Peter Facinelli Is a Genius!

So there are pictures on the Internet that supposedly “prove a relationship” because two people are holding hands. Mind you, we’ve seen one of the parties holding hands with others before so to us it doesn’t persay equal “proof”. Regardless if they are or aren’t in a relationship we wish them well. However this tweet and photo from Peter Facinelli doubled us over laughing!

Co-stars caught holding hands. Guess this picture proves everything. #Pellan


  1. Nicole Goldstein says:

    I think this is the most amazing thing P Fach has ever done. Genius indeed. I’m totally Team Pellan now

  2. Srsly! I <3 Peter.

  3. Pellan for Best Twouple!

  4. he’s the best, no one could have said it better – oh and i just have to say this so called “hand holding” picture looks more like either linking arms or trying to get something out of his pocket, he’s holding his hat, not her hand – it doesn’t even matter, i just hope they’re happy no matter who they’re dating

  5. aahhhh!!!

    this *totally* takes the cake.

    Peter is now more amazing (if possible) than he was 2 seconds ago xDD

  6. hahaha i laughed so hard when i saw his tweet! lol

  7. HA! Classic! These guys rock.

  8. No Fool Here... says:

    Lexicon Ladies, you should have left this alone. Peter is fooling no one. He’s being the protective dad and is fooling no one. Sorry but you all can try to go with this but no one is buying it. His own wife almost slipped up a couple of months ago. Here’s the problem with Peter’s so-called pic. First of all, Kellan and he were doing this for show. They knew the cameras were there . They put on a show for the papz. Rob & Kristen didn’t know the papz were at the air field, ergo acting how they normally act w/out the cameras present. The other problem Peter has with this is the fact that Kristen is very protective of her co-stars. If something isn’t true, she’ll defend it to the nth degree.

    Let me give you a good example that totally contradicts Peter’s picture: A thief robs a store; camera catches the thief robbing the store; everyone can see that the thief had on the same outfit that the store camera caught that he had on when he went to school in that same day; the thief pleads not guilty with all of the evidence showing him on tape robbing the store; but still plead not guilty goes to trial and never admits robbing the store after being convicted.

    This happens everyday people. People kill people everyday in front of witnesses and deny they are the one’s that pulled the trigger and will deny it until they die.

    In Rob and Kristen’s case, they aren’t even denying it. With all of the evidence (uh, quiet as kept, people are convicted on circumstantial evidence in America everyday…some even get executed on circumstantial evidence).

    So just because Rob & Kristen haven’t called you or any other media outlet and made a public proclamation of their relationship doesn’t mean their isn’t one.

    So no matter what this blog (love you guys truly) or Peter or any other cast-mate (some have slipped up about them a while ago but I won’t call out any names) try to say about this picture of them holding hands. Oh, buy the way, she was holding him up at the arm at first and then slid down to hold his hand. Uh, ok, so “just friends” you’re holding his arm then you as “just friends” slid down his arm and begin to hold his hand.

    And please don’t say that’s not what happened. If you see all of the pictures they show them step by step that’s what happened. They were not just “casually holding hands” or “playing to the cameras”.

    So, stop playing people for fools. It makes you look small. You all should never have posted this blog. Because if you don’t speak on the cast relationships, you shouldn’t try to get in the business of denying them if you are not in the business in confirming them.

    The majority of people except maybe 1% of people who cannot see the forest for the trees believe they are a couple. A lot of them didn’t need this stupid picture to prove anything. But hey, whatever it takes for folks.

    Do not invoke circumstantial evidence when it works for you because people can use the same circumstantial evidence to work for them. But in this case, all evidence leads to a relationship.

    Sorry Ladies but you and Peter are just out on the limb w/a few others but nobody’s buying what you’re selling. Luv you still πŸ™‚

    • 1) Jenny didn’t slip up. She was the one that told the magazine to get the transcript of what what said, and no where in that interview did it say anything about a relationship between Rob and Kristen, which PROVED it was a made up quote.

      2) They KNEW the cameras was there. Nick, Rob’s manager. tells them the camera’s are there TWICE.

      3)Maybe if people like you weren’t so invested in their relationship they wouldn’t get stalked around endlessly by the paparazzi trying to get the “money shot” of them together.

      • If you’ve looked at rest of the picture you would have been aware that they didn’t Know the paparazzi was there. As soon as they find out she stop touching him and her body guard move beside her to shield her.

        I agree with you that too much people ‘re invested in this kids life. it’s their life let them live it.

        I also think what Pfach did with the twiter acount wasn’t helpfull. The cast can’t say we don’t know what’s going on and at the same time playing game with the papz. Is just fuel speculation. They should just let Kris and Rob deal with it wlike they ‘ve been doing very well lately with is none of your business.
        I’m a little disapointed by Pfach. When people make a clear choice to not comment on sommething you shouldn’t do it for themselves.

    • Twilight_News says:

      You might want to reread our post were didn’t say we either believed or disbelieved the relationship. Honestly we don’t know, nor do we care about what the status of that relationship is. It’s just that a hand hold that looks more like an arm lock doesn’t equal proof for us, especially since with our own eyes we’ve seen Kristen hold hands like that with two other guys in the cast.

      We’re just commenting on how Peter Facinelli was quick witted and turned the whole thing on it’s head, got everyone to click on a picture, and got a brilliant laugh. We stand by the title of our post THAT is genius!

      We also meant what we said in the post that either way it goes we wish them well and hope they are happy.

    • mschicklet says:

      LOL! Fans take this stuff so seriously. Who cares who’s dating? It’s really none of our business anyway.

      What IS our business is whether or not the movie is good, and that’s what we all should be talking about.

    • Does it really matter??? says:

      Does it really matter??? So what if Rob & Kristen are dating, So what if they aren’t dating. People will always think what they want to think no matter what the thruth is or isn’t.

      Were you there when these photos were taken? Did you actually see Rob & Kristen with your own eyes?

      Do you really have nothing else going on in your life???

    • I’ve had a few good guy friends that I have held hands with and it didn’t mean anything because I’m not famous. Peter’s point is that people can hold hands even if they’re not dating.
      I also hold hands and give hugs and kisses to female friends as well as my grandmother and my parents.

    • Now they’ll have to put Peter and Kellan on “Bump Watch”

      • Lol Question is who will have the bump Kellen or Petter πŸ™‚

        Seriously I dont see why people are so concerned either way Let them live their life wish them happiness like you do any other person but I have to say I follow petter on twitter and he is a funny guy and this stunt is brilliant the media is always around stalking them I would start to mess with them myself if i was in their shoes let them have their fun.

  9. Cute thing Peter did.

    I don’t understand the doubters! It’s out of control! RP and KS just want their privacy – so they aren’t all over each other in public and this shot was probably taken when they thought they were alone. I’d rather they not say a word about their relationship. Once actors start talking a lot about how much in love they are, the relationship seems to quickly hit the pooper.

    Anyone who’s ever been in a serious relationship knows that you just don’t link arms or “almost” hold hands with a close guy friend. If you do, one or both parties wants a relationship or, at the very least, a “friends w/benefits” relationship. Whatever RP and KS call it behind “closed doors” is their business. However, all their hanging out w/o the rest of their cast, being photographed running out of cabs and into hotels alone together and now holding hands. Just friends? COME ON!

    • MariposaAlice says:

      Actually, that’s not true lol. I’ve held hands, and linked arms, and hugged guys that weren’t my potential love interest, and I’ve been in two long-term relationships that were serious. So, I don’t think you’re correct at all. I don’t think a little tiny hand holding means anything. Let me see them kiss, then we can talk business. Other than that? No, sorry, I don’t believe it.

      -this part isn’t for you- As for ‘not being a fool,’ who the heck REALLY cares if Rob and Kristen are together? Is it going to break someone’s heart if they’re not? If they are? No, it’s not. I thought this twitter thing was hilarioous, so what others think it’s not right? And btw, no-fool – comparing law cases such as murder and robbery to Robsten? ..Don’t you think you’re going way overboard?

  10. I COMPLETELY agree w/no fool here. 100%.

  11. leave it to petter and Kellen to puill this off. I laughed so hard seeing this. you got to love these guys.

  12. I could really care less who’s seeing who, but I thought Peter’s tweet was hilarious!

  13. Makes me sad to see Twilight Lexicon stick your head in the sand. Peter has a great sense of humor but you’re in denial…perhaps we should rename this site “Cleopatra” Lexicon.

  14. omg! :0 did they kiss too?

  15. wooooah, kay, I don’t know what Rob and kristen pics are being referenced here and I don’t care and I applaud the Lexicon for not jumping on the bandwagon and “reporting” one way or the other when those involved clearly don’t want the matter reported on, but I just want to say I AM SO TEAM PELLAN! This is hilarious!
    KEEP SCREWING WITH THE PAPS AND ALL THE SMALL MINDED FANSHEEP, BOYS! You make such a cute couple in the process! <3

  16. cheering4twi says:

    Good on Peter and you ladies for trying to keep light hearted about it, I mean really, I dont understand why this whole idea that well known peoples lives should be completely on display for what is LITERALLY the whole world…seems so stupid to me. Makes me annoyed.

  17. No Fool Here... says:

    Denial is a river in Egypt. I still believe if you’re not going to speak about relationships, you shouldn’t be in the business of trying to deny them either. You cannot argue it both ways. If this blog is not going to get into accepting the existence of a relationship, then you can’t be in the business of denying the existence of relationships either. It’s just a contradiction at best.

    Believe what you want. Just don’t try to impose your beliefs on others and act like the majority of the public is crazy when the minority is just not accepting reality.

    And please note, Peter is just playing with your minds to try to throw you off. He is a smart, slick New Yorker. Nice try though. But like I said, no one’s buying it anymore. At least no one who’s living in reality. And Melissa, Rob’s manager looked at the camera after Kristen held his hand. As you can see, she’s holding his hand already and not before.

    Besides it wouldn’t matter either way because the point is that she’s holding his hand.

    Why is it so important for you all to try to deny it? I don’t understand. Two people liking each other being happy, what’s wrong with that? What, you’re that possessive of Rob and Kristen that you feel they shouldn’t be together?

    But like I said before, you cannot go around trying to deny relationships based upon your own theories of what you think you see and then try to make others look crazy because of what they’re seeing. All evidence points to a relationship than not. If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck (See Beyonce & Jay Z as a reference of keeping a down low relationship when the public knew they were together…uh, now married).

    And by the way, Peter was not leaning on Kellan reflecting the same body language like Kristen is to Rob. You know, like a girlfriend would do with her boyfriend.So stop with the nonsense. Peter and Kellan are clearly playing to the papz, Rob and Kristen are not.

    Again, their own co-stars already gave them up long ago. A little research on Google and you can find the quotes. Peter tried to clean up after what his wife said. There were those who bought that nonsense. I didn’t. I guess it’s my line of work that’s trained me to see thru the crap people try to throw at me. That was a really good attempt of cleaning up but I wasn’t buying it because there was no one else that she could have been referring to especially since no one else in the cast has shown themselves to be into each other as a couple since the slip up. NO ONE! LOL!

    Now, he comes out with this pic trying to clean up again. Like any good father would with his child. Sorry, he struck out this time. Peter has no more at bats. He just should have let it go. Thy protest too much. That’s what’s going on. Protesting too much especially when people really get too hot and close to having the evidence like what his wife said (Just like the game “Hot Bread and Butter”…you’re getting hot, you’re hot…you’re burning up LOL when you get close to finding the hidden item – for those who are old enough and played in a city would know the game).

    It got really hot today and just like Ed McMahon said when Johnny Carson came to the stage: “Herrrrre’s Peter!” Perfect timing.

    The question is: Why is Peter taking the time to refute this picture out of alllllllllll of the pictures of Rob and Kristen together….why this one? Why now? He jumped in on this just as fast as when his wife slipped up. Think about it folks.

    It’s called a Pattern of Behavior. He’s following a pattern of behavior when something appears to “actually be true” he comes out to deflect it. He’s using his popularity and relationships with the fans to help him make the argument to throw off the public. Uh, not working Peter at least with me and with the majority of fans who believe the picture of what they saw and not what you’re trying to make us see.

    Peter’s acting like a man who’s been caught cheating. Trying to find a way to throw you off to try to make you look crazy. “No honey, that wasn’t me coming out of that apartment. You saw someone else”. Then before you know it, he has you regurgitating his lies back to him making you look crazy.

    Sorry Peter. I’m not that gullible woman. I’m from the Northeast like you (NY-NJ-Philly) and you can’t think you can continue to make us out to be fools Mr. Facinelli. We know the tricks. Sell it to a fool who’ll buy your lie. It’ll take more than a pic of you and Kellan to fool me. But clearly from these posts, you’ve found a few. If these woman are that easy to believe what you’re telling them, their men can do the same, LOL!!

    Peter, you’re good, I have got to give it to you. But, just like the thief being seen on the camera and then denying it was him when you saw him on the picture, THE PICTURE IS NOT LYING….There were no alterations to this picture a la the KOL Concert pics. That’s why the denials won’t work this time.

    It was a natural normal atmosphere. No one was suspecting any papz around. But low and behold…there they were.

    People, just be happy for Rob and Kristen. Can you just be happy for them and just stop being foolish with trying to lie for them? It’s not working anymore. They can tell the media what they want…as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words or pictures in this case.

    Just be happy for them and stop trying to be possessive crazies trying to protect them from what I don’t know. I hope they’re happy and having fun with each other. They’re young. They should have fun. If they weren’t acting, they would be in college having fun, going to frat parties, and going to keggers etc…But they’re not. They have each other and that’s ok too.

    So stop trying to deny them being together. You people are really looking foolish now. So stop. Just be happy for them and leave them be.

    Still have much luv for TL. πŸ™‚

  18. No Fool…you have WAAAY too much time on your hands!

    • Totally agree! haha.

      • Does it really matter??? says:

        Totally agree that NO FOOL HERE has wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much spare time on his/her hands. Please please please, go get your self a life!

        Who cares if they are or aren’t, get over it already.

  19. No Fool Here... says:

    Nope, I don’t have too much time on my hands. I just got the day off tomorrow and you people are keeping me entertained with the craziness, LOL!!

    • don’t worry…keep it coming, i love comments….they amuse me hahahaha…plus, i really can’t make up my mind about K and R….i personally want the papz to leave them alone, if they want to tell us about they’re relationship, they will eventually, and if that happens yay!! if not, it’s ok, that’s for them to know and for us to not…

  20. it is amazing to me that so many people around here can’t take a freaking joke.
    cos that’s what this is.
    a poke at the obsessive media-driven society we endorse and a good laugh along the way.

    some people really crack me up.

    way to go, peter.
    way to show the system who’s boss.

  21. oh my hubby (kellan)! Well, if not with me, then I approve! So cute together!! ;P

  22. I love both monsters says:

    Lets give Rob n Kristen the privacy to carry on doing whatever it is that is making them look so happy for a change; me- I just want to see the Kellan n Pete video πŸ˜‰

  23. They look so cute together!

  24. goodness, there’s so much angsting about robsten, pellan, etc. i say bring on the movie darnit i’m tired of waiting πŸ˜›

  25. i am so glad that he was the one doing that. i’m sick of all this fake news about rob and kristen. we love their characters, but the press should stop at that: at the on-screen romance and let them be. good one, pellan! thank you

  26. Peter and Kellan FTW.

    Anyways, for the longest time I have always thought Rob ad Kristen were just friends. Even the KOL pics didn’t convince me they were together. Now after seeing the new pics and some of the stuff Kristen has said in recent interviews, I am leaning more to them being a couple. I am not saying “Oh they are totally together”, I am just thinking they could be. If I had a “Robsten” (God I hate that word) meter, where on one side they are “just friends” and the other being a couple, my meter is at like 60% couple…

    Honestly, if they ARE together, they should just come out and say “Yes, we are dating”. That’s it. They can still be private about it. They don’t have to tell us about what goes on in the bedroom (if anything goes on at all). Sure the paparazzi will still hunt them down for the money shot of them kissing in public but at least they won’t have to hide anymore and eventually the paps will move onto somebody else. And honestly, if I were in Kristen’s position, I would rather have people know I’m with Rob so women don’t throw themselves at him (some still will but others should respect that he has a girlfriend) and vice versa. Yes there will be haters but Kristen keeps saying she doesn’t care so she will learn to deal with it.

  27. First of all, I love Pellan! That is so cute and funny. Now, about Robsten rumors. For me personally, I don’t care either way. I’d LOVE to see the two of them together, they are adorable. I think it is so hilarious that they don’t comment on it either way and remain vague. I just think it is funny to see people just so certain and hell bent on being right one way or another about this. I’m glad to see the Lexicon not choosing a side. I also think it’s hilarious to see people get so bent out of shape trying to argue their point about something so silly and totally not our business that they make a FOOL out of themselves by making ridiculously long posts to defend their opinion. lol

  28. No fool – Most of us don’t care if they are really together. While you are clearly articulate, you are really over thinking this. This was a silly picture that Peter took to be FUNNY! He knows that other picture was released, and he knew it would be FUNNY to parody the situation. Guess what? It worked. It was FUNNY! The picture wasn’t taken over on the grassy knoll, or in Area 51.

    • “The picture wasn’t taken over on the grassy knoll, or in Area 51.”= Priceless, Brilliant and Funny as H***!! πŸ˜‰

  29. Ya’ know what?
    If K.Stew and R.Patz are/aren’t an item it really doesn’t change anything about.. anything. The world will continue to spin ’round and ’round, each day will have 24 hrs., the seasons will change(Yuck! winter is fast approaching).

    I looked at the link above that No Fool Here supplied and I don’t see it. I honestly don’t SEE “it”.
    What I DO SEE: 2 people arriving in “Paris?” walking along an airstrip carrying their belongings. Their hands are full and they are walking in a tight group of people. Yes, their hands may have touched.

    I’m not hiding my head in the sand or politely, discreetly, averting my eyes.
    What I definitely, clearly see: I see 2 people caught up in whirlwind of travel and promotion. And yet despite all of that, I see smiles on their faces.

    What does that mean? I BELIEVE that they are 2 people that have been working their a**** off to bring to life a phenomenal franchise that has completely overwhelmed and changed their lives.
    I BELIEVE that, as a result of the franchise, they have formed a bond from this experience that contributes to the chemistry their characters possess on screen.
    IMO, No Fool Here is seeing something more than meets the eye because he/she wants the chemistry and magic these 2 actors bring to Bella and Edward’s relationship so beautifully and believably on screen, to continue in real life off-screen as well. While I can appreciate that sentiment, I just don’t see it happening in real life.

    As for P.Fach and K.Lutz (aka Pellan) love it. I for one am SO glad they FINALLY went public. Anyone know if they’ve set a date or have registered anywhere yet?!;)

  30. Obviously Peter Facinelli was making fun of all the silly people that jump on conclussions over the stalkerazzi pictures.


    Who cares about Robert and Kristen dating? I don’t, it’s their private lives. And for the record, Kristen hold hands before with Taylor, Nikki and Jackson, oh my, the proof that Kristen dates all of them.

    Silly people is silly.

  31. I can’t stop laughing!

  32. i am going to be honest and say i am totally curious about if they are dating or not. (selfishly i hope they are, because it makes for a cute story)… but i also totally understand that they want to keep something for themselves in the midst of all this public scrutiny.
    i think it was kind of lame of PF to speak on the subject. he seems to love the limelight and pokes his head where it doesn’t belong sometimes to act like he is ‘hanging with the cool kids’. they have kept up a policy of ‘no comment’ which is completely respectable, and for PF to comment in a way that implies anything one way or another doesn’t help the situation. my two cents πŸ™‚

  33. It is called sarcasm people! I think he is brilliant. Love the picture. I also think it is incredibly funny that the subject he is commenting on is exactly what some people in this discussion are doing…jumping to conclusions, taking everything too seriously, and becoming way too emotionally involved in other peoples’ lives. Great job Pellan!

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