New Moon Press Pre-Screening

Looks like we have a winner folks, here’s what press that saw New Moon at a pre-screening are saying on Twitter, and mind you they pretty much aren’t allowed to say much. Off the record, we are getting thumbs ups!


“I was very impressed not only by the visual effects and the movie, but by the acting itself. Chris Weitz is bad ass.”

“Just saw New Moon. Better than Twilight and crowd just applauded at end. Leaves on a soap opera sting….”

“I’m not allowed to say anything! But be sure to follow me tomorrow at @celebuzz – Big day for RPattz news!”

“I enjoyed it more than Twilight, lot of frenching! RT @mytwitherapy: @JasonKennedy1 so….how was the new moon press screening?!?!? :-)”

@shaunssanctuary just came frm seeing NM.I guess it’s every girl’s dream to have a vampire & werewolf fighting over her!”

One word: amazing! I was very impressed all around – visuals were stunning. The underwater scene..le sigh. And Summit was fabulous!!”

@LarryCarroll: “New Moon” was genuinely awesome. A lot of people are about to be very happy.”


  1. OH MY CARLISE!!! i can not wait for the movie!! if the press is loving the movie i know all the fans will too!!! well duh we would have loved either way..i know i wouldn’t pay much attention to any critics (cant spell) cant wait cant wail! 2 weeks left for it!!!!

  2. AnotherJenny says:

    I’ve never wanted to be part of the media…till now. I’m so jealous I can’t stand it! *sigh*

  3. Keep updating as more press reactions arrive!

    I’ve been hearing some incredibly positive things. 🙂

  4. aaarrrghhh.. i want to see it NOW!!!

  5. This makes me want to watch it even more !!!

  6. THIS is why Chris should direct Breaking Dawn.

  7. I second that emotion about Chris directing Breaking Dawn. If the press screening was a success,imagine what it will be like when fans start posting their reviews for the film. It’s always a catch-22 with sequels and whether they will out do their predecesors,but I guess it appears that New Moon exceeds the expectations. Can’t wait to see it on Nov. 20th.

  8. Ok I will admit I was a little concerned when I heard chris would direct but with these reviews, I am truly impressed and even more anxious than before.

  9. Danielle D. says:

    this is tourcher!

  10. I hope, I hope, I hope. Just two more weeks, people!


  12. Thank you Chris!!!! Can’t wait!

  13. AliceKikiCullen says:

    OME!!!!!!! Man…lucky ducks. Lol. Man just one weekend after this one, one more after this one…Lol. 😉

  14. Wow! Lots of very positive feedback! Although we haven’t seen New Moon yet, sounds like Chris Weitz has really come through with flying colors! I wish he’d direct the last film, Breaking Dawn! I think he completely understands the heart of the Twilight series.

    • Hi Luthien:) I couldn’t have said it better myself – the man DOES understand the heart of Twilight.

      Just two more weeks! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

  15. OF COURSE Chris Weitz is a BAD ASS!!!!! Love him and love NEW MOON! wooooo!!!! 13 days left!

  16. yay for good press reviews!!! This makes me so excited XD (not that I wasn’t already)!! It’s SO much harder to wait when it’s only a few days away….

    • I KNOW!!! The days will DDDRRRAAAAGGGG… I am seriously so excited, I’ll probably pass out from sheer excitement and possibly too much hyperventilating once the opening scene starts up.. ahh!

      • hahaha I know I’ll be so excited I might pass out before I even get to see it!! Well when we wake up we can just go see it three times together ;)!!

  17. I can’t stop bouncing on my chair! I’m extremely happy and impatient at the same time. I think I’ll burst into tears if I have to wait any much longer.
    Thank you so much Chris Weitz! I’ll love you for all eternity! Please be the one to direct Breaking Dawn!


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