Time Magazine: Twilight The Journey and the Appeal

“Beatlemania is the comparison that everybody makes, but Twilight is more like the Beatles in reverse. Beatlemania was a reaction to the buttoned-down, sexually repressed pop culture of the 1950s. Twilight is a reaction to the reaction — it’s a retreat from the hedonistic hookup culture that the sexual revolution begot. Nobody hooks up in Twilight. Meyer put sex back underground, transmuted it back into yearning, where it became, paradoxically, exponentially more powerful. “For me, the appeal of the vampire is safe sexuality,” says Melissa Rosenberg, who has written the screenplays for all the Twilight movies. “It’s the ultimate romantic ideal. You have the allure of the danger. And yet there’s only so far you can go.”

See the whole article (which includes a quote from Alphie!) on Time.


  1. Good Article.
    I can’t get over that Paramount script though. Bella a track star?! Cullens in Mexico?! I can only imagine what poor Stephanie thought.

  2. REALLY cool article! and i thought i’d read it all!!

    on that note, the link takes you to the second page, though, with “the quote from alphie” being on the first page, so you’d have to click back and read the first page.

  3. “It’s the ultimate romantic ideal. You have the allure of the danger. And yet there’s only so far you can go.”

    Only in Twilight world though. In almost any other vampire story, romantic or not, there is always loads of sex. As Rob has put it in past interviews, “The appeal of vampires is sex. The link between sex and death”.

  4. Is it just me or did CH sort of say that Rob and Kristen are in a relationship? Wow… you wouldn’t think she would say that.

    • No, I definitely caught that too. If I was Kristen I wouldn’t be too happy with her right now.

    • Umpteenth Twifan says

      I haven’t read the whole article but have seen the infamous quote. WOW, just wow. Trust and discretion aren’t in Ms. Hardwicke’s vocabulary, apparently. Yeesh.

      On the plus side…looks like there is a lot more stuff worth reading in that article!

    • Yeah, that was pretty low. Though I’m not surprised, Catherine’s been saying this kind of vague stuff about them for a while now. I’d be furious if I was Kristen, Catherine shouldn’t be talking about Rob and Kristen’s relationship at all. She should know better, she went through this madness last year, and I’m sure she knows that Rob and Kristen don’t want to talk about it. Of course there’s a possibility she was misquoted but this is Time Magazine, so it’s not probable.

  5. I wonder if that part when they say that there’s no sex in Twilight. I wonder if that includes Breaking Dawn as well. It’s going to be pretty hard to pull that one off without sex.

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