Hot Topic Tour Not Yet Sold Out

Just in regarding the Hot Topic Tour:

I wanted to let you know that there are three cast tour events that are NOT sold out. Spread the word, details are below:

Seattle, WA 11/12/09: Westfield Southcenter, Cast Appearing: Charlie Bewley “Demetri” & Daniel Cudmore “Felix” Band Appearing:  Anya Marina

Pheonix, AZ 11/13/09: Fashion Place, Cast Appearing: Edi Gathegi “Laurent” & Jamie Campbell Bower “Caius” Band Appearing:  Anya Marina

Salt Lake City, UT 11/14/09: Fashion Place, Cast Appearing: Charlie Bewley “Demetri” & Daniel Cudmore “Felix”

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  1. umm a little mix up you got Utah & Phoenix mixed up. Phoenix will have the Volturi guard.

  2. The the hell SLC ? Must be a lot of weddings that day haha ..
    It looks like the bad vamps/guys are taking a longer time to sell out. Because the Cullens and Werewolves sold out quickly. THIS SUCKS I LOVE THE BAD VAMPS !

  3. I find it funny that the three cities left are suppose to have biggest fanbases for Twilight.
    1. Book takes place
    2. Stephenie is from and lives
    3. Stephenie went to school and has family.
    But by the looks of it the bad vamps aren’t a seller which again sucks because their very interesting.
    Geez come on let’s get these sold already and I bet when it comes to this day people will be crying and wanting wristbands to meet them.

  4. Also you may want to know that according to, the Mall of America event as well as the Mall of Georgia are not sold out. According to my friend that got me a wristband a couple of days ago, they still had over 100 wristbands left at that time for the Mall of America one.

  5. Phoenix isn’t sold out yet, but we have Charlie and Daniel, and no musical guest. I went yesterday and it looked like they had a bunch left

  6. Part of the problem with the Seattle one is that it’s not really in Seattle. It’s south of Seattle and a bit of a drive for people to have to go down twice to get VIP tickets and than for the event. If it actually took place in downtown Seattle or in one of the more popular malls north of Seattle like Northgate or even Alderwood, I’m sure it would have already been sold out.

  7. Not to mention the event is on a Thursday when everyone is in school.

  8. I’ve been disappointed in how they did this. During the week, and having to go there twice. I would have done the Chicago one if you didn’t have to go twice. I just can’t swing the 2 hour drive each way 🙁

  9. I know what people mean abot having to drive twice. I drove 3 hours fir the natick event but that completely sold our in one day for both nordstrom and hot topic.

  10. The thing is folks…and I don’t say this to be all “you’re a bad fan”…we had people come down to the “Chicago” one from a part of Michigan that is over 9 hours away…as well as a couple from Nashville which is about 6. They’re all students in university and the event happens on a Tuesday. And it’s not even in Chicago, and the closest airport is actually about 45 minutes away with the way traffic generally is up in that area. Though if Nordstroms had also been involved, it’s likely that they wouldn’t have sold out on both.

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