Rachelle Lefevre’s PSA

The LA Times reports that Rachelle has a done a PSA to bring awareness the causes supported by The Best Friends Animal Society.

Rachelle’s own dog, Honey, is a shelter rescue dog.


  1. Rachelle is amazing, as always.

    Canada represent!

  2. this is cute. did anyone else notice the extremely strange laugh at :54? hahaa

  3. bella1976 says:

    ohhhhhhh! Rachelle is so awesome and her dog is soooooo cute.

  4. Gosh she’s so gorgeous! Wonderful to see her putting herself out there for a good cause!

  5. mschicklet says:

    YAY!! I have so much respect for her. This is a cause I am very passionate about as well.

  6. I like how genuine she seems. My family already has three rescued dogs and nine rescued cats tho so I think we’re full up lol.

  7. I despise celebrities that treat their pets like a fashion accessory. It’s so nice to see that Rachelle is a genuine lover of forgotten animals.

  8. She is so sweet, and her dog is adorable. She is truly an amazing person.

  9. She is so beautiful. Great cause. Last Sunday I adopted a shelter cat. She’s the best cat!

  10. Right On!!!!!!!! A celeb speaking out on something as important pet adoption… I myself try to adopt every time it is possible-to buy a puppy is ridiculous-There are soo many animals that need a home!!! It is the right thing to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you want an animal ADOPT AND SAVE A LIFE!!!!!!!!!

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