Pictures for the Hot Topic Twilight Tour

Yesterday’s stops included Illinois and New Jersey.

The Chicago Sun Times described the scene as Girls Just Want to See Vampires. Having seen Ashley and Kellan in person we agree with these two fans who sated:

“I thought I was going to pass out there for five seconds,” she said.

“They’re even prettier in person,” added friend Ashlyn Slamans, 16, of Sugar Grove.”

The Sun Times has a great photogallery that you can find here.

Over in New Jersey, Charlie Bewley and Dan Cudmore were also a bit hit.

Video via TwiMoms

Hollywood Crush covered the New Jersey event.

“Something else you probably didn’t know? That if Daniel could have any super power, he said he’d choose invisibility. “I would love to be invisible. I would just mess with people all day long.” Charlie said he’d choose flight. “Flying is a natural progression of running. I do a lot of running and sometimes I wish I had a pair of wings.”

On a more serious note, Charlie said all the attention he’s gotten for becoming a part of the Twilight universe is “very humbling. That kind of deafening level [of screaming] is unprecedented.” Daniel added, “How could you complain with all this emotion?” Too much of that attention could become a little less exciting, though — photographers follow every Rob, Taylor, and Kristen Stewart seemingly every second of the day. Charlie said he’s already a target of the paparazzi, but Daniel said he’s been able to keep a low profile so far. “For some weird reason, I’m 6′ 7” and I can hide. No one follows me down the street.” Well, not yet, anyway.”


  1. I was there last night at this tour. It was nice to see Ashley & Kellan, they were so sweet!

  2. I think the reason Daniel is able to keep a “low profile” is because the paparazzi is scared of him. He is 6’7″! hmmmm, maybe he should be Rob’s bodyguard?!

  3. There’s no harm in waiting, Daniel! Charlie is as hilarious as always and, Ashley and Kellan are so sweet.