. Both book and movie show Brazil.

  9. Great review!! I was wondering the same thing with Edward’s eyes…They should have been black!!
    Another minor difference was that Edward tells Bella that he was lying about not wanting her before they go to the Volturi…which changes things a bit because in the book the whole time they are in Volterra, Bella still believes that Edward doesn’t love her anymore and that he is going to leave her, which is why she stays up on the plane ride home

    Overall, it was excellent…i really enjoyed it, I’ve seen it twice already!

    • I was wondering about the plane ride too. I guess for the sake of time they had to change that part, but it worked for me.

    • i completely agree with you. that kind of ruined the scene for me because the whole element of bella thinking edward still didn’t want her was missing. their reunion was way too quick and easy…the plane ride home was one of my favorite parts of the book.

  10. Marilee Hoddinott says

    I LOVED the movie. I do wish they would have gone into a bit more about Edward’s background and Carlisle changing him. They do leave out important areas of the Cullen history that I wish they could include some how. I thought Kellan Lutz was awesome! I loved his line “Hell ya!” Priceless.

  11. Edward was in Brazil not Mexico.

  12. I Loved New Moon!!! I so agree with you…it was so much better than Twilight and I don’t have to make any excuses for pparts of the film. I thought all the actors did a great job and I loved the extra humor in the film.

  13. JenLouise0201 says

    Well said Alphie! After watching the movie last night, I thought it was phenominal! I also think the makeup artists in New Moon did the vampires justice. I was pleased to see the contrast between vampire and human skin. Bravo! I also agree that the acting, especially Kristen, was supurb! She nailed Bella perfectly. I enjoyed the comical moments that didn’t take away the feel of the movie as a whole, but gave us enough to ease the tension a bit. I was pleased with the Volturi characters, and yes, I do agree with your opinions regarding Aro. I thought Michale Sheen was great. From the expressions to his dialog.
    Wonderful review Alphie! Thanks for always keeping us up to date and re-living the Twilight world each and every day.

  14. I think the woods/outdoor bedroom scene you were mentioning is actually in ECLIPSE! Can’t wait for that one! I totally agree that Alice looked really bad in the whole movie. Her flat hair was sad (wasn’t it almost spiky in the book??) and the clothes?? Very un-trendy clothes from Grandma’s closet.
    But, the movie was GREAT! Loved the absence of the blue filter too! :o)

    • Twilight_News says

      I don’t think it is in Eclipse because Chris Weitz is in some of the shots and he didn’t have anything to do with Eclipse, but I’m going to look into that now to be sure.

    • Twilight_News says

      It is New Moon because with one google search I found dozens of hits. Here’s one sample of the scene i’m talking about. Notice all the green screens and the bed outside and the wolf… and Christ Weitz in several of the shots.

  15. I totally agree!! it was amazing!

  16. Exactly dead on…I feel the same way about everything you so therefore no sense in repeating it..I must admit when Twilight first came out I had no desire to see it only because of all the hype..then I finally watched it & decided I needed to reads the books. I read the whole series in 2 weeks(would have been less but I have a 9mth old lol) needless to say I am hopelessly addicted. I can relate to Bella in so many ways..years ago I was hurt as she was and the way she conveyed that pain & suffering was absolutely amazing…My fiance is in Afghanistan & I told him when he gets home he has to see both movies so he can go to Eclipse with me lol

  17. I have no more to say, because thank you Alphie, you just said it all! EVERY POINT I would have made, you said perfectly!

    One thing- and it has nothing to do with the movie, but rather, just amused me- in your second to last paragraph (3rd sentence), you wrote “Christ” Weitz.” I know (I’m LDS, too), it’s just habit to add the T, isn’t it? XD

    I love your review, Alphie! Perfectly said! I love you!!!!

    Now I’m so excited for Eclipse. Can’t wait!!!


  18. I have to say after seeing New Moon, Twilight seemed much better than it did before. For me New Moon just went by too fast way way too fast, Ashley’s clothes were awful, and the vision of Bella as a vampire was horrible. I wanted to see her in the dress Alice put on her in Breaking Dawn. Now that would have made the scene beautiful:) Overall the movie was good, the acting was great, but Chris should have drug somethings out longer. Sorry if I’m making anyone mad, I’m just disappointed, but who wouldn’t be after reading the books (which were FANTASTIC!)

  19. Agree with all of your comments expecially Alice’s wardrobe. That was one of my top pet peeves! Loved the comedic touches. My only complaint was that I felt that the second half of the movie moved almost too fast… they were hurrying up to finish it. I wouldn’t have minded an extra 15 minutes just to make that part of the story move at the pace the first part did. I also missed the “return from Italy” love scene in Bella’s bedroom before the vote. Great acting throughout.

  20. I agree with everything said, Alphie! It was amazing and I can’t wait to see it again.

  21. Thank you for talking about Edward’s eyes… it was really my only disappointment. Overall-I loved the movie and will be going back!

  22. Agreed on the weak points. Other cringe-worthy/unintentionally funny moments: Jacob’s Quileute-language “I love you,” shirtless Sam carrying Bella to Charlie (yeah–not at all weird), Jacob’s “twirl” coming off the motorcycle after Bella’s crash.
    Also, though I totally get and appreciate the dramatic effect of Edward’s fight with the Volturi to protect Bella, it doesn’t make sense. In Breaking Dawn, the whole threat was the Volturi’s arsenal of weapons. Why wouldn’t they have simply obscured Edward’s and Alice’s senses and wiped them all out (other than their respect for Carlisle)? I suppose achieving/translating to film the tension depicted in the book would have been difficult?

    Still–like you, I can forgive the minor slips. Overall, a more mature, more serious, more accomplished film. Can’t wait to see it again!

  23. Actually, he was somewhere in Brazil when he gets the call, not Mexico…

  24. GittaKierwen says

    I thought New Moon was ok.. I was anticipating too much and was disappointed… I couldn’t even feel Bella’s pain with her, they didn’t get into it enough. And her relationship with Jacob was just too short. I can’t say I won’t watch it again, as I do work at a movie theater and get to see it for free.. but I don’t think I’d pay to see it more than one more time..

  25. I appreciated all of Alphie’s observations, and agree with every one of them. In addition, there were two other things that left me slightly discontented. Was it just me, or were the Cullens’ “golden eyes” almost overwhelmingly distracting? I had a hard time looking at the rest of their beings, because I felt entranced by those almost yellow cat-eyes. I think I actually preferred the way they looked better in Twilight; it was just too much.

    My one other let down stems from the fact that I adore Edward. He was perfect in everything he did. But, I think because Jacab was so fantastic throughout the movie, it was hard to feel like I could root for Edward at the end. I wish there would have been more time spent with Edward and Bella reconnecting towards the end. It all felt so rushed, and as a result, not as genuine as it need to feel for me. Of course, being a fan of Edward, reading New Moon was very difficult for me as well, but at least when I finished reading, I felt like things were in the right place again between he and Bella. At the end of the movie, all my Team Jacob friends were even less impressed with Edward than ever, and I could see why. I myself almost felt converted to Team Jacob after witnessing the wonderfully-developed relationship between Bella and Jacob. I wish more time was spent near the end of the movie to convincingly re-establish the reason why Edward and Bella belonged together.

    Still, it the movie was well worth waiting for, and I’m so glad we only have to wait until the end of June for Eclipse!

    • yes absolutely they were tooo yellow!! my eyes were watering in some scenes when i looked at Edwards eyes. you can tell that Rob had a hard time putting those in because his eyes looked like slits from being so irritated. I think when i read the books i imagined them more like they were in Twilight, more discreet.

      funny, i felt opposite about the Jacob Bella relationship and how it was portrayed in this movie. I thought Taylor did great job but i don’t think anyone was swayed over to Team Jacob based on what was shown (and i’m not talking about his abs because i’m sure those got him so new fans.) i think they could have given taylor and kristen more scenes to show how their relationship built up to this huge decision between the two guys. and as a member of team Edward i also would have liked more of the reunion. a friend who hadn’t read the books called me after she saw New Moon and asked me if everything was just a dream for Bella. ididn’t even realize that was what cutting out the plane ride home would do for “non fans” My friend hadn’t realized that they’d all flown home. i agree everything was a little tooo quick.

  26. I agree with both of your reviews. From the opening of the movie it captivates you and the end leaves you wanting to not move until the next one starts. I have only scene it once but my daughter and I are going 3 times this weekend so I will catch more details I am sure. I agree with you on the things that were missing that would have enhanced it but happily it surpassed the first movie! I would also like to say it was really nice to meet you both at the Chicago Convention and we are looking forward to seeing you in June. I can hear your personalities more now in you posts after hearing you in person and it only enhances my enjoyment of the site I visit daily!

  27. Saw the midnight show here in the Philly area. Agree with you absolutely completely regarding every one of your points. Alice’s clothes were a HUGE disappointment. I cannot even imagine who thought that was ok for her. The only outfit she wore that was Alice -like was the dress at the b-day party. Other than that- matronly is the perfect word. I really feel bad for RP in the dream sequence- everyone in our theatre laughed. That scene was totally off. I picture Bella-vampire as Kristen looked in those beautiful pics from Vogue/Vanity Fair (whatever it was where she and Rob looked SLEEK!) Will see the movie again this weekend and probably find a third opportunity to see it again. BTW- when hubby and I saw Twilight a year ago, there was only one theatre showing at midnight and it was only 1/2 full. Last night, three theatres- completely jammed. I had to beg some people to move together so my 10 year old son and I could sit together. My how times have changed!!!

    • we saw twilight a year ago at midnight and there were two full theaters. this year the double showing of twilight and new moon filled seven theaters

  28. OK I know at my age(30) I shouldn’t be thinking this but DAM Jacob was hot I have never been team Jacob always a Edward girl but even I ooo’d when he took off his shirt that first time even though i have seen all the photos and trailers

    I agree with your reviews. I laughed the whole movie, going again as soon as I can line up another sitter and at least 3 times next week. God this cant not get out on DVD fast enough!

  29. Amy Darlene says

    Alice’s vision of Bella as a vampire actually reminded me of Tuck Everlasting (that story, if you’ve ever spoken with me is what I believe the foil for Twilight…and a grounds for a good essay)

  30. I agree about Alice’s wardrobe. I hated it. I also thought that poor Jasper, who looked so cute to me in the first one, looked really gross in this one. His hair was sickly looking.Just my opinion. He’s just too much a cutie to look so bad.

  31. I really really LOVED the movie. I thought they did a great job overall. I missed the scene when they arrived back from Volterra with Emmett and Rose in the car, that was just another Emmett comical moment that I had looked forward to. I thought Melissa did a great job putting it all together and I’m so glad that Kristen and Taylor pushed to have the movie scene done correctly. So much happier with New Moon than Twilight. The differences were especially noticeable when watching them back to back in the theater. The things you listed as wrong, I would agree with. The car thing wouldn’t have bothered me as much if they hadn’t used silver in Twilight (consistency is important). The most bothering for me was Edward not having black eyes in Volterra. Completely LOVED, LOVED the movie and can’t wait to see it again and again.

  32. Loved the movie, hated Alice’s clothes! Disappointed with the musical score. It didn’t have the edge to it that twilight had. I agree that the Cullen’s eyes were distracting. I almost changed to Team Jacob during the movie, until the end! I would have loved the movie more if Summit would not have released so much footage ahead of time.

  33. Just putting this out there: Couldn’t Edward, with all his big bucks, have bought a new Volvo, this time in Black? It makes sense to me, because of the family’s love for fast and fancy cars, that he would have a new car every new school year. Just a thought. 🙂

    • Twilight_News says

      Sure he COULD have, but the point is that he didn’t. he drives a silver volvo all through the four books.

      • True, but where does it say in the books that Edward does NOT own a Black Volvo? 🙂 Just saying it is possible that he owned one and used it sparingly.

  34. soozabooza54 says

    even though “alice’s vision” was kinda weird, you can’t tell me your tummy didn’t do a little flip when you saw bella w/ those topaz eyes and sparkling. 🙂

    bravo cast and crew – it was truly fantastic and i’ll be seeing it a ton more. 🙂

    • I’m with you there! It was rather corny but seeing her sparkle was one of my favorite bits. Also, as far as Bella’s dress goes, I realize it is very different from the book and that Bella would never wear it but if that scene is Bella on her first day as a vampire then we should remember that ALICE dressed her! 🙂

  35. i agree and the movie was great, but i thought that the movie moved too quickly in some cases. i also thought that we would see more of the wolfs and their story. i didn’t think that they developed it too well – it was too qucik. i just wanted more of everything.

  36. The scene of bella’s bed in the woods with Edward and Jacob was when she was having a dream after Jacob came into her room and she finally found out what was going on. It’s fast flashes but thats what it is.

  37. i luvz some twilight especially edward he z sexy and so iz jacob omg i am like there biggest fan yuppz lol itz cool!=)

  38. I know what you mean about Alice’s vision seeming all wrong, the whole cinema laughed with scorn when it appeared, but dont you think it could be Alice’s old fashioned, romanticised version of her vision?

    • I agree people laughed cause it was a bit out of place but i guess when you put it that way it fits a bit better plus i loved Bella, sparkling and her eyes!!!

    • I really really liked the movie!!! i thought it was really well adapted! Alphie your review was dead on!!! you took the words right out of my mouth!!! im so going to go see it again!!! and i CAN’T WAIT for Eclipse!!!!! Let the countdown begin!!!!!!

  39. This review is spot on. I just have to say, that Alice’s vision at the end- the clothes that Bella is wearing would be something that Alice probably bought for her and put in the cottage. IDK i’m just guessing but you are very right about everything. I think the Voltouri were amazing and that I can’t wait to see them in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I give this movie 2 very happy thumbs up!!!! I was amazed at Chris W., and can not beleive that the book was adapted so beautifully. Alice needs a new wardrobe….can we say “What not to Wear?”

  40. ok here are my complaints…
    Alice clothes looked awful!!
    I think Hannah Hindi should of played her.
    the line where she said”Show me the love” was just awful sounded fake.

    I thought the volturi scene was great but where were the wives?? unless they didnt want it to drag on?? oh well:]

    and the scene where Edward leaves and bella is looking at the ground breathing weird>?? talk about bad acting…

    Mike Newton cracked me up and so did Jessica Stanley.
    I thought Angelas glasses looked retarded

  41. I saw the movie last night and really enjoy it. Chris Weitz did a wonderful job, I wish he would redo Twilight. The disappointing part was the lack of back story details needed for a person who never saw Twilight or read the books to understand what is going on with the wolves and Victoria. I also agree Alice’s wardrobe was horrible. Overall it was a great movie.

  42. The movie can never be as good as the book, but I was fully satisfied. Did I like it better than Twilight? That’s like asking which child is your favorite. They are both wonderful in their own unique, amazing way. I was a little disappointed in the reunion scene in Italy. I’ll have to watch it again when I can actually hear all the dialogue and inflection in their voices, but my first impression was of being a little underwhelmed. I didn’t feel the sheer exaltation from either of them of seeing each other again and being together again. Of course, they were shuffled off to the Volturi rather quickly. But even back home in Forks, Edward just didn’t sell me on why he left her in the first place. I didn’t feel like I could immediately jump back on the Edward bandwagon (and I am 100% Team Edward). It left me feeling like she was a bit of a puppet. I wanted Edward to really pour his heart and soul into convincing Bella why she should come back to him, and I just didn’t feel it. I think this is partially a testament to what Kristen and Taylor did with Bella and Jacob’s relationship. You can’t help but feel for Jacob, which is what Stephenie wanted. This is all, of course, the perfect setup for Eclipse. The absence of Rachelle – if you blinked you would have missed her – was disappointing. In the final scene where she disappeared under the water, all they showed was her eyes/top of her head. I’m not even sure that was Rachelle. I thought she deserved better. Was this Summit punishing Rachelle for speaking out about her dismissal? The frolicking scene – ridiculous. I didn’t like it at all. Overall, a fabulous movie. I can’t wait for Eclipse. Only seven months. Let the countdown begin!

    • By the way, I still feel like I’m floating. Whenever I see the movie or read the books I get this crazy feeling. I walk around the house with a goofy smile on my face and nothing can touch me, nothing bothers me. That’s the magic of Twilight.

      • So do I! Giddy, happy, love is grand-great escape from work, kids, cleaning. lol.
        During the movie I kept saying, Taylor is 17, 17, 17. I’m old enough to be his mother. I did not feel the necessary soul mate love was played out enough with Edward and Bella in her bedroom. I needed more dialogue, more “am I dreaming?” remember that? Why does Bella tell Jacob she loves him and in front of Edward? It then felt bizarre that he would ask her….

  43. I loved everything. No one is commenting on the wolves. They were incredible. The change in Jacob’s muzzle at the end put a lump in my throat, even though I know the ending. I cannot wait to see it again. I am in favor of Chris Weitz taking Breaking Dawn.

    • Speaking of how wonderful the wovles were… Did anyone else notice that, in the scene in the rain where Bella confronts Jacob, he was actually STEAMING? I thought that attention to detail was amazing.

      • oh i did see that! Ugh I am soooooo team Edward but I gotta hand it to the wolf pack…they totally kicked butt

      • yes i noticed but did you notice how hard it was for him to control his shaking.. he must have been freezing …. but i guess seen as jake shakes before he turns into a wolf its easy to play off

  44. Tatiangel333 says

    I’d like to know what Chris was envisioning when he tried to show Alice’s vision of Bella as a vampire. They were in period clothing and running in slow motion in forest??? I hope someone asks him that question in an interview because maybe he can give us some insight into his interpretation. In my opinion he shouldn’t have even touched on Bella as a vampire. Leave that to the Breaking Dawn director.

    • Okay, I’ve read several people comment on this, and everyone laughing at the theatre really annoyed me, so I am going to put my two cents in.

      I think, chosing to show Alice’s vision the way they did, was well done. Not only do you get a better feel for the world Alice lives in, constantly seeing visions, but you see the vivid quality of Aro’s ability as well.

      The vision itself: What Alice saw at that point, first and foremost, was Bella and Edward being together. That she has to become a vampire as well for that to happen is secondary. It is just the how behind the what. Now this next part was my automatic interpretation when I saw the vision. Edward was an adult in 1918. If Alice is seeing Edward with his mate (as the vamps call them) it makes a certain amount of sense to see it in his natural time frame. The clothing they were wearing was perfect for the early 1900s. This also reflects the timelessness of the vampires – they never really change from the time they are turned.

      Don’t get me wrong, I would much have preferred to see Alice and Bella arm in arm, with Bella’s eyes gleaming red as described by Meyer, but I certainly didn’t think the vision as shown was laughable. I thought it just better reflected the complexities of Alice’s visions and the situation.

      • That part totally threw the movie off. What time Edward was born has nothing to do with Bella turning into a vampire. It should have been a present time. I like that they put the scene in there, but it could have been done much better.

  45. After reading your review I WANT TO SEE EVEN MORE. Thanks for the thumbs up.

  46. Alice’s vision didn’t bother me. Her visions change, so this is what could happen. Also, I believe Bella’s first hunting experience was in a dress, maybe not this particular one, but we know some of the costuming has been off in every movie. I liked the scene. Bella looked at ease being vampy and that’s exactly what happens!

    • Pg 408 hardcover Breaking Dawn:
      “Also,this dress–that Alice must have put me in sometime when I was too lost in the burning to notice–was not what I would have picked out for either jumping or hunting. Tightly fitted ice-blue silk? What did she think I would need it for? Was there a cocktail party later?

      The dress was what Bella would have worn if she had lived the same time Edward did.

    • I believe Alice´s vision was one of the first she had of bella, before meeting her, though i was expecting to see two options, bella as a vampire or bella dead, which gave Aro the excuse to let them free.

      I am team Edward, thus I also agree that the last part was very important and missed many things, like Bella´s epiphany, more conversation between them, the way back to Forks, etc. and most important, that Jacob accused Bella of driving bikes…. After seeing New Moon, i would have thought that Jacob was perfect, but in the book it gives you a foreshadowing of how selfish he can get, comparing to Edward.

      Overall, i loved it, seen it twice already, and totally agree that Chris really knew what fans wanted to see (even though he is a man) hahaha. I love you Chris, you did justice to one year of waiting.

    • I may be wrong but Bella talks about how Alice can make herself see things that are not real. She also asked in the book “Aro seemed convinced. Did he not realize how subjective Alice’s visions were? That she could make up her mind to transform me today, and then change it tomorrow?” I understood this to be made up in her mind and also to be different. She made it up so he would believe it. I liked Alices hair and clothes better in first movie but hey most of us didn’t go to see Alice.

  47. I agree with the review completely! I have to say there was still some tingely sounds with the sparkling though. Also, I would really love to hear a real vampire growl at some point. Overall I left the movie feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. I thought it was amazing.

    • Oh and one more thing-I would have loved the line where Edward tells Bella that him saying he didn’t need her was “the blackest form of blasphemy”. I loved that line in the book.

    • hah and it was hilarious she was like “you’re an old man maybe I shouldnt be dating you thats kind of gross”


  49. Ugh! I can’t wait to see the movie but I have to see it at a time when all the screaming girls are at home!

  50. I thought overall, the movie was WORLDS better than Twilight. It makes Twilight look like a joke. I love that they are playing to fans of the book- not the critics. Of course the critics don’t get it, they haven’t read the books!

    I thought Kristen did an incredible job. Her performance really touched me. Breakup scene was great except it was awkward when she was like, “I’m coming!” and rob said, “I don’t want you to come!”. Unintentionally hilarious. Dream sequence with her changed was awkward and cheesy.

    Overall, I love that there were funny moments in there to kind of break it up. I wish they had showed more of Victoria, she was supposed to have a talking scene.

    I was little disappointed in the CGI of the wolves, and the cliff diving scenes. Really bad. It’s not Narnia. Hope it is improved with Eclipse and a bigger budget.

    Acting was much improved. Alice’s clothes were a disappointment and I think they should have shown them returning from Italy at the airport to show how concerned all the Cullens were, and showed Rosalie telling Edward about Bella, like in the deleted scene from the book.

    The birthday party was really awkward. It seemed like they were rushing it a bit too much. I’m glad they left the scene with Carlisle stitching Bella up.

    Oh, and the wolfpack acting was so bad in parts, especially Bronson and Kiowa. Just awful. They sounded like they were in a school play. I hope they fix that. I would have liked to see a bit more of Emily and Sam.

    Thank you Chris Weitz, for making a beautiful film. It makes Twilight look like a joke, and I wish they could redo Twilight without Catherine behind it. She was just awful, especially after seeing New Moon. Chris was true to the book, and 97% of the time, he put in exactly what they knew would be important to the fans. Catherine should be embarrassed. It just shows how little she respected and understood the book.

    I loved New Moon. Can’t wait to see it again and get the DVD and see Eclipse! With how well NM is doing, they HAVE to do Breaking Dawn, in my opinion

    • Zookie Monster says

      I loved the wolves! I mean, they aren’t going to take forever to train actual wolves -_- And how is it like Narnia? Narnia’s epic and battlish and ASLAAAAN! I didn’t find New Moon like Narnia at all 😛

      I also totally disagree of your view of the pack’s acting. Jared and Embry are playful, fun-loving guys, and they portrayed that. In Twilight when Embry and Sam came on, there was just awkwardness. This was full of the more puppy-love and funness and just boyishness =]

      But I do agree on Catherine. Twilight was a joke compared to this. Chris took his time to make everything–well, most of the stuff–precise and as close to the book as the script given to him would allow (which reminds me that the cheesiness in Twilight is due to some bad directing plus horrible script…)

      Kristen did not do INCREDIBLE. She did BETTER. That part when she asks Edward to kiss her, and her eyebrow has like a spaz party…ugh. Her and Rob kissing was so weird, in my opinion. Just the whole…I can’t explain it :/ But Kristen did better, and did n-n-n-ot s-s-s-stutter as m-m-m-much as i-i-i-in T-t-t-t-twilight. =]

      • I agree. Kristen did BETTER. I don’t think she’s that great of an actress. Yes, in Twilight I kept thinking “Just SPIT IT OUT! Quit hesitating so much!”

      • Oh, one more thing……. I was really disappointed they cut out the Romeo and Juliet lines that Edward whispered to Bella when she saved him. 🙁