We’re Havin A Party…Everybody’s Tweeting

Ok apologies to South Side Johnny, but we are having a party tonight. By “we”, we are talking about the sites that are going to be doing the live webcast at Borders later this month. Check us out at 10:00pm est tonight where we will be tweeting from NewCon, the Hollywood and Highland Hot Topic event, the line up at Times Square and elsewhere!

Get to know the site ops from The Lexicon, Twilight Moms, Twilight Series Theories, Twilight facebook, His Golden Eyes, Twilighters Anonymous, Imprint/TwiSource! Join the the party, come and hang out in cyberland with us.

We’ve made it easy for poeple to follow along by creating a Twitter list and a widget box. So if you are on Twitter, follow the TwiParty list on or follow along in this Widget box at 10:00 est.


  1. Omg thats so cool! And best of all I just bought tickets to see New Moon at midnight, in Disneyland!! I can’t wait!

  2. omg i cant wait til new moon! me and my friend got tickets to see it the 19th! the ticks were over $100 a peice! if i see a carboard cutout of edward, im stealing it XD

  3. Thanks for giving Southside some props! 😉

  4. the diabolical lamb says:

    ok so have I been out of the loop for way too long, or am I just confused; did Rob really say that BD will be filming in Fall 2010?

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