Pumpkin Carving Winners

We had over 50 entries on this. It was so difficult to narrow it down, but in the end we came up with out three winners who get the coffee mug or tote bag of their choosing from our CafePress Store.

There were three categories: Best Book Cover(s), Best Movie Related, and Most Unique.

Best Book Cover(s)

Winner Christie who managed to get all four Twilight Saga covers on one pumpkin without the pumpkin falling apart!

Best Movie Related

We had so many entries with Rob, Kristen and Taylor. We even had a Billy Burke as Charlie Swan entry. In the end, this one had the clearest image and cleanest lines.

Most original

We loved that someone quoted one of our favorite lines on from the book with the lion and lamb graphic.

We also want to recognize the runners-up in each category. We’ll be sending something to you too!

Best Movie based runner up

By Audra

Best book cover(s) runner up

By Courtney who had the movie logo on the other side.

Most original runner up

By Shannon


  1. woow.. it all looks awesome.. especially the one with the book cover of Eclipse !! 😀

  2. Dang, the one who did that Taylor one did a great job. They look great.

  3. Love them all! *clapping hands* the “Jake” pumpkin was soooo lifelike. Beautiful. Congrats to all the talented artists who submitted. Great job 😉

  4. Love the lion & lamb one. How cute!!!

  5. Great job! You people are very talented.

  6. Those are great! Especially the Jacob & Charlie ones. (Poor Mr. Burke — he’s never gonna live down that mustache.)

    Who knew the Twilight Lexicon would look so good in orange? I suggest next Halloween change the banners from purple to orange for the day.

  7. Wow, these carvings are fangtastic! Exceptionally talented artists.

  8. WOWEEEE!!! GREAT JOBS TWIFRIENDS AND CHRISTIE!!! All 4 Covers on one pumpkin!!!!! YOU go GIRLIE

  9. Wauw! How on earth do they do that? Esp. the one with Eclipse is AMAZING! :O

  10. omg!!! The Jacob one is amazing!!! Its perfect!!

  11. Emily Cullen says:

    I am Aussie and I just do not understand how somebody can carve something like that into a pumpkin.

  12. wow. I’ve never carved a pumpkin in my life.Okay. once in school, but this is so impressive. i’ve never thought that someone can actually carve a pumpkin like that!
    That one with the four books is great. and most especially Jacob

  13. pami11195 says:

    hey i cant see the lion and the lamb one!! how did it look like??

  14. This contest was so full of it. I’m wondering if any of the other winners or runner’s up received their prizes? I sure didn’t. And I won’t be checking this website or posting its links again.

  15. my favorite coffee mug are those that are made from porcelain or ceramic`-*

  16. Courtney, I don’t know if you’ll read this, but I won for the Jacob pumpkin. Did I recieve my prize right away? No, but after a while I kept emailing and they finally checked that account and sure enough, they sent my prize immediately after they recieved the email.

  17. What youre saying is completely true. Its certainly an opinion I agree with.

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