Rachelle Lefevre To Attend Premiere?

The LA Times citing a report in Life and Style Magazine is reporting “a source” close to Rachelle has stated, “She worked so hard — she wouldn’t miss it for the world.…She’s looking forward to reuniting with her ‘New Moon’ cast mates.”

If you then go over to the Life and Style site it states, “But Rachelle’s contract for New Moon included tickets to the premiere for her and her family — and she plans to use them. “It’s always been her decision whether to go,” says the insider. “And Rachelle’s decided she wants to.”

Life and Style has had a mixed bag over the past year of getting things dead on to what might be termed out of context items implications. So, given that, judge for yourself.

Regardless, unless Rachelle tweets something earlier, we’ll all know on premiere day.


  1. Of course she’d go. 🙂

  2. who’s Rachelle Lefevre

  3. I didn’t think she was not going. If you have a falling out with a movie company you don’t punish the fans.

  4. i never thought about her not going ? i meen, why shouldn’t she ? :O

  5. I’d like to believe that Rachelle will join her fellow New Moon and Twilight castmates to celebrate the release of the film come Nov.20th. She loves her castmates and the premiere will give her/them an opportunity to see each other again. I can’t help but be impressed with the way she’s handled herself these past few months.I find her to be both a classy lady and a team player.
    No matter what she chooses to do–
    Thank you Rachelle for bringing Victoria to life for us. Can’t wait to see how you fleshed her out 😉

  6. It’s Rachelle’s right to go. She did such an amazing job in Twilight and New Moon. I wish I could attend the premiere too.
    I feel so bad whenever there’s a discussion on Rachelle. I still wish she could return somehow.
    Love you Rachelle!

  7. I agree with ALMOST everyone here (with Spazzy being the only exception) — why wouldn’t she go? She’s got every right to be there because she is still Victoria in New Moon. Also, she’s a classy lady. She wouldn’t not show up just because Summit cheated her. She has always believed in the movie & worked very hard to bring Victoria to life. In a prior interview she said that while reading the books, she most identified with Victoria even before she got the part so I truly feel that was her part from the beginning.

    I agree with Safina also. I get sad every time there’s talk about Rachelle. I mean I do look forward to hearing what she’s been doing but it makes me long for her to be in Eclipse. Look how many movies all the other actors have made, and I don’t know when they were all made but why was Rachelle the only one who caught flack for it? I know it’s a moot point but it still upsets me so.

    We love you Rachelle! Can’t wait to watch you in New Moon!

  8. Why wouldn’t she attend?

    She *is* still in New Moon, so it’s only natural for Rachelle to attend the premiere? Besides, she has been incredibly classy, even after the situation with Summit. She would not disappoint the fans.

  9. She is Victoria, its her part and she’s playing her! Go take credit for a job well done!

  10. If she wants to go, I hope she gets the chance. Rachelle has been nothing but classy and strong through this whole stupid mess, so I have no doubt she will see it through this one last event.

    I agree with Pamela, I LOVE Rachelle and am very happy for the opportunities that have come her way post-Summitt, but it makes me sad to think of Eclipse without her. I was really looking forward to that. But they say everything happens for a reason, so I’m sure there are even brighter things coming Rachelle’s way.

    I for one will be in the theatre happily handing over my money when Casino Jack and Barney’s Version come out next year. Probably not for Eclipse.

  11. Rosalie's Pain says:

    To be honest, Rachelle is a classic example of “good guys finish last” She did what she needed to do and played by the rules. She was very devoted to the franchise and in turned got kicked to the curve. I will go and see New Moon. However, I will not go and see Eclipse. I will go and rent it at the dollar red box when it comes out. I will do this out of principle. I do hope that she goes to the New Moon premier since she is part of the cast. Hopefully her schedule will allow her to go.

    • Why won’t you see Eclipse? That is unfair to the director and the cast, despite your assumptions about Summit Entertainment. Please, that sounds incredibly childish.

      • Rosalie's Pain says:

        Matt, I am not being childish at all. With the limited amount of information that I have about the situation, I have decided not to go and see Eclipse. I will rent it though. I know that the franchise is not all about Rachelle. However, I think she was treated wrong and therefore I will not spend my earned money at the theater. I am sure my 8 dollars will not have a huge impact on how much money the movie earns(which is ultimately what the studios care about). Also, I don’t think I am disrespecting the director or cast. I’ve not said one bad thing about them, and if I am not mistaking, they already got paid for playing their parts and for directing the movie.

  12. Furthermore, I love Rachelle, but I also love what Summit has done. Therefore, I will not assume that I know the entire story. There could have been some issues that Rachelle didn’t acknowledge, so I will not make any assumptions. We all have a limited amount of knowledge about the situation. However, to say that you will not see Eclipse is simply laughable. It disrespects the entire cast, as well a director who, by all accounts, poured much of his time into this third installment of the saga. This franchise is not all about Rachelle.

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